Let’s Be Friends

credits: yinglisa5387

This show was taped when Han Geng was in Taiwan..titled Let’s Be Friends..!

In the whole show, the host was the most chatty one..hehehe..!

From the start, as they entered the restaurant, the host was giving information on the restaurant to Han Geng. He mentioned that the restaurant is very famous and it’s clean and prestigious with an open view kitchen where guests/patrons can watch the chefs cook. Han Geng was to demonstrate his cooking and at the end his dish will be judged by the chef and reporters who were on duty there..That kitchen was reserved exclusively for HG….!!

The dish that Han Geng cooked was a Northeastern dish made of cabbage, bell peppers, scallions and tomatoes.( Han Geng seemed to be fond of tomatoes..eh?) It is an all vegetables dish..the host asked if there was any meat as part of the ingredients, and HG replied no..his reason? Because when he was a student in those days, he did not have the budget for meat so the dish is pure vegetarian. According to HG, the dish originated from Russia. He was asked by the host if he had been there but HG replied yes one time. HG even told the host the kinds of dishes which he knows how to cook.! The host was so amazed and flabbergasted. The host commented that HG is not only good-looking but he can cook and dance and sing too..almost perfect.! He asked if HG ever cut himself while preparing the vegetables and HG said yes..then the host commented to HG to be careful because he can’t afford to  pay his medical fees..!

Han Geng said he would sit in the lounge/living room waiting, while his wife does the cooking..when the host commented that it would be so romantic if Han Geng and his wife cook together..( that is when HG finally gets married)..See his macho tendency is on display again..!

Ha !! this boy is so fond of kitchens..this is the 2nd time he entered a professional kitchen..the first was when he baked a cake for Na Ying in the kithcen of the hotel where he stayed in Shenzhen..

When HG said that he won’t eat his own cooking, the host commented that HG has a “motherly heart”..Han Geng is happy  when he sees others eat his cooking..Since HG likes to eat Xiao Long Pao, he has to make his own tutored by the chef..

The host also praised Gengfans for doing promos for HG prior to his arrival in Taiwan. They gave the original CDs to the radio stations so that they would play them on their programs.. At the end…the dish was successful..!! Look at the face of the host..!!

Next HG learned from the chef how to wrap the Xiao Long Pao..and because the kitchen is an open view type, HG was nervous as people were looking in.. Observe how intense HG is in his concentration.. While they were eating they talked about HG’s past and his journey to the present time..

His first dance ever was the umbrella dance and when he sang a bit of the song,the host was surprised and said that,that’s a Taiwanese  song (meaning a song in Taiwan dialect) but HG said it was in Mandarin version..HG also demonstrated some songs like the one in Hokkien/ Fukkien. haha…!

My first time to hear HG singing in Hokkien..even the host was “shocked”..then the rest of the show was about HG’s previous trips to Taiwan..Also the part where he told the host he likes the fruit custard apple..but it was not available and he was offered water-melon instead but then  someone went out to get a custard apple  for him ( they must have loved him dearly for going out of the way to get a custard apple just for him)..while they were eating it, the host said you can eat the white part too and be careful to spit out the pits/seeds, then HG with his innocent face, replied that since the host said that part can be eaten, so  he ate including the “seeds”..HG said there are no seeds, but the host said there are..the reason was  that HG did not scoop up the part with seeds yet…hehehe..!!

In the end there was a time capsule where HG was asked to put in the things which meant the most to him..He put in a self-written “certificate” declaring himself to have won the major( # 1) award for actor..that’s his most dearest wish ever since..so ten years down the road..will all  his wishes  be fulfilled..?

This is one of the best interviews I have watched and it showed a lot of HG’s playfulness combined with his masculinity !! He and the host seemed to be very good friends..

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5 Responses to Let’s Be Friends

  1. polly says:

    Oh, I have not watched the programm yet. Have been busy voting and working for a while! Go to watch it!!!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    My Geng is cooking again…really wanna taste it…I know how to make this kind of steamed bun…I can teach you Geng~~~

    but, Geng, you are more tasty than steamed buns 🙂

    thigh *_*

    looooooong leg~~

  3. followurdestiny says:

    Such a nice interview … I would love to taste one of his dishes XDD… and he has a good taste in movies ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ such a beautiful and good movie! Will look forward to his ‘future’ movies!

    Thank u for sharing!

  4. Smile says:

    Every man want his wife to cook it is a special treat from the one he love, hehe Hangeng is Asia type man. He had it all, as the mc said im sure he can survive in this world if he no longer a singer one day.

  5. Lesley says:

    This is one of my favorite interviews as well. It shows more “real” him. I especially like the part he sings Taiwanese song “sadness nightclub”. Perhaps I can catch all the lyrics. He is so adorable when he is singing and his singing skill does improve a lot.
    It’s been really nice to have Garnetblue updating all the clips. Thanks for your effort.

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