Congratulations Geng Xin !!

According to one special Gengrice, it’s time to order again..hahaha!!!
Yes !!  Are you ready to make your orders again? All this is due to the unexpected  good sales of Geng Xin…
So guys give yourself a pat on the backs for helping Geng Xin to rise above the ashes and make it the # 1 selling album so far..  yet !!!
Credits: Thanks to the up-loaders of these pictures..
More than 350000 copies of <Geng Xin> sold
Celebration Edition to be released on National Day

[Image: u1819p28t3d3085902f326d.jpg]

Sina Entertainment

Han Geng’s first solo album, <Geng Xin>, since its release on the 27th July, in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand and many more countries, had been on the top ranking on many sales chart. Presently, it had sold more than 350,000 copies all around Asia. To thank his  fans’  support, Deluxe Celebration Edition  of <Geng Xin> ( G Heart) would be released on the 1st of October.

<Geng Xin> represents Han Geng starting all over again and setting off from his heart. This album gathered together the top production team of local and international producers, it not only emits a full bout of sincerity, but also  has the quality as well. Han Geng’s first album handed in an excellent answer sheet. Since the release of the album in the first month, it had sold more than 270,000 copies all around Asia and has now broken through the 350,000 mark. It has  been repeatedly occupying the top rank on various sales chart in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and other parts of Asia…

To thank his fans for their support, Deluxe Celebration Edition of <Geng Xin> would be officially released on October 1st to coincide with China’s National Day. In this deluxe edition  of the album, not  only will it contains  10 songs, but also  7 MVs and a 30 minute long movie will be included, so as a treat for his fans…

It is reported that the Music Videos  included are FIRE, SAY NO, HOLDING AN UMBRELLA, DISTRESSED NOTEBOOK, MY LOGO, QUEEN and WINGS OF LOVE.  The MVs of QUEEN and DISTRESSED NOTEBOOK would be released as well in the near future.

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Translated by: huiwensg @

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2 Responses to Congratulations Geng Xin !!

  1. Smile says:

    So the news is true 😀 order! order! I’m on it 🙂 and where can we order from?

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Hope they could have it at again~~~

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