Simply Geng

We all know that Han Geng has been interviewed many times since he left his previous company and most of the questions are repeated at each interview..

So here are only excerpts from those interviews that I happened to read..and found questions that were not heard before…

Let’s start with InStyle Magazine..September Issue…from the start he already requested the interviewer this..not to talk about the lawsuit.

He frankly requested, “Please could we…first not talk about the termination of contract at the moment?”

Do female flight attendants request you for a picture with them on the plane?
I go to sleep as soon as I get on the plane because I normally lack  sleep. I could only replenish sleep on the plane. Sometimes female flight attendants would ask for an autograph shortly before landing.

Do you worry about people taking pictures of you without you knowing it while you sleep?
I still look very good while sleeping. (Smile)

Describe your fashion style.
Free style, casual. I like putting on linen pants and flip flops the most, for work. If talking about formal attire, I like Dior suits very much. I also like looking at unique personal work by some designers. For example, there are many of these in Shinjuku, Tokyo. You can find many fashionable clothing and footwear there, but you will need to look carefully.

Could you share with us your first ear piercing experience?
While I was still in university, some of my good friends all went to get their ears pierced. I was then urged to get them pierced, too. Probably it is the same for many people. Ha ha.

What is your future career plan?
I actually do not have much planned. Working hard together for a common goal and being happy is just fine. I like to progress steadily, let nature take its course. In the future, I may focus on acting, do movies and TV dramas, but I won’t give up singing. I enjoy the feeling of singing and dancing on stage, it’s very fun.

Credits :Translated by hannie @
Source: jessiesun

Below is an excerpt from an interview taken from Sina Entertainment.Here we see that there is a feeling of camaraderie among his staff and himself..!!

“My current staff members are all my friends, I think it very good this way. It’s very humane.” In the interview Han Geng stated that it’s not that he did not have big companies approaching him hoping to sign him, “but I feel that the current state is very well.”

New Album’s Cover, a result of an argument.

Han Geng introduced to us that his current team is made up solely of his friends. His manager was an upperclassman from his university, whom he had know for 14 years; his stylist is also a very old friend; the boss of Le Hua Entertainment, who is in charge of his album is also a friend of his… Han Geng feels that in this working environment, everyone will be able to respect each other, and will be able to be more relaxed and more humane. For a lot of the details in work, Han Geng just let these friends take care of them completely and since everyone has known each other for years, there is a very high degree of unspoken agreement, so he “really trusts them”

In face of disagreement, Han laughed and stated, “Then we’ll “argue”! Like with my album cover, I was arguing with my staff, I wanted it to be half black, half white, but she said that pure white looked better. In the end I lost, she even comforted me and said, “I’ll listen to you next time”!

When talked about his “Geng Fans”

Han Geng expressed gratitude, “everyone is very mature”. In the Han Geng Baidu Bar, Geng Fans have rules stating that, “there is no discussion about private relationships, only care for Han Geng’s career.” Han Geng said, “Every time they welcome me at the airport, they would keep a very far distance from me, taking initiative in leaving me a path, and even yell, “Do not touch him! Do not take pictures! Turn off your flashlights!”” all of these make him feel very moved.

In those days of struggle in Korea, Han Geng’s parents felt his hard work and pain, and often told him, “If it’s too tiring out there, just come back.” Just recently, Han Geng held his first solo concert, both his parents showed up, in the end both of them cried, “they don’t hope that I earn a lot of money, they don’t hope that become a super star, they only want me to live my life happily, work happily and that’s enough.!

As a son, Han Geng is very filial

Knowing that his mother does not like boredom and likes to work in the kitchen; he gave the first 100,000 he earned to his mother so she could open a tiny dumpling restaurant in Beijing. Han Geng laughed and said, “I didn’t hope that my mom would earn a lot of money from this dumpling restaurant, I only wanted her to be happy and feel fulfilled in her life.” After that, when he heard that his mother was thinking of opening a beauty parlour, he once again gave his mother money in support. Han Geng told this reporter that although the parlour is not very big and only has four beds, when he’s tired, he would sometime visit his mother’s parlour and experience her massages and acupuncture, it makes him feel very happy.

In the beginning of the year, when rumours about his case was flying everywhere, some people on the internet claimed that Han Geng has a rich cousin who is willing to pay ten million to help him terminate his contract, causing much attention from the public. He said his real cousin is going to school in Hei Long Jiang, and is actually quite poor; he actually gives her some maintenance allowance every month, to support her education. In his memory, Han Geng was always very nice to his family, always financing this and helping that. Han Geng expressed, “Actually, my family is not as well off as people seem to think, so I help out whenever I can.”

Credits : Translated by
Source: Sina Ent.

This portion below is an excerpt from an interview conducted via long-distance telephone call from Singapore.

Were you unhappy working in Korea?

“No, it is just that SM Entertainment has its own system and planning. So if anyone in the group has some personal ideas, it would upset the plans.”

The experience in Korea is precious

Although he parted with the company on bad terms, still Han Geng emphasized that he treasures his experience in Korea and is still on good terms with S J: “I have lots of fantastic memories with them, for example, getting our first award. What I have learnt in the past would not be wasted, no matter good or bad, it is still an experience. We still call and send messages to each other.”
If you all meet each other on some events, would it be awkward? Han Geng laughed and said: “No, it wouldn’t. I have no conflicts with them; the problem lies with the boss. I am still on good terms with them.”

Credits : Source: Singapore’s myPaper (我报) 25/8/2010
Translated: huiwensg @
(Take out with full credits)

All those are excerpts from different interviews and I hope to show Han Geng in a different light..The mentioning of his former company and group cannot be avoided, because he was part of them before..and without the past,we won’t have the Han Geng today..! So I hope we are acceptable on this and not be negative in our thinking. We should be like Han Geng, broadminded and openly accept things that cannot be changed..Just like he said on a number of occasions, he cannot make people like him nor change their perspectives of him. What he can do is to be himself and show them through his works..!That’s the kind of attitude that Han Geng always carry on him..Many times interviews are so boring with the same questions being repeated over and over, that’s why I only took out the excerpts and compiled them here so that we can further “study” Han Geng and his thoughts..

Oh my Han Geng ! He is still and forever a narcissist…”I still look good even when I am sleeping”!

Watch what our Han Geng is doing..and what Gengrice said..”taste the food!” They were a bit apprehensive when watching him cook..hahaha..! Looked like they don’t trust his cooking..!!

doesn’t he look sexy ? It would have been better if he had donned on an apron..!!!

credits as tagged..

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13 Responses to Simply Geng

  1. Smile says:

    Yeah, why don’t he use apron? His lovely shirt will get dirty, hmmm seem he don’t care so much about his shirt 🙂 nowadays reporter can ask him freely and HG can answer it with confidence. Since his depart there are more HG side that we don’t know that has been reveal to us. It is good coz we learn to love him who he really is

  2. Kim says:

    I love the part where he was talking about arguing over his album cover, and how he lost the argument and the woman consoled him by saying, “I’ll listen to you next time” – that just cracks me up 😀

  3. wendy says:

    How can so much adorableness be squeezed into one person?

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Garnetblue ^^ the cooking video you posted is Part III, here are Part I and II

    hehe~~you are right about the two Gengfans did not quite trust his cooking ^^ but it turns out to be very tasty, they made two dishes too, Han Geng said, “taste very good”, but this boy complained to her about adding too much salt = = after watched this video, I think that was his revenge, hohohoho~~~

    The dish Han Geng cooked is pan fried tomato and egg, a very simple, homely and classic Chinese dish, but it’s not easy to cook well…seems our Geng did a pretty good job. BUT, from my point of view, he messed up the procedure, he didn’t prepare well the materials before cooking = = so the girls commented, “he hasn’t cut the tomato yet…” “he is chef, cutting materials is assistant’s job”…= = oh, btw…I think it’s weird to put garlic in this dish~~^^
    but I do learn to how to pan fry stirred egg, divide it into four…well, kinda oil consuming~~~anyway, if our boy can make the procedure straight, I believe he can make a good cooking show~~~~

    Here is a new video at sina, a short interview on sina miniblog~~~our boy is even cuter without putting on any makeup or making hair-style ^0^

    ummm…I think, now I become a big fan of his hands~~~

    • Kim says:

      bristlegrass, thanks for sharing that video link! I was completely mesmerized watching and listening to him, even though I can’t understand a word of what he’s saying (ok, I heard that he said his name, and “say no” LOL – any chance of anyone doing English subs, by the way? 😉 He just has some quality that draws you right in, I don’t quite understand it. To me, he seems like someone you could just sit down and talk with, he seems so down to earth and personable, just himself with no pretense. So simple, and he shines so bright.

      • S2X says:

        well, in a summary what he said was:

        he briefly talked about his MV filming in New Zealand and then the rest of it was pretty much about his weibo. he said how a lot of people asked him if he had a weibo account before but he didn’t even know what it was, he was like “what is weibo?”, so he felt very outdated lol! then later on, his friend helped him set an account and he’s been using it ever since to post interesting and fun stuff of his daily life to share with his fans and friends and has lots of fun with it. and since it’s not very convinient to call each other often, weibo is a good way to keep in touch with his friends and joke around with them. and he also mentioned that a lot of people enjoyed his jokes with teacher He haha! he also said that he would sometimes read what his fans writes too. ^^

        so yeah, that’s pretty much what he talked about. he kept saying “hao wan” (fun) so many times, i lost count of it lol!

  5. onepinetree says:

    As a Korean fan, I am very grateful that Han Geng does not speak ill of his experiences in SME or the Korean entertainment industry. Some Korean fans of SJ or some member biased fans are closely monitoring Han Geng’ s interview with the Chinese media regarding whether or not Han Geng backstabbing SJ/SME related business. So far Han Geng has been very wise not to cross the line. However, unfortunately, I can tell some media either exaggerated Han Geng’s comments or took them out of the context in order to make their stories more popular. And some fans, without thinking about the consequences, translated those interviews without filtering. Those unfiltered news story became news in Korea, which made Han Geng look really bad. I am 100% sure there is SME behind such fabricated/distorted stories .

    This post once again emphasized Han Geng NEVER NEVER been ungrateful toward SME, as some SJ/SME supporters claimed, and Han Geng had a GENUINE reason to leave the SME: LACK OF MUTUAL RESPECT. Some people might not be able to understand why RESPECT is so important. As long as you have respect from the company, you can endure your illness, low-payment, killing schedule, or so on. But without RESPECT, nothing is worth to get endured.

    • bristlegrass says:

      “As long as you have respect from the company, you can endure your illness, low-payment, killing schedule, or so on. But without RESPECT, nothing is worth to get endured.”
      Have to agree with you totally on this one!

    • wendy says:

      I sure hope Han Geng’s Korean fans can differentiate between the exaggerated and fabricated stories vs. the real stories. Honestly, nothing Han Geng says need to be filtered because he only speaks the truth about his experience and he did not badmouth anybody. I think it’s SME who needs to stop fabricating stories, the press who needs to report non-exaggerated facts, and translators who need to be more accurate when translating (including myself :p)!

      • onepinetree says:

        Yes, you are right. your comment just made me realize one good posting resource. ha ha… hmm…

      • bristlegrass says:

        Ummm…I totally agree with you that “nothing Han Geng says need to be filtered because he only speaks the truth about his experience and he did not badmouth anybody”…but you know, media in China also like to exaggerate for attention especially in the titles and headings, so I think we shouldn’t translate those things which may become the sources sme can use to make up those fabricated/distorted stories. I think We Chinese gengfan translators need to differentiate between the exaggerated wording from media and Han Geng’s real words as well ^^

  6. Smile says:

    Agree with pinetree, if we see HG situation now is more tiring than before but because he has people who respect him, he can endure all those thing even dozen schedule per week 🙂

  7. garnetblue says:

    I kind of agree with Bristlegrass that media will always twist what Han Geng says and we have seen a lot of these not only news that regard HG but also other stars..They tend to sensationalized the headlines making sure that the article sells..

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