Kind-hearted Geng Soul (updated)

Whenever there is an opportunity to endorse or to influence the public for a charitable cause, Han Geng would be one of the firsts  to response to the cry for help..

Just a day ago, he was appealing to the public at large to help support the basic needs of  school  children by attending the program “I Love School”. His weibo entry is a proof of his sincerity and his unashamed support for the program…

credits: Hangeng19840209@YT

15th September, 2:48PMvia iPhone:

Hope everyone can save a shirt, a pair of shoes, a meal, to do something for the children. The smile they give back to us will be our greatest happiness! Lets move 1200!

Credits :


The appeal of his is  that if one person can save a shirt or a pair of shoes or even a meal to help contribute to these  school needs of the children will go a long way. All we can get in return is to see the joy on the faces of these children..!! He knows what he is talking about because he has been there and had experienced it first-hand. He is not asking for huge donations but small things that can light up the faces of the children who can avail of a school bag or a pair of school shoes which are a necessity in going to school. Just imagine, a child going to school without a proper school bag, where would the books be kept..and no proper shoes..? Many of these things are taken for granted by us who do not realise that to others a school bag is a luxury item that they can ill afford or a proper pair of school shoes.

What Han Geng is doing as of  now is.. sowing for the future as these young ones are being nurtured and taken care of ; they will in turn grow up  to be better future citizens and hopefully leaders in their respective fields..When one sow kindness, one will reap kindness in return many times over…!! Has anyone heard of the proverb…One Good Turn Deserves Another..?

Han Geng is not just only a celebrity star or an idol, but he is also a visionary..he is preparing well into the future for the welfare of mankind…! He won’t get anything in return except the sweet smiles of these children…!! I remembered a song by one of my country’s singers ( Sudirman)….the title of the song is

One Thousand Million Smiles

There’s a gift I’d like to give you
That can’t be bought or sold
A ray of sunshine across the waters
That comes straight from the soul

Let us join our hands together
To bind the colours of our skin
A rainbow under God’s great heaven
A sign that love will always win

One thousand million smiles
I bring to you  across the miles
In my land of sunshine
Or in your land of snow
Makes no difference where you are
If you let your feelings  show

One thousand million ways
To love each other every day
For the poet and the old man
For the mother and the child
These One thousand million smiles

If the world is full of sorrows
Then what’s the meaning of life
If war is  the master of the house
And hunger is his wife too…

But a shining bridge of lovin’ smiles
And tender helping hands
Will bind all men on earth together
And will forever stand

So here! Stand with heart in hand
I bring this gift from my homeland
So take these smiles and sweets hellos
Keep then in your heart where ever you may go

Together let us bring the smiles back on the faces of these children and let One Smile Becomes Two..I smile at you and you smile back to me and that makes two..!!

Postscript from the event..

“On the afternoon of September 15, the launching press conference for the “I’ll Participate, I’ll Support” event under the large-scale themed charity event for “2010 Music Radio Voice of Music ‘I Want to Go to School’ 1200 Student Aid Event” banner was held at Beijing’s The One Club. Han Geng, Zhang Jie, Li Xiao Yun, Sun Nan and her daughter made their appearance at the venue to show their love and support as the ambassadors for the event. Yu•Quan even sang their theme song 《Big Hand Small Hand》 live, which was specially composed for the activity. They called out to the community to pay more attention to the children’s development, and build the great wall of love together.

Voice of Music Sounded the Signal to Gather for Charity, Han Geng Voiced Up to Initiate Event

In 2010, Voices of Music, in conjunction with the China Children and Youth Foundation, started the “2010 Music Radio Voice of Music ‘I Want to Go to School’ 1200 Student Aid Event” together. They have identified the children in impoverished areas, and by using their media-attracting selves, they have called out to the society and social enterprises, and would be using the “one-to-one-helping” model in order to donate RMB1200 to each of the impoverished children as part of their three-year living aid. While showing their love, the donors can also communicate with the children that they are helping out through letters or visits. The care, support, and encouragement that would last for three years, would be accompanying the children so that they could have a happy and healthy childhood.

On the day of the press conference, Han Geng, as the ambassador for the event this year, called out to all the kind-hearted people and mass media that were present: “In China, there are still many children who are trapped in a life of impoverishment because of their family background. Let us all join hands and participate in the ‘Voices of Music – ‘I Want to Go to School’ 1200 Schooling Aid Event’!”

Source: Sina Entertainment
Shared by yeyebaby @
Translated by eternalsnow @ (credits)

credits as tagged in pictures….
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7 Responses to Kind-hearted Geng Soul (updated)

  1. aa says:

    hi garnetblue, thanks for posting the latest news. Just one clarification that the magazine cover is a fan-made PS one. You may know that the image is from his newly released MV of Queen.

  2. aa says:

    Got the news today that Han Geng has personaly sponsored 10 students with RMB 1200 to each of them for 3-year living aid. He’s always so kind and helpful. Not just an idol but a role model for all of us.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Haha~~~thanks a lot, I just wanted to add this information here, then saw your comment here ^^ Han Geng always does more than what he says

  3. Onepinetree says:

    Han geng will be a great father in the future 🙂

  4. followurdestiny says:

    Such a kind heart indeed … he will be a good father in the future ^_^
    ♥ it’s such a good project as well ♥

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