Decent,Dashing,Debonair Geng

Over the week-end, shows where Han Geng guested in were being aired..Just last Saturday, two Taiwan variety shows were aired..One was Return of Zhu Ge Liang and Variety Big Brother..On Sunday, the show Diamond Club was also aired and here are some of the clips from both shows..

For those who didn’t catch them on TV…

That is the whole cut even though the heading says part 2..

Then this is from Diamond Club pt 1,pt 2 and 3

As one watched  the shows, one would noticed that Han Geng has always held himself in dignity and never went overboard in his reactions..I especially like how the MCs praised him for being such a decent one of the girls was shaking her hips, her skirt slipped down and she was exposed in which we call that wardrobe malfunction…all this while Han Geng quietly averted his face and looked elsewhere..!! As for the MCs they were watching quietly watching without uttering a word..see the difference..hehehe!!

Our Han Geng has good upbringing and is reflected in his actions. He gave respect to them by averting his eyes and not to ogle at them.. In many cases, we have seen him to be a decent guy like this one from Super King which maybe you would like to re-watch with English Subs..I will just give you part one and the rest please go to the channel user. He didn’t want to disappoint so being decent he showed his iPad..

After watching all these clips, I am just curious on your reactions so I would appreciate it if you can add in your thoughts and observations by commenting on them..let’s us compare how we perceive Han Geng..

credits as tagged in pictures and videos..thank you.

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4 Responses to Decent,Dashing,Debonair Geng

  1. Smile says:

    Decent guy-maybe he was brought up in the place where the society live in ‘rules’ or his parent themselve are a decent too. I like to add a show back in Korea ‘starking’ the dance part with this fan….he remove his hand quickly when he realise it, is that consider as decent too? Everytime a fan girl or a women hug him he try not to hold them tight, he try to make it a quick hug. He is a man of honour. He know how to respect women 🙂

    • S2X says:

      i don’t think that has anything to do with being brought up in a society of rules. i think the more rules and restrictions people are put into, the more they will desire what’s forbidden to them. Han Geng is just a gentleman by nature, and of course, that also has a lot to do with his family education and the friends he hangs out with. he’s just the right person who met the right people. it’s so rare to find a guy like him these days, especially at his age. that’s why he’s so precious and women are so attracted to him.

      • Smile says:

        Sorry, maybe I translated the word rule in wrong way 🙂 what I mean is usually Asian keep or maintain it tradition custom or the way of life, since HG live in a small ethnic that still keep that value of living maybe that show his good behaviour.

  2. wendy says:

    He is a true gentleman in his mannerism and in his heart. He has a way of carrying himself that makes him stand out from the crowd. That is why, even in SJ, you’ll notice him right away. I’ve heard a few hosts in Taiwan said that back when they saw Hangeng for the first time, they knew he is extra special.

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