Tian Xia 2- The Final Boss, Yu Ji Zi

Han Geng endorses “Tian Xia 2 (The World 2)”, Data Clip and homonymy CG Aired

Today, 163.com officially announced the yearly data clip of its 3D MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online game) “Tian Xia 2”:  “Huan Long Jue  (Order of the Dragon Illusion)”. The data clip will be publicly aired on September 28th, and will create a brand new way of playing the game and open a grand 3D MMO feast. At the same time, “Tian Xia 2”’ brand new spokesperson Han Geng and the first homonymy promotional video will also be unveiled. The superstar spokesman and the magnificent CG affects have all the players filled with anticipation.

Han Geng endorses, creates brand new grandiose scene

A week earlier, “Tian Xia 2”’  another endorser, the Yun Lu Junior Yang Mi had  revealed in an interview that she will be endorsing “Tian Xia 2”  with a mystery male star. The mysterious  identity of the male had everyone started guessing instantaneously..!  However, when everyone was putting forth their theory, one of Han Geng’s  weibo  posts caused a huge wave of forwarding by fans and became one of the most talked about weibos in the day. Fans were sure that the male star mentioned by Yan Mi is Han Geng…!!

[Image: 2010-09-08_76892.jpg]

Screen shot of Han Geng’s weibo post

“Tian Xia 2” Officially confirmed that Asian super idol Han Geng, with a 7 digit price, became the spokesperson for “Tian Xia 2”. In “Tian Xia 2”, Han Geng will make an appearance in a fantasy historical costume for the first time, and will join 163.com’s male endorsers, standing next to Jay Chou, Donnie Yen, and Yoga Lin.

Han Geng will be playing the final boss in the game “Yu Jizi”. Similar with Han Geng, the character, Yu Jizi is also someone who firmly  stands behind his beliefs and keeps on searching for his inner power. In order to break the tedium and unequal rules in the world, Yu Jizi would rather shoulder the lack of understanding of others to unseal the secret ways of the Great Nothingness and hopes to change the world on his own. Because of his perseverance, and his contrasting personality, Yu Jizi is very well liked by all the players of “Tian Xia 2”.

[Image: 2010-09-08_76895.jpg]
Han Geng’s role in the game, gamers’ favourite, the final boss, YuJizi

With the public beta testing for the Data Clip coming soon, “Tian Xia 2” created for Han Geng, a  limited edition disk, which will be given to gamers and fans for free, those who successfully applied and received it and participated in the draw will also have the opportunity to participate in the press conference happening in Beijing in the end of the month and see Han Geng in person.

Details please see http://tx2.163.com/2010/hg/

***Some parts  has been omitted for translation due to it being only related to the upgrades in the games and will not make any sense unless you play it. In that event it is assumed that you know Chinese since the game is only available in Chinese***

“Tian Xia 2”’s yearly data clip “Huan Long Jue” will start the public betas. The MMO with the best graphics in the country “Tian Xia 2” along with Asian super idol Han Geng together create for the gamers the biggest MMO scene and an original, brand new way of playing MMOs, 3D big game, play “Tian Xia 2”

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Source: 163.com
Translated by Windchime@geng-bao.net

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One Response to Tian Xia 2- The Final Boss, Yu Ji Zi

  1. polly says:

    I ordered the disks, including the video clips on the shooting of the new image. I think you may put the video here before the article. The video at Tudou: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/teTGYG8rqMw/

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