Tour Of China – Geng Style (Updated)

please see credits on gifs..thank you..

Let Han Geng take you on a tour of China….

How many of us are “weak” in the subject of Geography..? I am sure many Gengfans out there are students and young professionals. Those who  are young professionals would probably be holding  jobs like Engineers, Chemical or Electrical, Doctors and Nurses, Teachers & Chefs and other kinds of high level jobs..! I wonder how many out there are Geologists, Archeologists and Architects..!! What about Historians..? Curators ? Librarians…?

I once asked a someone  in China where is she from and she told me her place in China..and I know where that was because I am interested in traveling. She then asked me where I am from and where my grandparents came from. I told her that my grandparents came from the island of Hainan at the Southern part China.. I even elaborated with a description that it is the biggest island down south of China..I was so surprised that she didn’t know where that is and she told me that China is very big..hehehe.!!! Okay that I agree..! but not to know where Hainan Island a little shocking to me !….If it were some very small town somewhere in the wide expanse of China, then I wouldn’t be so shocked..but Hainan Island is “famous”..!!

Anyway, I hope that those of us who are weak in Geography would be happy to tour China with Han Geng..even though Han Geng is a star, he sure is a Geography teacher at the same time..! For those who are still students, this will be an interesting lesson for you..Now you will be able to locate the places in China and especially I found out that the present President of China Mr. Hu Jin Tao is from Taizhou, Jiangsu Province..! See, I learn something new..hehehe..!!

Let us start with his September schedule…

Han Geng’s September Schedule

8th September 2010 Baidu Entertainment Interview Live 3PM in Beijing


11th September 2010 Nanjing Fan Meeting


12th September 2010 Beijing Fan Meeting


14th September 2010 <Fist of Fury: The Legend of Chen Zhen> Premium Event (Invited Guest. Venue: Beijing Film Museum)

credits : gengfans@YT.

15th September 2010 FM90.0 [Music Radio] Press release conference – I want to go to school
Filming of Happy Camp at night in Changsha


17th September 2010 Taizhou Fan Meeting


18th September 2010 <Geng Xin> Autographing Session in Shenzhen


19th September 2010 Shantou Fan Meeting


22th September 2010 Dalian FM Anniversary Celebration


23th September 2010 Nokia-related promotional events (Beijing – San Li Tun)


24th September 2010 Ningbo Fan Meeting


25th September 2010 Xiangfan Phoenix Hot Spring Concert


26th September 2010 Movie Channel <I Love Movie> – Moving into Jiu Jiang on CCTV6


27th September 2010 Online Game Press Release Conference –

This is about an 3D online game named Tian Xia(The whole world) Two, which is developed by NetEase. Han Geng is the figure spokesman of the game and he newly took some pictures for it.

many Chinese geng fans are busy studying the game now, wanting to grab the tickets for the press conference on the official website of the game : The grabbing tickets activities Time: September 3th – September 15th. (The activity is only for players on the mainland)

28th September 2010 CCTV Chongqing Concert


29th September 2010 Dongguan Fan Meeting


Source: Baidu
Translated by:

One will notice that the days separating each destination are just about  24 hours, not even one full day…!! Truly Han Geng is up in the air more often than not..I wonder how many stars travel this way or just Han Geng. Just imagine the Gengfans at airports all the time..!!

October is coming soon and he will be traveling to Singapore (3rd Oct.) and Bangkok ( 9th Oct.)

Note: These maps are use only for the sole purpose of showing the locations of the places where Han Geng travels for his schedules.. There is no political intent here, so please take note. It is to help visualise the places and their distances or proximity of each event that Han Geng attends..

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16 Responses to Tour Of China – Geng Style (Updated)

  1. Kim says:

    I think there must be something wrong with the maps and itinerary – I don’t see the USA anywhere in his travels! xD Something must be done about this! Even when he does come back to the US it’ll be to one of the coasts, I’m sure, so that will still mean quite a trip for me since I’m in the middle of the country. Not as far as traveling to China though LOL

  2. S2X says:

    oh and don’t forget about Canada!!! we’re always being forgotten here up north, it’s so sad! T_T

    i am Chinese myself but i was born in Brazil and am currently living in Canada. i’ve only been to China once when i was still a kid. my family is from Guangdong, the southern part of the country, so i wasn’t that familiar with the rest of China, especially the northeast where Geng is from. but after i became his fan, i learned so much about Chinese geography, the different chinese minority groups, northern chinese culture, the food (yes, especially food lol!) from different regions, and a ton of other stuff about China. not to mention that my mandarin and my chinese reading skills improved immensely! see, being a Gengfan can also be very educational hehe…that’s because our Geng is so patriotic and well-educated!

  3. wendy says:

    LOL, Garnetblue, you are too cute in using all the different maps of China. 😀 Pretty soon, you’ll be using the map of Asia to locate Hangeng’s activities. Eventually, the world map!!! hehehe…

  4. polly says:

    1) 26th September 2010 Movie Channel – Moving into Jiu Jiang on CCTV6
    I have to say that the activity is not at Beijing, it’s at Jiujiang City of Jiangxi Province, where Lushan Mountain is at.

  5. myjoshuatan says:

    please go to Indonesia, geng 😥

    • garnetblue says:

      Hi..first time to see your comment here..hehehe…well I think you have to wait a bit..we never know what he will do next..! Just remember that he went to NZ which we never suspected..and the US too..and the title for his fan-meeting in Thailand is called Asia Tour Fan Meeting in probably (cross your fingers) Jakarta too??

  6. celrish says:

    He will go to Chongqing?
    Wow , will be there from 20 Sept ^^v, hope can see him.

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