Gallant Geng


An entry from Han Geng’s weibo…

Today’s work is already over(finished). It started to rain at the time of disembarking from the plane. The thing that impressed me most is that although it was raining everybody went to  the airport. Thank you everyone. I saw everyone of you. You have all worked hard..kekeke

Han Geng was acknowledging the presence of Gengfans at the airport who were there to welcome him to Changchun, last night. He did this because he was ushered to  the VIP exit and his fans were waiting for so long just to see him and they were disappointed.He knew they were there waiting although his flight was delayed. He knew that they were disappointed, with the long wait and finally when he arrived, they couldn’t even see him, because he passed through the VIP exit..! So you can see in his weibo his assurance to them..”I saw all of you and your hard work..!” That’s the Han Geng I know..very accommodating towards his Gengrice..hehehe..Gallant Han Geng.. ( A man courteously attentive to women!) That’s his charm, and he is not even aware of it !! He knows how to treat a woman and yet he said he doesn’t know how to sweet-talk a woman..!!! With his weibo entry, he has made the hearts of his Gengfans fluttered wildly and lovingly..!!

I got some pictures here from the rehearsal last night..Han Geng has to sing a different song that has a Latin beat and with several female dancers..hehehe.. Han Geng will perform the theme song “Burning Hot” from the movie ” City Of Love”.

More details when the show is broadcast CCTV 6Okay these are just a few to whet your appetite for tonight’s show..

source :

See!.. our boy looks good even without make-up !!

He has to learn a new choreo for the song that he is going to sing..and that’s the dance instructor..he rehearsed till passed midnight yesterday. His weibo entry too was posted after midnight..

credits are tagged in the pictures. thank you for the beautiful pictures..

This picture shows the hard work of Gengfans in Changchun Film Festival…They put up 4 big banners along the stretch where the red carpet will be..!! Han Geng is going to walk the red carpet tonight..the first(I think) since breaking free..!! hehehe!!

credits :ChinaHanGengBar@YT

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9 Responses to Gallant Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh~~~love his song soooooooooo much! Geez, just like the song’s title, HOT HOT HOT~~~again, this is a difficult song, salsa-flavored, at the very beginning, his voice is sooo…don’t know how to describe, just like a little wild cat scratching my heart~~then gradually getting powerfully sexy~~~loving his dance moves and facial expressions~~~his vibrato at the end shows his singing skill again! We always thought he has been good enough, then he proves us he can be even better, that’s our HAN GENG!!!!
    One day, he will be on that stage as a real actor!!!

  2. garnetblue says:

    Here’s another video..Rainbow

  3. onepinetree says:

    My first impression on this video. FOXY, FOXY, FOXY!!!!!!!!!
    Ah….it’s not good for my blood pressure!

  4. Smile says:

    I don’t know how many time I watch that vids 🙂 trying to dance like him. Love so much thanx for sharing ^^

  5. At first I was like, what’s with all the feathers O_o … but Geng pulls it off … now I’m addicted to Geng in this performance (watched over and over again >_<) …

  6. bristlegrass says:

    ^^ Fancam~~~~

    I also like when he was singing with the other two male singers at 2:22, he was playing with the mic like a rock singer, he definitely knows how to interact with and mobilize the audience~~~I love it!!!! Sometimes I just feel he has instinct to do that on the stage, that’s why his live is always better than the version in studio, that’s why he loves stage so much, this boy needs audience ^^
    btw, you can hear the cheering from the fancam video, and from the later responses, his performance did impress the audience, not only fans, especially those directors, that’s the most important point of this performance ^^Waiting for my actor Geng patiently~~~~

  7. S2X says:

    wow, he can seriously sing all types of songs! i was totally in shock when he opened his mouth and that wild sexy voice came out of it! i was like “woah, is that really Geng?”. i’ve never heard him singing something like this, his voice has a different pitch, it’s very interesting. although the song has a latin flavour to it, his singing style is quite rock-ish. he has a bit of a rock star in him, so i really wanna hear him singing rock in his next album! and yeah, that vibrato at the end was awesome!

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