Power of Words

Generally, when people get their own way with others, they do it with the power of words; their words virtually compel others to agree with their point of view, give them what they want, do what they ask and buy what they are selling. The seduction/assault of words is continuous.

The enormous power of words lies in the meaning of the words, what they mean to the person who hears them. The words elicit emotional responses in others that manipulate their thinking and behavior.

These manipulations have been defined as fallacious arguments. While the arguments appear to relate to the subject, they do not. In most cases they have little to do with the subject at all.

The danger lies in the fact that decisions based on them are not based on truth, common sense, logic, legality, one’s best interests or right and wrong but on emotions favoring those who put forth the more powerful arguments. They are designed to benefit someone else!

As emotions are constantly changing, opinions and decisions based on them also change. They are not stable, dependable or consistent over time. At any moment, they can be overthrown by someone else’s more compelling argument. Unknowingly making choices based on emotional appeals and logical tricks, one allows others to control their thinking, and their behavior, setting themselves up to be used for someone else’s interests.

In your personal life, recognizing these fallacious arguments for what they are will render them ineffective and powerless. You won’t be swayed to act against your own best interests.


The Parable of the Old Man, The Boy, and The Donkey

There was an old man, a boy and a donkey. They were going to town and the boy was riding the donkey, with the old man walking alongside.

As they rambled along, they passed some old women sitting in the shade. One of the women called out, ”Shame on you, a great lump of a boy, riding while your old father is walking.”

The man and boy decided that maybe the critics were right so they changed positions.

Later they ambled by a group of mothers watching their young children play by the river. One cried out in protest, “How could you make your little boy walk in the hot sun while you ride!”

The two travellers decided that maybe they both should walk.

Next they met some young men out for a stroll.

“How stupid you are to walk when you have a perfectly good donkey to ride!” one yelled derisively.

So both father and son clambered onto the donkey, deciding they both should ride.

They were soon settled and underway again. They next encountered some children who were on their way home from school.

One girl shouted, “How mean to put such a load on a poor little animal.”

The old man and the boy saw no alternative. Maybe the critics were right. They now struggled to carry the donkey.

As they crossed a bridge, they lost their grip on the confused animal and he fell to his death in the river.

And the moral, of course, is that if you try to please everyone you will never know what to do, it will be hard to get anywhere, you will please no-one, not even yourself, and you will probably lose everything.

Sometimes in life, one has to come to a stop and “Say No” ! This was what Han Geng did ! For those who just knew him as a singer, idol and star never knew what hit them when he filed for a termination of his contract. Many associated success as being popular and famous..without really knowing the pains and hardships involved. As a fan, especially for us who are not aware of the real deal, tend to judge his actions and thought that he gave up a “successful” career not fully grasping the situation. For his Gengfans in China, who has been following his every step and action knew that one day this will come.! They saw the “real actions”, the behind story if it can be put that way. As a fan outside of China, I have been following him and watching him closely. The opportunities when he got to sing solo were few and far between..but when he did get those times, he would sing songs that made me think..from the moment he sang “I’m Willing” to “A Fool’s Dock” and leading to”Betrayal” made me stopped and ponder. What was he trying to tell us? There were thousands of songs out there in the world, why did he choose those 3 songs..?

Here are the video clips made by Gengfans titled “The Romance between Han Geng & Fans” ( Brought to you by HG Fansub@hangengvn.net under the permission of 我比你还关心他@tiaba.baidu.com. ) It tells the journey from the start to the present time..It is related to the 3 songs which he sang conveying his message to his fans hidden in the songs..!! Only Gengfans in China were able to decipher the hidden message..so they knew what was in store, they have been waiting for him. What they didn’t know was the exact time he would act..

After watching the videos, I hope you have gained a better understanding of the relationship between Han Geng and his Gengfans..( Wendy, would you like to comment on this please..hehehe)

Now, to the real matter that has been the centre of attention ever since last December. Han Geng has been to many interviews, and many times he was asked the same question again and again. This time I would like us to view it from the “other” side, like from the people closest to Han Geng, who has known him for over ten years, who practically grew up with him and has been in each others’ homes and families..Below is an excerpt from a magazine interview which was published a few days back..It was translated by one of you kind readers, Wendy, who took the initiative to help us…


Very weak, needs protection
“What if I’m like those Korean artists; what would happen if I also commit suicide?” Up to now, Han Geng’s manager, Sun Le, still remembers the shock when those words came out of Han Geng’s mouth. “I knew Han Geng for 16 years. He is the type who doesn’t like to express himself, and does not know how to express himself. But he is never the negative (pessimistic) type of person. As a friend, when I heard these words, I can only use shock to express my feeling, then it’s heartache.”

In Sun Le’s impression, Han Geng is still the original little boy who stood in the corridor, looking at a bunch of handsome guys playing video games; “Very weak, needs protection”. In 1996, inside the corridor of the dance school’s dorm, the 16 years old Sun Le met the 12 years old Han Geng who just enrolled into the school. “Back then, I was playing with my dorm friends in the corridor, saw a little boy standing near the staircase looking at us. At that time I thought this little boy looked pretty clean, his eyes were bright, skinny, just like a little brother, needs protection.” Later on, Sun Le went over, greeted the boy, became friends. This little boy was Han Geng.

Within a bunch of boys, Han Geng speaks very little. Because he is small and skinny, he has always been looked after as a younger brother by others. In school, he is known for his fierce practicing. Every day besides the practice room, it’s the dorms. What he likes most is playing video games.

Usually, he doesn’t say much to others about his family condition. Until one time, Sun Le asked him to go to the amusement park to look for some excitement. It was then when they started to open up to each other. While having fun, Han Geng told him that his family was poor so he carried a lot of pressure on himself. This was the first time Sun Le felt that this boy, who looked like he couldn’t stand up to the wind, actually has his own persistence and strength. The bond of their friendship has been built ever since.

Even after (Han Geng) went to Korea to become a trainee, debuted as a member of SJ; within these four years, both of them have often kept in touch. “In order to save on phone bill, the both of us would call about once a month. We kept this up until Han Geng became a leader of SJ-M and came back to develop in China. During that time, Han Geng always tells his family good news and not the bad. It’s only during the phone conversations with a few of us friends would he complain a little, saying he has too much pressure. But all we could do was to give him one or two words of encouragement.”


After Han Geng came back to China to develop, his friends thought it would be great this time. Everyone could see each other more often, and Han Geng would not suffer so much pressure anymore. However, this had strengthened Han Geng’s determination to leave SM. Along with developing back home, Han Geng had more opportunities to attend events and meet more and more Chinese artists. Upon seeing the freedom of development and the working environment that the Chinese artists have, Han Geng felt that the Korean entertainment industry is overly demanding. “Even though the Korean entertainment industry has become like a production line, they have a very complete and effective way of producing a Super Star. But at the same time, during the process, the entertainment company sees the artists as a product, ignoring the basic fact that people have feelings too.”

Han Geng’s friend, Mr. Zhang, also expressed, “All these years in Korea, Han Geng indeed had suffered a lot. This is something that is hard to comprehend by the outsiders. Han Geng never complains about the physical hardship. But being a foreign artist, the disparity between the cultures and general views made it hard for Han Geng to be accepted by the Korean entertainment mainstream. He often suffered various indignities during activities and performances.”

Mid 2009, during a certain dinner gathering, Sun Le again enlightened Han Geng, “You need to think it through, China cannot be compared to the way Korea develops their artists, and you are the first Chinese artist who debuted in Korea and became famous. This title is your golden ticket. If you terminate your contract, you will face all kinds of problems, lawsuits, future developments, etc. You may, from then on, never be able to recover from the setback and be popular anymore.”

“But what if I’m like those Korean artists, and committed suicide?” These words from Han Geng finally made Sun Le realize that the seriousness of the situation is beyond what he had imagined. That night, Sun Le again recalls those words that Han Geng had said to him. The things that were done, after connecting them together, was then realized, “He really endured to the maximum. A lot of reporter asked me how demanding was it? It’s really hard for us to say. Only those who have experienced these events can fully grasp how lethal it could be”.

Remembering those days, every time before Han Geng goes back to Korea, he’ll always call Sun Le and say, “brother, I’m going back again. I really don’t want to go to Korea.” After he landed in Korea, Han Geng would immediately call Sun Le. In the beginning, Sun Le thought he just wanted to say he arrived safely, but when he answered the phone, basically Han Geng won’t say anything. After greeting him with “brother”, there would be silence, yet he still wouldn’t hang up. “I would be teasing him, saying he has problems. Thinking back now, I finally realized why he was like that.”

This time, Sun Le determined not let Han Geng leave again, instead, initiated in helping him leave SM Company. “Originally we wanted to hire the same law firm as the one used by DBSK. But because their case has not ended so they recommended to us our current law firm. There were a lot of documents to prepare so Han Geng gave us half a year of preparation time. Originally we planned to terminate the contract later, wait until the beginning of the year. But Han Geng really couldn’t stand it anymore so in December, we hastily announced the contract termination. It’s not like what the internet says, that it has been premeditated over a long period of time, or Han Geng found a better management company. A lot of people say Han Geng is ungrateful. Actually, I think this could be better perceived as a rescue mission.”


On the web, we’ve seen a document with statements made by Sun Le. On it, there are seven statements made against SM Company on the unfair treatments toward Han Geng. “Those are all true. But it (the document) was not released by me. Those were the details from the proceedings and should be kept private. But I don’t know who leaked the secrets. Originally we wanted to go after those who were responsible, but later, thought people should know the truth, so we no longer tried to find the company who were responsible for translating the document.”

Right now, Han Geng’s team is made up of all Han Geng’s friends, no contracts, no agreements. Sun Le, to avoid arousing suspicion, once asked Han Geng, “You and I are friends. It’s not good to work together.  Why don’t I find you a management company?” Han Geng said, “Brother, you think too much. I don’t even care so why do you worry about such little things.”

Just like this, Han Geng and a few of his friends got together and formed a team. Han Geng’s team is now, absolutely, internationalized. “We have those who speak Chinese, Korean, and also English. The most tiring every day are the meetings; it feels just like The United Nations General Assembly, all kinds of languages are spoken. For every little thing, we need to discuss for a long time. Han Geng even needs to hold the job as an interpreter in our group”.

May 2010, absent for nearly half a year, Han Geng came out with his first solo album “Gen Xin”, and also successfully held his very own first concert in mid July. “In the beginning we didn’t want to have a concert, we only thought of having a little fan meeting. Later on, the discussion got more and more ‘high’ as we talked over dinner and ended up with a concert. As a friend, in my eyes, Han Geng is still the skinny, weak little brother who is standing near the corner of the staircase, needing my protection. As a working partner, I also hope to give him the best, because the love he has for the stage and his dazzling existence on the stage validates that he deserves the best.



It takes a lot of effort to schedule an interview with Han Geng ; need to fight time with his album promotions, rehearsals for his concert, and advertisers. Finally in the first Thursday of August, we arranged to meet at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in 798. Compared with others, the outdoor photo-shoot is quieter there. Of course, this visit by Han Geng has disrupted the entire mood of Ullens Center. Han Geng’s popularity has exceeded all of our expectations.

From the moment Han Geng stepped down from his van to the second floor work studio of the Ullens Center, just within these few short minutes, there were already news of his latest activities on the weibo. During the photo-shoot, due to too many people around, we had to ask the security guards to help with maintaining order. After the first set was done, we escaped with the quickest speed possible. Even the reporters felt the excitement of being surrounded and chased. Due to the posting speed of the weibo, during the second shooting, it was necessary for the staff to clear the set, causing great alarm in the showroom. All the staff of Ullens Center had been summoned by emergency to come to help with maintaining order. The staff members around me said jokingly, “So exciting, just like ‘Plants vs. Zombies’* (*a computer game), we’re just like the plants that shoots bullets.”

As compared to the staff member’s nervousness and excitement, Han Geng, when faced with this kind of situation, was all calm. “To him, this is all a small case, he has experienced something even crazier. When we eat out, there are people who hold up their cell phone toward him and start taking pictures. They’re the kind that put their phones right up to your face” his manager says. After the shoot while resting on second floor lounge, Han Geng said he had met the more “inconceivable” kind of fans.  “When I was in Korea, a grandma came and asked for my autograph. I thought it was only an autograph so I agreed. And then, the grandma took out a thick stack of paper for me to sign. I was flabbergasted. As I was signing, the grandma patted me heavily on the back while calling me a good guy. The impact from the patting was blow after blow.”

Since the lawsuit with SM, the biggest question people have is, can Han Geng continue to be popular after leaving SJ? What if (he) starts to go downhill, the glamour of being surrounded by thousands of fans no longer exists, can Han Geng handle this kind of detriment? The reporter had passed the question to Han Geng. Han Geng says he can go back and continue to dance, open a dance studio, he can very quickly adjust to this kind of life because he did not become famous overnight. “Do you believe, the first year after my debut, how much I earned? 4,000 Won. The consumption rate in Korea is very high so it counts as a pretty poor living. I have gotten through those kinds of days, what could be scarier.”

The Han Geng that’s standing alone below the stage this time is closer to the real him. “No need to share with others, everything on the stage is all for myself.” Han Geng used “酣畅淋漓”* to describe the recently finished solo concert. (*a Chinese saying meaning extremely comfortable and gratifying)

Source: Baidu Gengba  http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=871615951
Story from: BQ Weekly
Translated by: wendy

This has been a very long post, and I hope it will give you readers a better insight towards Han Geng and his work..!

credits : all are duly credited in the pictures and videos, thank you..

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31 Responses to Power of Words

  1. bristlegrass says:

    T.T Garnetblue, the words you wrote are always so deep~~~~ ^^

    Thanks for bringing back my memory again, the “The Romance between Han Geng & Fans” is the video clip making me become a gengfan…I cried a whole day after watching it…moving and heartbreaking at the same time…but I still thought he was better at the time when I was watching it than what has been told in that video…after knowing all kinds of stories and things happened later on…I noticed I was wrong…

    • trueblue says:

      Didn’t know that I touched a nerve in you…so that was the video which made you “fall in love” with Han Geng..?
      It’s so uncanny, right? Seems that both of us are on the same wave-length..

      • bristlegrass says:

        Ummm…maybe not “fall in love” at that time…hehe~~~~just before watching it, I like Han Geng as a celebrity…after watching it, I like him as a person, I was so moved by his fans as well, so decided to join them to support him! Both Han Geng and Gengfans give me a good reason to do it~~~When did I truly notice I love him? Probably after I heard his “Betrayal”…I knew he didn’t give up…after he filed the lawsuit to now….I totally totally fall in love with him T.T….that’s too bad for me…I’m still single….

  2. Sharon says:

    Same here! I watched this and became a fan of Gengfans.
    Then one thing led to another…. and you know it, I don’t have to describe …
    And here I am!!!!

  3. Smile says:

    I’m crying watching that vids, even I don’t understand, but knowing his hardship it make my hurt ache, I seem to understand the whole story, those smile back then hide a thousand story, even he smile but those eyes don’t lie, his eyes trying to tell his fans, those songs too. I wish I knew him before like other but I’m glad I’m not too late to become one of his fan..

  4. Kim Jaein says:

    At first, I didn’t like Hangeng much because of the lawsuits and everything. I also heard a “LOT” of stories that say that SM Entertainment is indeed too much in handling their stars. Though they are really producing quite SUPER STARS, they must also consider the feelings of their artists simply because they are ALL HUMANS. Maybe, sooner or later, our beloved “Shining Stars” (Suju) will follow the path Geng gone through.

    I am now cleared with all the misconceptions. I hope HanGeng can find his happiness in what he’s doing now and not let the others put him down. -Kim Jaein

  5. Kim Jaein says:

    At first, I didn’t like Hangeng much because of the lawsuits and everything. I also heard a “LOT” of stories that say that SM Entertainment is indeed too much in handling their stars. Though they are really producing quite SUPER STARS, they must also consider the feelings of their artists simply because they are ALL HUMANS. Maybe, sooner or later, our beloved “Shining Stars” (Suju) will follow the path Geng gone through.

    I am now cleared with all the misconceptions. I hope HanGeng can find his happiness in what he’s doing now and not let the others put him down.

    -Kim Jaein

  6. wendy says:

    Hey Garnet, are you calling me out? 😀 Unfortunately, I became a fan of Hangeng fairly late (after the lawsuit) and didn’t go through those good times and bad times that Chinese Gengfans, and even some Korean Gengfans did so I cannot possiblily understand what they went through. As for me, I didn’t become a Gengfan overnight. As I discover more about him and his character, his presence builds a stronger foundation in my heart. In the end, I can’t help but love him like he is part of my family member: when he hurts, I hurt, when he is happy, I’m happy, when he gets mistreated, I get upset, etc. Maybe that is why there is the 20+ years commitment by his fans because they know they’ll probably love him forever.

  7. garnetblue says:

    Hehehe…I am touched with all your comments..thanks to all our silent readers too..
    I hope that we can really see each of them shine in their own respective places and have their own dreams come true too…!!
    Wendy, thanks a lot for your help..hehehe…

  8. polly says:

    I just received the magazine BQ weekly, sent by my brother from Beijing. I just asked him to buy me the magazine.Although he did know why I want to buy this, he still went to six or five newstands to seek for the magazine and foudn they were all sold out. The day before yesterday he found one after asked sever newstands and sent it to me. I just got it this morning and I’d like to read it later after work.

    To be continued…

  9. garnetblue says:

    Wow your brother is so kind to you..and HG is really popular..!
    Sold Out..!!! Interesting..!!

  10. polly says:

    I strongly sugguest that you should post the photos of Han Geng on the article here. They are really really good. These photos are from the photographer Han Shuo:

  11. polly says:

    When I first heard the song betrayal, I was thinking, Oh, he was singing it with so deep feelings, he must want to convey something.

    Then I found the song sang by the two original singers and found that I like the version of Han Geng best. The other two singers sang it in the way of helpless love (between two lovers). Han Geng seemed to have increased the depth of the song, the depth of the love. The ”love” in it is so much more complicated than the love just between two lovers. The emotion is deeper and much more complicated.

    I heard th versions of the other two singers and was merely a little touched by the love of two lovers. But when I heard Han Geng’s version, I could not help sheding tears. It’s quite strange as I did not know much about Han Geng and geng fans then.

    I just felt about the hardness behind the song and there must be many stories there. It caused heartache. I was really sad while hearing it. I could not explain it myself why I was like that.

    After a long time, when everything is set and time healed everything, if there were any chance for me to ask one set of questions to Han Geng, I shall ask “How do you find that song and what are you thinking when singing that song betrayal? What do you feel about the song? “

  12. polly says:

    Continue the first part:

    When I first told my brother, “I just want this issue, with Han han on the cover.” My brother know that I paid great attention on Solo Team recently, which had been sold out 100 copies in 22 days of it’s

  13. polly says:

    in 22 days since it was on the market on July 6. On the cover of the BQ weekly of this issue, Han han and Han Geng were both there as the two main interviewee, the two public figure I respect most right now, and who are both really popular among Chinese young people. I do not know if it is an coincidence. I do not like follow others, actually. Many young people like Guo Jingming, but I had been unable even since his first appearance in public about 10 years ago. Even his youth literature was full of romantic words about painful and beautiful growth of young people. I just read the first few words and could not continue. I pay attention to Han han like most of the readers, going to browse his blog once in a while. I knew him 10 years ago when he first became famous and read some of his books, know his words fight with some famous writers in culture circles online from 2005, when I read his blog as well as his opponents, I really admire his uniqure angle of view and sharp words, quite to the point of the problems of the era. An idol used to be the synonym of superficiality, ignorance and verdancy in my eyes. Too shallow. I never did it in my life. Such kind of person as me seems to be unable to chase any stars. Chasing a star used to be a joke to me. I could never believe I myselft could do it.

    It is Han Geng who totally changed my view of a popular star.

  14. polly says:

    Han Han taught me to be independent thinking and always keep a critical view of the things in the world. One word is to seek the truth.

    I still keep a critical view on the word“守护” guardianshp as it was more commonly used by those fans of korean stars. Every individual of the world has to undertake his/her own responsibility in the world and be independent. No one is more superior to others. Everyone’s life is previous. The popular idols chose their way and gave up many things such as a more private life, having to work really hard, etc. They have to undertake the responsibility of a public figure when they get fame and other things along with fame. Many of those fans act like unreasonable puppets controlled by some public opinions in certain small circles, brainwashed to a certain degree that they are without any personal view and criticle thinking. I really feel sorry for them.

  15. polly says:

    Back to Han Geng. Since I had been criticle on many things and it was a little hard for me to believe kindness of others. Choosing to believe is a kind of happiness. There were so many cheatings and tricks in the adults’ world. That makes the fairy tale in the adult’s world even more previous. Han Geng is the person with such characters, worthy to be learned on so many ways and respected on so many points. Accidentally, he is a popular star. It seems to be impossible in the entertainment circle, but it is.

    So the out-of-date guy like me began to pay more attention on the entertainment circle, which is a new world. I had never heard about fans culture before, now I know it and see the fights of fans of different idols online. Some of the fans kept it off line. I should say to be fan of an idol usually tends to limit the view of him or her to a small world, thinking that the world is simply divided into three groups:fans, anties, strangers. It is quite easy for them to be angry about the bad words of their idols. Sometimes it’s a kind of infatuation, which makes one forgot all about one’s own life, easily go to extremes. If one person lack of self-control, infatuation on an idol is like a addiction to internet games, etc.

    I shall use the word support to describle geng fans of China, who are reasonable, self-discipline group of people. They love Han Geng, and they know more about how to show their love in a proper way. Respect comes first. Public figures are the same humans as we are, privacy is important to everyone. Muti-respect and kind interaction between Han Geng and Geng fans makes it one of the most beautiful emotions of the world. The group of people encourage one another to be more brave to face their life, to be positive and active, and holding an very healthy and honest view of the world as well as other people.

  16. polly says:

    One Chinese geng fan said: It is because of Han Geng, we came together; and it is because of other geng fans, I stayed and kept on. Their is a certian kind of spirit of positive and active attitudes towards life.

    I envy them, really. I still have not learned their special way of humor, keep finding new interests on kindly poking fun at Han Geng, pointing out points he might pay attention to. Han Geng encourage them to improve themselves while geng fan also encourage Han Geng to move on and stick to his own way. Han Geng treasure the “give” of geng fans and have kept an important place in his heart for them, making even more effort on his performance of stage, trying his best to pay back while geng fans also treasure the good relations with Han Geng, living a healthy and positive life, to be more creative, hardworking, and insistance on chasing their own dreams. That is the romance between Han Geng and geng fans, as I understood.

  17. polly says:

    It seems that I have lost one sentence. It is from Han Geng I learned that choose to believe and love is a kind of happiness. Moreover, I felt it with my heart, not judged it with my brain. Sometimes heart is smarter than brain.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Have to be honest, I’m kinda like you, critical thinking is basically what I have to learn from my major…it has become my way of thinking,,,before knowing Han Geng, I could hardly believe such person exists especially in entertainment circle…I feel truly grateful for knowing Han Geng, the entire process of getting to know him teaches me so much…I used to think rationality is everything,,,now, thanks to Han Geng, I started to appreciate other kinds of thinking, as you said here, feeling with heart is so powerful, yes, sometimes smarter than brain ^^

    • wendy says:

      Polly, I think you brought up a good point. Unlike other fans who love their idols for superficial reasons, Gengfans love Hangeng for who he is as a person. Hangeng always presented to us his true self. He is never fake or pretentious. When asked why Gengfans love Hangeng, most will answer because he is Hangeng. They don’t just look at what is on the outside, but also what is on the inside. Their love is not just an infatuation that dies as the flame dims, but one that will last for a very long time.

      Like you, I’m not the type to chase after idols. When it comes to entertainers, the more you find out, the more disillusioned you are. But Hangeng is different. The more you find out, the more you will love him. His character stands up to the test of time. He is the only artist that I’m not ashamed to say I love.

      • polly says:

        Han Geng is also the only person in the entertainment circle I paid so much attention to and respect so much. Normally I only watched the performance of the actors and never had interest in their characters or personalities. I never had interest to know if they were good or bad as it’ll be a waste of time upon most occasions. The entertainment circle tends to never disappoint the common people on surpassing their imagination on the darker side of the world.

  18. onepinetree says:

    Thank you for both of you: To wendy for translating such a long story and to Garnetblue for posting such a deep analysis on Han Geng. Yeah.. Han Geng is some one who brought us together regardless of nationality, language, and age. When I started loving him, I didn’t know how precious he was; I just loved his look and dancing skills. But.. now I have developed this awe for this young man. I am very grateful that one day I found him from one video clip at youtube by accident.

  19. polly says:

    Errors correction:
    1. sold out 100 copies in 22 days
    sold out one million copies in 22 days. It is embarassing to find many errors when reading my own words.

    One intersting thing I found is that when the album Geng Xin was first put on the online shelves for sale at Joyo.com, Solo Team was also very hot. The data of the first week on the website showed that 70% of the customers bought Han Geng’s alblums also bought Solo Team. For quite a few days, Geng Xin is number one on sales volume of the music products while Solo Team is number one on sales volume of the Books, and it still is.

    I am very happy to see that. It might reflect in a certain way that many people who like Han Geng’s music are reasonable enough and deep enough to read Han han’s Solo Team.

  20. Smile says:

    This is why I love this blog, I learn to love Hangeng from this blog the team and the reader are not just blind fan but intellectual fan. I think all hangeng fan are intellectual and mature fan even some are young in age. I like to share a lil bit of how Hangeng had encourage my sis. My Sis have some problem in work she always feel that work is a burden and led her to give up on her work. That is the past, but now she is among the excellent worker in her team and her staff. I ask her what make her become so excellent, yeah there are many reason but one of it is she said that if Hangeng can endure all pain in his life and work for year in korea and why not her. She is not even hangeng fan but she admire his strugle of life. I just stunned and don’t believe that a not fan of hangeng would use his spirit to become what she is now.

  21. bristlegrass says:

    Ha!!!!! Love you all, girls~~~~feeling so good to read how you get to know and develop interests, thoughts, and feelings around this amazing boy ^^
    Please feel free to share whenever you would like~~~:-)

  22. Sue says:

    I am a Chinese girl ,I know this place from other place , I also really love hangeng , He is really a very good person , so ,i feel very interested in his news . Because My english are not very good ,but , i read so many words and know so many news for here ,so ,I think it is necessary for me to give a comment . So ,if i make any mistakes, Please forgive me . At the same time ,I have a question .Who can tell me what’s mean of the word “solo team”, I can’t understand it , thanks very much .

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you for visiting this blog and sharing your opinions here..
      I did some research and found out this for you..

      Han Han (simplified Chinese: 韩寒; traditional Chinese: 韓寒; pinyin: Hán Hán; born 23 September 1982) is a Chinese professional rally driver, best-selling author, singer, creator of Party and China’s most popular blogger

      “On July 6 2010, his magazine Party (独唱团) is finally published. According to the publisher, the magazine became the most popular book on Amazon.cn less than 10 hours after pre-selling”

      This is what Polly was talking about..the book or magazine written by Mr Han Han..独唱团 or Solo Group/Solo Team (translated to English)

      • Sue says:

        o ,yeah , Now ,I am really know what it is meaning.Thanks very much . I am really love your blog ,I knew this place the day before yesterday . I think it is really very good for foreigner’s gengfan to know hangeng’s recently news .My english levels are limited , I can help you very little . But , I will always pay more attention to your blog ,try my best to making more person know this place .At last ,i also have to say ,it is really a very good place for me to improve my english level.
        Thanks for your reply to my question .

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