Feast For Your Eyes


These pictures were taken within these few days and I find them very attractive and alluring..I hope you too…

Thanks to all those who make this possible for us to feast our eyes on them..May I take the opportunity  to thank those whose pictures I am using here so often..All the credits go to those of you who are such good photographers and allowing us to collect these pictures..! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us Gengfans who do not have the access to all those events that Han Geng is attending..Some of those credits are tagged in the pictures and there are many places and websites whose pictures I am using quite often in my posts here…..Again I appreciate all your hard work and giving us such pleasures by looking at the pictures..!! A big thank you again..!!

Does anyone of you readers ever get bored with looking at pictures of Han Geng..? Be it on stage, or backstage, the pictures are always fascinating and beautiful !..If you observe very carefully or better still scrutinised each angle and corner of these pictures and one will find some very interesting ….er…ehem…”view” to stare at..hehehe..!!

“Deep Cleaverage”






I never get bored looking at Han Geng’s pictures.. There is always something new to look at despite having the same face everyday. The only difference is how he dressed up and groomed himself..

Credits : to those whose pictures are tagged

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17 Responses to Feast For Your Eyes

  1. garnetblue says:

    English subbed and Pinyin..

  2. Onepinetree says:

    hmm…. In some pictures i have noticed Han Geng’s extraordinary (self-censorship*#%^)….he definitely has a very interesting body figure.

  3. Felecia says:

    Nope ; ) I don’t get tired of looking at his pictures, hearing his warm and soothing voice. I know this may sound weird…but I love hearing Han Geng laugh. It’s a real laugh…not that fake for tv or forced laugh. When I hear him laugh, I laugh. He’s very genuine and sincere and it comes across in everything. I have my CD and bag. At my fiance didn’t like it but now’s it’s grown on him…Han Geng’s CD is now in his car and refuses to give it back. Now I have to another CD for me. ; )

  4. Felecia says:

    correction…now i have to buy another CD for me ; )

  5. Smile says:

    Yes, a nice pics, Lol I knew what the other thinks ^^.@Felecia HG cd are on my car too. Lucky you have a fiancée who share the same interest. Garnet thanx for the vids and pics.

  6. bristlegrass says:

    Finally, got a little bit free time today~~just wanna add something about the red carpet of the premiere of the movie “Legend of the Fist: the return of Chen Zhen” …hehehehe~~~although we are all waiting for him walking on the red carpet as an actor, and he also kinda promised it would come soon~~~gengfans just couldn’t wait~~~besides our Geng’s vigorous and handsome walking and poses, two other things impressed me, although only captured in fancam videos…one is when Han Geng was waiting for his turn for red carpet and chatting with others, the Director of this movie passed by, at first, he was just walking straight without looking around, seemed he was in rush, but right after he was walking by Han Geng, he turned his head and looking at Han Geng for a couple of seconds~~~~yeah, yeah…dear director, our Geng is eye-catching, right? ^^

    Another thing happened during Han Geng walking on the red carpet and receiving interview by the hosts, Gengfans were giving him the loudest cheer on that day…apparently, that impressed all the media at the scene, not only many media reported about his popularity later, even in one fancam video, we could hear a reporter’s voice, “My Gosh!! Is it the primiere of ‘Legend of the Fist’, or Han Geng’s fanmeeting?” Well,,,dear reporter, that’s the point, please be impressed by our Han Geng’s popularity ^^

    • Smile says:

      Wow, I’m happy to know that hangeng had catch ‘VIP’ attention. I wanna see that fancam 🙂

    • S2X says:

      haha yeah, everywhere Han Geng goes, it sort of becomes a fanmeeting! i hope he catches the eyes of every director so he’ll be bombarded with offers to act in movies.

      @onepinetree and bristlegrass: lol i thought i was the only one noticing “there”. sometimes i feel kind of embarrassed at myself when i realize where my eyes are fixed on when i look at his pics but oh well…it isn’t our fault that Geng is so “well armed” both at the front and the back lol!!! (ok, i sound like a major pervert now…)

  7. shine says:

    hi guys how is it going , hope you’re all fine ..
    bristlegrass what you have noticed and mentioned in here was exactly the same as my thoughts ,i’m sure some good directer will snitch him up for a good movie and there is no doubt bout that , geng have the whole package.sharp eyes bristlegrass ..

    onepinetree .. hi ,geng have the most pretty nose ever i thought my brother have the best nose , but i don’t know why i find hangeng can beat everyone ha ha ^^

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