Game Anyone ?

The next best thing ?

As we watch this video clip, do we have a feeling of anticipation of Han Geng’s first movie..!! Or would it be something else ? You take a guess…!………

credits : Hangeng19840209

And now this is what I would like to share, Han Geng is one of the nominees for the Most Popular Male Singer in Mainland China..For a newbie it is indeed an honour and prestige…He is up against some “big” names in the industry..!

Source:MTV China

Music festival welcomed its honorable 10th year: 2010 Year End Music Awards will be held on October 18th in Beijing

[October 6th 2010 Beijing] 2010 Year End Music Awards held by China Central Television (CCTV) and MTV Music station (MTV) will be held at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium. As the biggest and most represented music award ceremony in mainland China, this year’s awards ceremony will be presenting 19 awards to award the accomplishment of artists in the Cpop industry since last year’s ceremony. At that time, notable musicians from mainland, HK, Macao and Taiwan will all gather at Beijing, and some artists from the Asian pacific regions and even international stars will also show up.

From 1999, the ceremony began many of the other awards in the country and created the most notable music brand in the mainland China music industry and has witnessed the achievements of the Cpop industry in the first decade of the new century. Today, at the tenth year anniversary of the ceremony, CCTV and MTV have especially made some programs which will air from September 8th, everyday at 18:30 on CCTV 3. The audience can relive the exciting moments of past ceremonies and enjoy the works of artists who have been nominated and hear the comments of the judges. Many current influential musicians and artists will also join in the show and answer the MC’s questions.

CCTV ceremony programming director and variety channel director Zhang Xiaohai, (T/N: insert a really long list of really important people at CCTV and MTV) and artists’ representative Han Geng and Phoenix Legend appeared at today’s opening conference of the ceremony and together pulled the lever and lighted everyone’s anticipation of October 18th.

This year’s ceremony has three categories of awards, the judges’ choice, the audiences’ choice and the committee’s choice. Starting from September 8th, the audience can log on to and, or text the artists’ name to 10669999084 to vote for your favorite artist and work.

Notes: Nominations for the Audiences’ Choices
11. Most Popular mainland Female Singer: Mao Amin, Na Ying, Zhou Xun, Vicki Zhao, Han Hong
12. Most Popular mainland Male Singer: Sun Nan, Wang Feng, Chen Kun, Huang Xiaoming, Han Geng

Source: CCTV

credits : Translated by

Note : Let’s support Han Geng and help him win this one..for those who can access the voting site..thank you !! He needs as much support as he can get from us..!!

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7 Responses to Game Anyone ?

  1. polly says:

    I shall add more information:
    There is the sidelight on the shooting for the printing works for the online 3D game “Tianxia (The whole world) two” as well as related photos and reports on the topic: The website is the special topic page on Netease Games)
    There are 63 photos on the new look, when Han Geng is in historical costumes.
    It’s gorgeous!!! Amazing!

  2. polly says:

    The address to vote at CNTV:
    (Notes: The website needs registration, and filling of personal information. It is of system of real name, and one IP is entitled to cast one vote.)

    • aa says:

      It seems that you can keep voting without any problem although it’s said that one IP is entitled to cast one vote. Not sure it’s system bug or sth… So just keep voting if possible. ^_*

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Haha, I love he’s been playful in that video…so adorable…but the role he plays is not supposed to be cute but cool, ruthless, and powerful, the most powerful and strongest guy in this game, complicated image, can be good, can be bad…he has extraordinarily complicated and dark life stories…hohohoho ^^~~~~the game developer even changed the image of this role “Yu Ji Zi” 玉玑子 (I may translate this name into English as “Irregularpearled Jade”) to match Han Geng’s handsome and young image…the original image was older, 30s or 40s…now, I think they develop new storyline in this game to focus on younger “Yu Ji Zi”

    Oh, btw, he commented on his image on his miniblog that, “my new image! haha~~~~~! Just cannot see the road in front of me” the picture he posted shows his face was covered by the hood on his cloak…cannot tell a king of darkness from this comment though= =

    Han Geng (“Yu Ji Zi”) featured game website especially for gengfans:

  4. garnetblue says:

    Hehehe…I like you readers…these are the kind of readers I like, by giving input on the post so that more information is collected and shared..
    Thanks guys..I hope many will register and vote for him..who knows he might also get other awards besides most popular singer..
    Thanks Polly, for your activeness in this blog..!!

  5. polly says:

    Just found this.

    The place to get huge wallpapers with Han Geng’s new image of “Yu Ji Zi” :

    Oh, my god, these wallpapers!!!!!!!!!

  6. Smile says:

    I rely on Chinese gengfan to vote Hangeng since I don’t understand Chinese word 🙂 I hope he win coz he deserve it

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