Lost In Translations

First, I would like to thank our many visitors who leave some encouraging comments here which in turn helped us to do more for Han Geng..This blog is of an English medium meaning that we blog in  English though we are of different nationalities or(can be said) race..

With Han Geng going international, our work then, would be more loaded as we try to catch up with his hectic and packed schedules in order to bring you the latest on Han Geng.. hehehe!!! But in the midst of all these activities, we are still excited and very happy to do the best we can to bring you certain “news”.

As what a former American President  said..”The buck stops here..”

Meaning : Responsibility is not passed beyond this point.

This was adopted by US President Harry S. Truman..

U.S. president Harry S. Truman had a sign with this inscription on his desk. This was meant to indicate that he didn’t ‘pass the buck‘ to anyone else but accepted personal responsibility for the way the country was governed.

My point here is that any news that we find in the media or print media will be filtered and responsibly translated  here at this blog. We only bring you accurately translated news which will allow you to see Han Geng for the person he is and not news that are exaggerated or slanderous. We do not tolerate rumours so in our blog you won’t read or see any of those..hehehe !!We are responsible for our written articles and our thoughts..

Since Han Geng is the “hot”commodity and sensation today, many will try to get attention for their radio stations, television networks, newspapers and other gossip shows, so certain news are “blown up” to attract more viewers, sales and ratings..! Here,we are friends with Han Geng and we love him for his simplicity and life’s inspirations as you see our blog is called “For Han Geng..! Because He Is Han Geng..!”

We try our best to let you readers see Han Geng as he is, not the super star nor the idol, even though there are times we get carried away with our excitement but never to the point of slander or exaggerations. We are not reporters..!! We do this because we love Han Geng and we want the international community to see the human Han Geng without the glamour and glitters..! That said, then I would move on to the topic of this post…hehehe

Lost In Transations

1)When something is translated into another language, and sometimes translated back into the original language, and because of differences of the languages some of the original meaning is lost.

2)Whenever someone re-do something in a new medium (for instance, a movie based on a book) and due to differances between the mediums, some details and the original meaning is not present.

This is what I would like to give attention to. We know that Han Geng is Chinese and most of the news, if not all, are in Chinese and come from Chinese media or reports.In order for our friends who are not fluent in Chinese and who love Han Geng and want to know more about him, this is what we are doing here..translating these into English without losing its essence and context.In translations there is always a slight margin of error and this can result in massive misunderstanding as we have  seen recently and it disheartened us so much that in order to get viewers and high ratings to the shows, news were sensationalized to the extent of being “false” and “misleading”!!

I speak for myself here, I love Han Geng as a star, as a singer and the most important factor is the human Geng..To me, he is like a son, idol, star, singer all roll into one..!I can’t really describe the feelings because I am a mother with 3 grown-up children. I want to protect him knowing he had gone through so much and by now he should be reaping his rewards but yet still there are many who tried to “kill” his dreams even before they can be fulfilled. As a fellow human, I would like to try to elevate his comfort and minimize his hardships by giving him encouraging words,words of hope, words of wisdom and words of love.So when I do translate those articles,I would keep as close as possible to the context rather that the exact word for word. I will quote word for word when I see the importance and which cannot be translated into English because there are no suitable English words for it..!In Chinese or any other language when translated, the context is more important that the words because each language differ in essence and nuances, this is because of the differences in culture.Chinese are very fond of using metaphors and pun words because the phonetics sounds very similar to each other.Example would be Geng Xin..unless one knows the written form and the phonetic form, one cannot fully understand the exact meaning. In Chinese, words sound very similar,and the difference is in the intonations..and that’s why we would always clarify with this sentence..”as in..?”.

Eg. my name in Chinese sounds the same 鄧 vs  登 (Deng) the difference is in the written word and the meaning too is different…. (鄧  is just a surname as for the other word, 登 it means “to ascend” or “to publish”)

In English, when wishing someone “good luck” one would say  “break a leg” Now if that was literally taken, it means “bad luck” to us Chinese and Asians..See?

One more thing, in translating the context of the article, one has to be very accurate to get the right context not just fabricate them up! Keeping to context doesn’t mean to make implications..!It means sticking to the facts and not to input personal assumptions.!

Watching those talk shows, I see more of Han Geng’s personality revealed and in different shows different set of questions were asked and with different concept.

In A Date With Lu Yu... the concept was more focus on his transformation from the 1st time he appeared on the show to the present time and the  different roles/responsibilities at each interview. It shows the contrast from year 2007 when he was first there and to the present  year 2010 ..In a short span of 3 years, the changes felt and the milestones he made were comprised into that show..

Now in A Date With SS Xiao Yan (Taiwan)... the concept varies from his personality to his Gengfans to his talents and to his future plans..So practically everything under the sun was discussed..! hehehe..! It’s more like a getting to know Han Geng kind of concept because Han Geng is still “new” in Taiwan and needed to be “introduce” to the general public..

I learned a few “new” things in this show.. #1…Han Geng proudly informed the host that he feels safe among his gengfans. He doesn’t worry for his safety and they will always, always leave a passage for him to pass through at airports.He even demonstrated to the host that he can also sit among them and no harm will befall on him!hahaha!His GF will not manhandled or mauled him. They are not unreasonable..they are very understanding..! This is something new in recent shows where he would always give credit and merit to his gengfans..he would spontaneously “talk” about his fans and proudly too..!

# 2…His mother loves to eat durians and she used to packed them among her clothes to bring the fruit for Han Geng to taste in her trips back home for the Lunar New Year celebrations when she was working in Shenzhen. In order for his parents to pay his tuition, they had to work separately at different places in the country and the only time they were able to gather for reunion was the time of the Lunar New Year where families gather to celebrate. Sometimes, because of severe bad weather,his mother was stranded at transit terminals waiting for the transport to resume. Now he wanted to repay his parents for all those sacrifices they made for him  by giving them a comfortable life now. He already fulfilled his mother’s desire for her own beauty salon this year. His father is still in the  country-side..his home town where he is currently caring for Han Geng’s two elderly paternal grandparents and at the same time working..This made him more determined to work harder to better elevate the conditions of their lives.

# 3… The song “Holding An Umbrella” brings to mind his first love.! He mentioned that he would have a tiny memory of that when he sings the lyrics of the song.. He is a male chauvinist when it comes to love relationship. He won’t even consider a “older sister-younger brother” love relationship. He couldn’t possibly think that he could be involved in that kind of love relation because he is the macho type and doesn’t like for an older female to care for him ( I would like to explain here so that you can understand what the conversation was all about. It meant something like this…letting or allowing himself to be supported by an older female.In Asian culture, it’s the men who work and bring in the money while the women stay home to look after the home.I hope you get the idea here.)Credits as tagged in the pictures and video

This is so hilarious, the guy was trying to “catch” Han Geng with his hand-bag or what guys usually carry with them. He was trying to look into the contents and in the end Han Geng had no clutch bag with him and the only thing was his Ipad which Han Geng revealed pictures of his gengfans and his album..only one and the pictures of mountains where he went for vacation after the July concert.hahaha lols..Since he can’t find any thing of “interest”, so he decided to do the on-the-spot interview.. I laughed at Han Geng’s expression when he got out of the lift..He did a short Q & A so if anyone would like to try to translate the questions asked, please do.He got 3 questions right, so he get 30’s of his MV aired..hehehe!!

Oh and these pictures are randomly selected and they do not correspond to the paragraphs ..The one with the “lady” on the dance floor and I think her name is Li Jing is taken at the recording of Diamond Club

( On every Friday 8pm, Channel U,  watch the very popular Taiwan Variety Show “Diamond Club”. It is hosted by the very famous Taiwan Transgender host Li Jing.)

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18 Responses to Lost In Translations

  1. S2X says:

    lol that video was so funny! he doesn’t carry anything with him when he goes to record tv shows? such a simple guy, really. it was so funny when he was showing the pictures in his ipad, he kept on saying “oh there’s more, there’s more” and then the reporter gets all expectant but the pictures turn out to be his fans and landscapes only lol!!! it makes me laugh so hard at how the reporter is all super excited but Geng is just so calm, he simply looks at the guy with an expression that reads “what are you so excited for?” haha!!!

    btw, has any of these tv shows that he recorded been aired already?

    • trueblue says:

      Yeah, I was laughing away…when I saw Han Geng coming out of the lift and I was thinking, how will he screened Han Geng’s bag when he has none…!! Ah Han Geng..”Oh I have my ipad….here take a look..” His face..!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      haha! I think he was not calm, he was just confused and lost, hahahaha~~~

      Have a Date with Lu Yu and SS Xiao Yan has been on air already, and I think there will be English subbed version ^^

  2. wendy says:

    That iPad was a gift from Baidu Gengba that’s why you see the sunrise photos (a project they had a few months ago) and photos of his fans.

    The questions are basically 1. Which Taiwan food snack is voted the scariest?
    2. Which choice is not a father/son celebrity team? 3. The Taiwan movie “Wanhua (MONGA)” is talking about which Taipei region? 4. Name three father/son celebrity teams.

  3. The sunrise pictures!!!! XDDDDDDDDD on the iPad … — (mine is on there somewhere too *askldfjeiof*) And Tony Sun the guy ‘apprehending’ Geng… from 5566 — made me think of old times when I was hooked on TWdramas XDDXD lolzz

    Your words are always so meaningful and I really appreciate the work you all do here on this blog. Thank u so much.I always look forward to reading them — but it’s true that things get ‘exaggerated’ and mistranslated a lot esp. in media articles… (there were quite a few things these past week that ‘shocked’ me, because of it… the truth always turns out to be quite different)

    Woah.. looking forward to more of the shows to come out now XDD

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Wow~~~~thank you so much for highlighting the importance of accuracy in translating!!! I am also so moved by your love!

    I just love all of Han Geng’s expressions when the host attempted to catch him with his hand bag and do spot interview. Han Geng didn’t want to disappoint the host, but he doesn’t wanna show his privacy so much voluntarily, so he came up a good idea, IPad he was playing, but from Gengfans~~~smart boy~~~hohoho~~~I bet the host didn’t know that was from fans, got so excited but couldn’t found a thing he was looking for…but our poor Han Geng has been called “narcissism” again, because he only has fans’ support pics, his own songs on it,,,Ha! our love for him becomes his love for himself ^^ he tried to clarify he is not narcissism twice in Have A Date with Lu Yu, but…all wasted~~~ T.T~~it’s totally fine, Geng, just like Lu Yu said, if you are narcissism, you have our permission ^^

  5. Kim says:

    Just in case this is getting lost in translation, I want to point out that in English speaking countries, to be a “male chauvinist” is not considered a good thing. Maybe you already know this, but basically it would mean that the man thinks men are better than women. That is not looked favorably upon by women in the US 😉 I’m rather curious if Han Geng really is a male chauvinist, because if he feels that women are lesser people than men, it changes my opinion of him for sure!

    In any case, I appreciate all the translations and your attention to keeping things in context. English is my only language right now, so I’d really be in the dark if it weren’t for the awesome people doing these translations 🙂

    • bristlegrass says:

      I don’t think he has ever thought men is better than women. Just thinking about what kind of person his mother is, we may have a sense. His mother is so independent and also strong……He loves and respects his mother so much. As a girl, although not a feminist but fully understand and respect the idea of feminism, I’ve never felt he has ever had no respect to women. But I do think he considers men and women playing different roles, taking on different duties. As he said in different intervies, from his point of view, men should take care of the girl he loves even more, should be responsible for her and the family even more, that’s men’s duty. So, my understanding of his so-called “male chauvinist” is to be a truly responsible man, or to show his masculinity,,,I kinda feel bad about he has to emphasize something like “I am not gay,” and “I am a bit ‘male chauvinist’ ” in interviews…I don’t think he has prejudice on certain kind of people, just that’s not him. I can feel he wants to escape from his previous weak, dependent, wishy-wahsy, and a bit girl-like image built by sme, and he knows how fans and some others think about his appearance before, I have to admit I adore his beauty…but he is a strong man, I’m glad he has freedom to show that now.

      ps: I honestly miss his hair in fringe~~~~, but seems this boy really wants to show different sides of him now, especially the sides never shown before…well, whatever he thinks appropriate, that’s fine for me~~~~

    • garnetblue says:

      Haha..B’grass beat me to it in replying to you..
      Yes that’s also exactly my thoughts..I was going to bring this in a better perspective..like giving a wider picture of the kind of culture we live in..For me personally,which girl wouldn’t love a little bit of male chauvinism in her man..?
      It just feels so good if a man can take the role of being the provider and head of the family..that has been the order of nature since time immemorial..hehehe..!!
      I hope we don’t take this male chauvinistic issue out of context here….and I won’t elaborate any further as B’grass has explained it explicitly …!!!

    • wendy says:

      I think you guys are all correct. And it all comes down to cultural differences. As far as I know, in Asia, men have the responsibility of taking care of the women. But it doesn’t mean that women are weak and helpless or that men look down on women. Women can be smart, strong, and independent, but men should always be in the role of protecting women and taking care of them. And basically, I think it’s just like garnetblue says, it shouldn’t be taken out of context. Hangeng just means that he wants to be the one who takes care of the woman and protecting them instead of the other way around.

    • Kim says:

      Well it seems that “male chauvinism” means different things in different cultures. I was just trying to explain what it means when you translate it that way into English, because it has very negative connotations to English-speaking people. In the US it has NOTHING to do with protecting or taking care of women. To Americans, a male chauvinist is someone who treats women badly, does not value or respect them. Trust me, if you poll Americans, none of them will tell you that it means the man is in the role of protector or care-taker. What you ladies here are describing as male chauvinism is not the same thing that it means here in the States. Here is where we lose things in translation! For example, if Han Geng comes to the US and says he’s a male chauvinist, people are going to think he’s a jerk! Because that’s what it means here. I guess this is what people mean when they talk about language barriers; when one culture uses a term to mean something entirely different than another culture.

      I like how Wendy described it; this I can relate to. I am a stay at home mom, my husband is the sole provider for our family and definitely protects and cares for me and our children, and obviously I am quite fine with that 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, feminism is simply the belief that women deserve to be treated with the same respect and dignity that is due to every human being on the planet, regardless of sex or race or anything else.

      • bristlegrass says:

        ^^ this reply has nothing to do with Han Geng. As far as I agree with you totally on the belief of how women should be treated, just wanna talk a bit about my statement of not being a feminist,,,as I studies and uses feminist theories for some of my research…and feminism has so many different branches and beliefs, I agree with big part of it, just to some point, I don’t identify myself as a feminist…hehe~~~my only point to mention it in the last reply is to indicate that if Han Geng had ever been truly male chauvinism, I could definitely feel that and feel bad about it ^^

        Just wanna seek advice from you, which English word or term do you think appropriate to use in Han Geng’s case? Chivalry? Gentleman?…hard for me to think of one…please let know if you can think of one~ Thank You! ^^

    • Kim says:

      bristlegrass – Gotcha on the feminism thing, and I think we have the same thoughts on the matter. 🙂 Isn’t communication tricky?! But well worth it.

      Like S2X said, there isn’t a term that exactly describes in English what Han Geng meant – I was wracking my brain and not coming up with much. I think in English if a man was trying to say what he said, he’d probably have to describe it in detail. But I think your suggestion of chivalry is great! It’s not a term we use a lot, but obviously we know what it is and it doesn’t have negative connotations at all. From what I know of Han Geng, he definitely is a gentleman. So I guess you could translate it as, “I’m a bit chivalrous” or elaborate that he was saying he’s the kind of man who believes in taking care of the woman he loves, providing for her, etc. That would make sense to us over here on this side of the big pond 😀

  6. Smile says:

    Thanx garnet for this…yes it is hard for me non-Chinese to understand every word that come from hangeng mouth whether it is in his interview or show, sometime I took other article w/o knowing the truth but luckily someone help me to clarify those thing 🙂 I’m glad this blog won’t take those nasty article. Hangeng had many hardship before and his fans should help him. Let this blog be pure like hangeng heart. A big clap for the team who work together for this blog 🙂

  7. S2X says:

    well, i think “male chauvinist” shouldn’t be the right term used to translate what he said, because i know both Chinese and English and being a male chauvinist is definitely not what he meant. so when i saw that term being used to translate what he said, i knew it sounded really wrong and i was worried that people would get the wrong idea of him. bristlegrass already did a great job in explaining what he actually meant so i think we’re all clear on that now. i don’t think there’s a right word to translate that term correctly in English. i just think we should avoid using the word “male chauvinist” from now on because like kim said, it does have a very bad connotation. and we don’t want people who don’t know chinese to get the wrong idea of Han Geng, right?

  8. wendy says:

    And let’s all keep in mind that Chinese has a far greater number of vocabulary words than English. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the right English word to use when translating from Chinese to get the right meaning and feeling across. Sometimes, there is no word you can use. 😦

    Isn’t all this so educational? I feel like we are all in a discussion class in a University or something. I guess Hangeng has that effect of people. I’ve always said Hangeng has the smartest fans! 😀

    • Mandy says:

      aiya, um…I am just started to do translation work for the sole purpose that non-Chinese readers will be able to know and to understand Han Geng through these translated works. I will try my best.

  9. inging says:

    hi, i just watched one of the interview(2nd picture) and i like it so so much…finally no more tears and heartache….just a simple person with cute and adorable laughter during the whole interview..:)

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