Rapport Between Geng–Fans

Many times mutual trust was mentioned whenever it comes to the description of the friendship between Geng and his “Rice” but this time I would like to add that it’s the rapport between him and his “rice” that makes him the envy of those in the entertainment field..

I hope we are not bored with watching Han Geng and the shows that he went on in recent days..! There are times when scripts are overlapping but so far where Han Geng and variety shows are concerned, this has been minimal….!!

A few months back, before Han Geng had his Geng Xin Concert, he went on shows in various TV stations and channels.  Silent Distances was one of the earliest shows recorded but also one of the latest to broadcast..!

In this show, Han Geng showed a different side of him and this time he was trying his hands on DJ-ing and scratching. Look at him go with his fascination….

Just some highlights for now,while waiting for the ‘official” subs to come out..The rap by DJ Tattoo and MC Little Tiger was very interesting …

DJ : Are you all ready..? Are you ready……….?  Fans : We are ready

DJ : Rap rap…blah blah (actually he was describing HG..haha..but I wanted to show how the fans response to the rapping..the last question was ..do you know what his zodiac star is..?)  Fans : Aquarius..!

DJ : This guy has been to places and done many things in the pursuit of his dreams and for the sake of music. You all should know why he gave up all these for one thing… You should know what he wanted..!   Fans : Freedom..!                                                                                                                                                                                             DJ : That’s right..!…and in order to continue pursuing his dreams, the place where  he needed most in his heart is…… Fans : China..!

DJ : And the one you are waiting for is… Fans : Han Geng..!!

I was enthralled with the rap and the way the fans responded to the DJ..Please watch the videos and then you will see what I mean..!

Look at Han Geng’s expressions during the portion where the fans exposed/ revealed Han Geng’s secrets.They were so open in their revelations so one can see the rapport they have with each other.

Please take note that this show was done before his concert,actually it was done on June 30th..so some of the concert clips were added in later during the final editing. (It’s only my guess here. Maybe some of you know more about this and would like to make comment)

Highlights :

1. Han Geng describes his face features as taking after his father’s nose and in fact his father’s nose is much sharper/higher  than  his.He has his mother’s mouth and eyes but the overall look of his face is his father’s..

2. He mentioned that though his concert tickets were sold out in record time and he was glad of it but at the same time felt frustrated because his parents’ relatives were asking him for tickets..and which he didn’t have..!!

3. The host mentioned that people who are born under the Aquarius star are strange and peculiar. In other words not normal or ordinary…hehehe..look at Han Geng’s expression..he also agreed with the host because his friends too tell him the same thing..!

4. When the host mentioned about learning English, HG tried to stop her by saying that he is still in the process of learning and he is having a tough time with it.His fans requested him to speak a few sentences and you can see him “Speak English?”.The host interrupted by saying that they are very comfortable with the present language which is Chinese/Mandarin and so why must they speak in English..!! Han Geng then said that he wished the whole world would speak Mandarin..!! cheeky boy..!!

5. The host was impressed with Geng-fans’s warm reception of her and also mentioned about HG’s intention of paying his respects to her before the start of the program..she was touched with that because rarely “super stars” would make that kind of special effort.. as she understand that stars like that are very busy and don’t have that kind of time to go out of their way….!! ( I am paraphrasing what she said here so that you can understand the flow of the conversation)

6. First G-fan recalled an incident that happened at the airport..she was there as one of those G-fans who formed a barricade to protect him from other fans..there were some new fans and she heard them saying that they wanted to touch HG and was pushing and shoving trying to reach  him and she was like hoping that he would move faster..and I think the barricade was broken and she shouted at him to run. He turned around to look at her and she was captivated, so instead of him running away, it was she who ran..only then that HG reacted..!! (please correct me here if I am wrong)

7. One time he had to go for an activity and happened to overhear some girl asking the teller to give her the seat next to Han Geng..he was suddenly alerted and went back to exchange his own  seat number…!!

8. Second G-fan relayed the message to Han Geng that she will be getting married on Oct. 10 and her future husband especially wanted her to pass his message to him..”Han Geng Jia You..! his wife loves you and he too loves you”…They are planning to get married later this year and hope that Han Geng would come to their wedding, even though  she knows that he would be very busy, but it’s alright if he can’t make it but be sure that his “red packet’ is delivered to them..! And make sure that it must be big and thick..hehehe..!!

9. Third G-fan teased him that indeed he kept up to his moniker of being a “3 years old Han”..he likes to play with strange toys like for example playing with Barbie Dolls…(the whole studio erupted with laughter).Han Geng defended himself saying that, that time he was on a show…!!! Also Han Geng used to say that he dislike junk food, but G-fans caught him many times sucking on lollipops at airports. She wanted to know when they can be paid for all their hard-work of receiving and sending him off at airports..!! At least what he can do is to give them a treat..!! ( again this is summarised not detailed) She is actually the fan from France…she told him that she will shoulder his expenses (as in food and lodging) when he goes there..!!! hehehe look at his eyes..!!

10. Fourth G-fan requested him to demonstrate his acting because she had seen a lot of his dancing and singing..they wanted him to act out a script by a famous author Qiong Yao and he replied with a play on the name Yao (shake)..he said I can’t shake it up..!!

In the end he acted out the part of the monk from the story… “Monkey Goes West”..!!

Can someone please clarify if that is the girl who composed the song “Wings of Love”..? The one who sang it.. thanks..

credits : happinessannie@YT

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16 Responses to Rapport Between Geng–Fans

  1. S2X says:

    thanks for summarizing what they were saying. gosh, the 1st Gengfan had such a strong accent i was having a hard time trying to understand her! i loved how all the fans chosen to ask the questions in the audience were so bold and funny in this show, so different from the usual shy fans in other shows. i love how easily they joke with Geng and tease him like close friends. that’s what i love about the relationship between Geng and his “rice”!

    • garnetblue says:

      Hahaha..you are not the only one..! I was trying so hard with ear-phones on to get what she was saying..the way she said those words “want to touch him”…

      • polly says:

        They are native Beijingers, so their speak Beijing accent, mostly like Madarin, but there are many words and pronunciations are different. I like to hear Beijing accent.

      • garnetblue says:

        Thanks Polly.It’s good we have interactions here. As you all know, I am an overseas Chinese so slangs and accents of native Chinese are often lost on me..

  2. Smile says:

    It surprise me first when I saw that clips, even I don’t understand mandarin, but the way the audience interact with him is like talking to a normal guest. I notice that hangeng seem to take interest on something new. Example, making a dumpling(correct me if I’m wrong) in one show in Taiwan and try to be a dj. Hangeng love to try new thing…..

  3. followurdestiny says:

    The love between Geng and his fans is real 😀 … I loved watching this show and his expressions… I could understand the big gist of the things, but will still look forward to official subs XDD … I always re-watch them then … ooh Geng silly boy XXDD <333

  4. bristlegrass says:

    WOW~~~~~~thank you so much, Garnetblue, for summarizing this show.
    I truly love the way Han Geng and his geng rice interacting~~~like old friends…it reminds me that sometimes, the show directors or reporters would like to collect questions from Gengrices, so that they can ask the questions to Han Geng in the show or interview for us…but eventually, they found 95% of the questions are hilarious, their point is not to get the actual answer but to tease him or make him laugh…somtimes, the director or reporter couldn’t get our point, we have to explain it to him/her…I think, one of the reasons is Han Geng truly treats his fans like old friends, we can definitely feel that from the way he talks, the way he looks at us, and his gestures~the other reason is…we’ve known about him so well…it’s kinda hard to think of a serious question for him now…Han Geng has told us everything we need to know as his fans, even though he didn’t say, we can also tell it from what he is doing, about those we don’t know, I think we shouldn’t ask as fans…

    oh, btw, @Garnetblue, she is not the composer, but I like her voice, she is a pretty girl~

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks B’grass for the info..please let me know if there are any errors in the translations..I only make small contributions so that those who can’t wait for the subbed videos will just have to make do with this first…..hehehehe..!!

  5. larahg says:

    wow great show … thanks a lot for summary the show now when i see it i can but things together and never lost like before haha ..this place is always awesome full of love for one man … i’m same age as geng younger in a month and few days ..Aquarius star also no wonder i find you geng ^^ …anyway i know so many stars in the world boybands from U.S U.K every where you would think about i didn’t feel or have so much respect as i have for hangeng some times people ask me you watching this video{geng’s shows} without translation ,it’s weird but i can understand many things that going on around him. i don’t want to bother you ^^ …
    there is special relationship between geng and his fans that not exist on others ..
    he said he trust his fans they making a bath for him when he arrive also he mentioned that he even can site with them woa they are so lucky …
    thanks for sharing you guys are awesome …

  6. larahg says:

    sorry that comment was by me shine from gengbar = = i’ve changed my name sorry friends = =

    • garnetblue says:

      hello, Shine, good to see you here..thanks for your contributions in the comments..Good to know that there are many people reading here in this blog..!!

  7. shine says:

    garnetblue ..hi there .. sure i’m here every night you’re a reliable blog for hangeng …
    i enjoy here with your amazing translations and how your words are put together with a pure real feelings the only we the real G-rice have …
    looking forward to your updates …. thanks a lot …love.

  8. wendy says:

    Hi Garnet, thanks for your post and the videos so I don’t have to look all over for them. As for you #7, it was actually Han Geng’s assistant who went to buy the plane tickets for him while he waited in the van. After purchasing the tickets, the assistant overheard the next person saying she wants a seat next to Han Geng. The assistant then waited until the girl left to go back to change the seating. In the show, Han Geng commented on how he felt bad for the girl who bought the tickets thinking that she’ll be sitting next to him. Han Geng is always so sweet.

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