Studying Han Geng

2008 Beijing Olympics..

In this clip, Han Geng was acknowledging his Gengfans to the MCs and his fans in the audience during the Fan-Meeting in Shanghai..and then followed by his attendance at Shanghai FM Radio 101

You just have to watch some of the clips here and the rest please follow from the YouTube channel user.. ChinaHanGengBar@YT and subscribe to it if you like the videos..

In this clip, Han Geng was telling the M.C.s that there is a Gengfan from America and she said that she couldn’t attend the FM because she is broke and the reason was she donated her money for other Gengfans to go to the FM..But you can see half-way there was a shout” over here, over here!” and the camera panned over her..Look at Han Geng’s face..!! Han Geng mentioned those fans who came..from Japan,Taiwan Hong Kong and Moscow..then someone shouted Zaire too..

Just watch his body language and you will know more about Han Geng This is what the post is about..Studying Han Geng..!

credits as tagged in pictures and videos

To study Han Geng, one has to take in his personality, his family background, his circle of friends, his thoughts and his speech not just his profile or his pretty features / physique..

I will leave it to you readers to form your own conclusions so just watch those video clips..

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8 Responses to Studying Han Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Wah~~~at the Shanghai fanmeeting, Han Geng knew there was an Gengfan from America who wanted to donate money for other gengfans to attend FM, well, hehe~~~she is not broke…she might think she didn’t have time to be there, but she still wanted more gengfans be there to support Han Geng for her…but she finally made it, she was there! Gengfans are truly big family ^^

    btw, as Garnetblue suggested, ChinaHanGengBar@YT is Gengbar’s Channel mainly holding English Subbed Videos at Youtube for international fans. ^^

  2. trueblue says:

    Thanks B’Grass for the correction, I heard wrongly, money and time sound almost the same …Sorry guys…!!

  3. xiaofei says:

    hehehe yay for Moscow♥
    Dear, can you plz give me a link to the video? It is YT, I suppose?
    The thing is, I’m in China..I believe you know what it means..^^

  4. S姐 Sabrina says:

    Saw it on t-Sina that Hangeng will have a fan meeting in Thailand on 9 October 2010 at MCC Hall TheMall Bangkapi. Time 16.00-18.00 PM. Vow, he is really going international.

    • garnetblue says:

      Oh that’s so nice of you to inform us here..hehehe!
      Seems like we can’t catch up with him..!! He is everywhere…that ball of energy..huh!
      On the 3rd, he will be in Singapore and then he will fly back to Beijing? Then a week later to Bangkok?
      Hope his Gengfans there will be super happy..!!

  5. Smile says:

    In the first vid he seem so childish playing with the earphone and look so innocent. He never stay still, is he nervous? 🙂

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