Mega Star Han Geng in Shenzhen (Updated)

This post is based on Si Woo’s two posts on Han geng’s Autographing Session in Shenzhen on September 18.

Source 1:

Source 2:

Instead of literally translating her posts, I decided to carry her major points which we can truly feel since all of us are so deeply in love with Han geng.

I am always grateful that Si Woo keeps updating her blog for the Korean Elfs and Gengfans.

Love you, Si Woo!


Today Han Geng’s first autographing session was held at one department store in Shenzhen.

Since this is the first and the only autographing session after the solo album in China, I was expecting enthusiastic reactions from fans. However, it was beyond my imagination.

The lined-up people who wants to get Han geng’s autograph.

The following pictures show a growing crowd at the scene:

Not need to mention about the lobby, the second floor, even the third floor was occupied by a big crowd. 


Once Han geng showed up, the crowd went crazy.

For the safety issue of the crowd, the department had to stop the escalator running and police officers were present at the scene.  People were watching Han Geng on the stopped escalators.

Again, people who are waiting for getting Han Geng’s autograph.

This blogger explained that when she was in the section E, the lined-up people were up to the section N. Since each section has 100 people, there were more than 1000 people behind her.  While people were getting the autograph, another group of people were making a new line at the same time.

The concerned host asked the crowd not to ask for handshakes, but Han Geng did not mind responding to people’s handshakes request. All the people were clearly able to taste Han Geng’s bright smile and “Xie Xie” in a low tone when they asked for handshakes.

Our super skinny skinny Han Geng…

At first, Han Geng was genuinely smiling…

As time passing by, after more than 1000 people got autograph, Han geng’s smile started turning to a basic reflex. Poor Han geng. However, according to people who watched Han Geng to the end posted at their blogs that Han geng never lost his smile for the last person in the line.

Due to his injury at the tailbone, Han geng cannot sit for a long time. However, he managed to sit still up to FOUR HOURS!!!!  FOUR HOURS!!!!

The concerned staff told him to take a break, but he kept saying that he was OK.

Han Geng who always carries a bottle of water did not even have a chance to drink the water while talking to the fans,  “Yes”, “Thank you”. Due to recent busy schedule his stomach problem came back, but the session was over well past the dinner time.

At the end, the staff had to go to the fans who came back to the line again for the second chance and asked them if it’s OK to end the session because of Han geng’s stomach problem. Those who just wanted to see Han geng one more time were very surprised that the staff came to them to ask for permission to end the session so right away said they were totally OK with it.

Yes, they were fans of Han geng…

After the session was over, this picture shows that the swollen right hand/arm.

Ah…. my heart really aches.

Please don’t have another autographing session in the future.

Instead, have a kiss mark session… (what the….)


My Han geng…

You are so beautiful… not just your looks but also the heart of yours…


I found the video clip taken by Candy of, who is a long-time devoted Gengrice and has supported this blog from the beginning.

Candy, thank you for catching our beautiful Han Geng for us!

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28 Responses to Mega Star Han Geng in Shenzhen (Updated)

  1. xiao_xia says:

    at first I was really happy, but when I reached the latter part, I can’t smile any more…
    his arm looks terrible. how can we force him to take care of himself in stead of other people for just a short moment?

    • onepinetree says:

      That’s Han Geng… he is just workholic with a pure heart. So.. he just let him suffer instead of watching others suffer. I think he lives for the moment. He is a very simple man. That’s his strengths as welll as problems. I wish he knew his health cannot be ignored.

  2. wendy says:

    Yes, it is really heart breaking for me to see that his arm is so swollen after signing so many autographs. Not only that, he also complied to fans requests of handshakes! It just shows that he is truly appreciative and love his fans. This reminds me of another story I saw on the news not too long ago: A very popular boy band also had a autographing session. But in the end, they decided to use stamps instead of having to sign with their own hands. The reason is that they don’t want to hurt their arms.

    • onepinetree says:

      I cannot agree with you more. In Korea, this kind of autograph session cannot be imagined. First. they limited the number of fans within a couple of hundreds by either selling a ticket or assigning the number to the fans. SM has a very smart way to do that. If it’s group, like Super Junior, fans are randomly assigned to different members, not based on popularity (they used to do that, but it did not look good since some members are more popular than other members, so they changed the policy). By the way..Four hours!!!! OMG….never happened!!! I think Han Geng must have been moved by the crowd since in Korea he never experienced such a big crowd at the autograph session.

  3. Smile says:

    Every word I read my heart ache, I know the fan are too excited to see him but they should give him a break. 4 hours sitting on the same chair, omg! It must be hurt and pain. Hangeng heart is so kind and pure he love his fan. If his fan would sacrifice for him why not him, hangeng may think this way, that’s why he willingly to do those thing for his fan. Hangeng should consider his health first.

    • onepinetree says:

      This was the first and the only autograph session in China. So I guess many fans across the nation went to see Han Geng. Since as long as you have his CD, you can get his autograph, why not? by the way.. there was one unpleasant episode as well. A few coupling fans brought a pirate version of CD with “Forever love Geng and XXXX” statement and a coupling picture and forced Han Geng to sign on either one. After a short hesitation, Han Geng signed on the pirate one instead of the coupling picture, which just showed that Han Geng really does not like coupling stuff. So he rather signed on the pirate CD. I really wish those coupling fans respect Han Geng. They even posted the picture of the pirate CD Han Geng’s autograph on at thier miniblogs and bragged about it. Some fans also asked him if he still contacted with other members of SJ. I mean… I don’t know… I know they are very minority of fans… but I really wish they respected Han geng more. That’s all.

      • bristlegrass says:

        Hehe…I truly doubt they have any respect to Han Geng…they did more than this, now and before…I think they will continue…why are they doing this? They hate Han Geng for not satisfying their personal interests on coupling stuff, they hate Geng Rice for always criticizing them make up stories and ps pics on Han Geng related coupling stuff in public forums and miniblogs, so their point of doing it and bragging about it in public is to disgust Han Geng and Geng Rice…Our Han Geng is way too nice…I would just not sign anything for them if I were him…these people are just shameless, they consider such behaviours as bravery = =, anyway, I can never understand them…better just to ignore them…

        Oh, regarding those fans who asked for autograph more than one, some of them are doing it for other gengfans…as we know this is his first autograph session, and we heard this might be the only one, so…I understand them…

      • Cindy says:

        Coupling? Do you mean the coupling before? Well it is not appropriate to do that on his solo album, hangeng is so kind to sign it, if I were him I won’t coz that teach them to value his hard work not to say pirate cd and post it in their blog Omg!!! Who are they to do those thing. They are not fan, his real fan will consider his feeling first before her/his. Oh about the signing, as I said that hangeng will sacrifice for his fan coz the fan had done more for him. He love them but still I feel sad seeing him like that plus the pain he had on his back. Well next time hangeng take 5 or 10 min break in the middle of signing session, please 🙂

  4. S2X says:

    my heart really hurts seeing that last pic…gosh, sitting there autographing for 4 hours straight is exhausting even for normal people, imagine for Geng who can’t sit for too long and has gastric problems. and his arm looks painful…T_T

    don’t hold any more autograph sessions Geng! i would love to have a chance to get his autograph too but if that means affecting his health or tiring him to death, then i’d rather not have this chance at all. who told him to be so popular?

    i’m glad he has staff who takes good care of him. it is really surprising that they would ask for the fans permission to end the autograph session, this is really the first time i heard of such a thing. usually they would be very rude and strict and just end it without any notice, shoving people aside and telling them to go away. i bet if the fans didn’t agree, Geng would’ve willingly continued signing all night long. he’s just too kind. good thing the fans are also so understanding by immediately agreeing with it. Han Geng really is someone who values mutual respect a lot, that’s why everyone who works with him are all so respectful and polite. and as a result, his fans are also extremely well-behaved and considerate. he is a perfect example of a good role model!

    • wendy says:

      I read a post of a fan account that said even after the staff came out and requested to end the autograph session, Han Geng continued to sign autographs for his fans and her second copy of “Geng Xin”, which she got for a friend. The session didn’t only involve signing and hand shaking, he even stopped to take pictures with kids. I really hope he gets a good rest after this.

      • onepinetree says:

        Yes, the one thing I am OK with his crazy schedule is that all those people working with Han geng really concern about him as a person.
        Those who worked with Han Geng at SME and even a member of SJM made a legal statement against Han Geng for the SME during the lawsuit. I felt very bittersome after finding out that those people Han Geng trusted and worked hard with did not really care about Han Geng as a person. But now things changed so I am very happy for him although he might suffer with fatigue.

      • wendy says:

        onepinetree, can you send me an e-mail and let me know who the SJM member is? If you rather not tell, it’s okay too.

      • onepinetree says:

        sorry, i rather not share since i feel the person did not have any other choice if the sme told him to do so. i just dont like the sme in that they forced those who worked with han geng to test against him. i am sure those people did not feel good about what they are doing.

      • wendy says:

        It’s alright, I understand why you don’t want to say. 😉 But if that person was forced by SME, I would actually feel bad for him.

        Just to add something else: I saw a Han Geng interview a little while ago where the reporter asked how he felt about the comment left by a certain SJ member on his blog about his contract termination. Han Geng replied something like he didn’t know about the comment and that he is still in good terms with all the members. I’m thinking to myself, everyone knows about it how can he not!? But I know that Han Geng is just trying to cover for that person.

      • onepinetree says:

        i think han geng is fully aware how sme will react to the lawsuit process so nothing seemed to surprise him. what a smart boy!

  5. bristlegrass says:

    Wow~~~thank you so much, Pinetree and Si Woo, for this post!!!! Now, most of his information are on miniblog…they are here and there, that really takes time to oragnize all the information…have to say sorry to you guys…kinda stressful with my study and work…hard to keep up Han Geng’s schedule T.T

    Just add more information under this post…right after Han Geng finished up the autograph session, they had to drive to Guang Zhou for an interview about Asian Games…
    here is the miniblog of this program
    here is the miniblog of one coordinator for this program…

    I just summarize what they said there….When Han Geng got the venue, it was already 10pm…they haven’t had supper yet…but you can see the photos there, he was still smiling and still looks so energetic…the staff working at the program miniblog posted, “this program has interviewed many celebrities, many times, we are moved by their kindness and sincerity, but about Han Geng, beside all of these, our entire group have to admire his dedication to work. Actually, all his success and being so loved by his fans, have reasons. ”

    The coordinator mentioned that Han Geng’s schedule for this year has been full…even at the scene, she heard Sun Le had to reject an invitation on the phone…so she understands how hard it is for them to squeeze in some time for this interview…(I think it is because this interview is for Asian Games…Han Geng felt obligated to do…)

    It seems like, yesterday, when we only knew about Han Geng’s autograph session, we were so concerned about his arm and lumbar…and today, we are all concerned about his gastric problems…so many Gengfans are asking the coordinator about Han Geng’s health condition, if Han Geng had supper yesterday…she said, yes, he did after the interview, had some food good for stomach…she asked us not to be worried so much, all the staffs on his team are “supervising” him on eating and taking good care of him ^^

    I think…as his devoted fans, who understand him so well…I feel sooooo happy for him, to be able to work devotedly on something he loves, to be with friends and work happily, to hear many praises coming from those who have ever worked with him, no matter they are big names or staffs…at same time, we feel heartache because of his health condition and fatigue…then I’m thinking…okay…whatever…as long as he is happy, so be it…we all know, he is a workaholic…one day, he may have to go back to normal people’s life,,,we may not be able to hear so much about him, let’s treasure the time when he is still with us…help him fly~~~fly high~~~~

    btw, yesterday, at the autograph session venue, he told the reporters again, that “he never gives up the fans in Korea who have been with him for all these years.” he will do his best…I trust him, as always!

    • onepinetree says:

      Oh, honey, don’t feel bad about it. Always your life comes first. That’s what Han Geng wants for his fans.

      I filed a leave of absence for this fall since I don’t know when babies will be born. so..I have some time until they are born so I might translate Si Woo’s postings. She has been updating Han Geng’s activities almost every day… ha ha…

      Yes, Korean fans never give up Han Geng either. these days.. Si Woo’s blog has more than 700 visitors… I mean.. I don’t think visitors are coming from China… since they can get information about Han Geng from Chinese websites without any problems…

      So those visitors are all Korean elfs or Korean Geng fans… who are just quitely monitoring Han Geng’s activities… although they are not active or enthusiastic fans.. but they just support Han Geng… and hoping Han Geng will do better and better in China.

      There was a very interesting post at
      One SME supporter (obviously…) posted about Han Geng’s MVs, saying.. it’s not as cultivated as K-POP or SME’s products and Han Geng looked inferior compared to his SJ period. Guess what? Among more than 200 replies..75% of responses were like… bashing the author. Ha Ha..
      Commentors said, like..
      Han Geng looked fabulous, no matter what….. (this poor author even captured the MVs but Han Geng looked great in those pictures!!! ha ha!!) and his MVs were made for the Chinese market, who cares about K-pop taste or SME’s style? If the Chinese fans are happy with it, that’s all! Do not compare Han Geng MVs with K-pop/SME style!!
      In addition, those stylists and MV directors/staff are why we Koreans bash about our Korean staff??? ha ha..

      But I felt grateful to this SME supporter. This person just reminded the public of Han Geng.
      So.. there is one truth… “A fan and a ANTI-fan are like two sides of the same coin.”

      • Why still bother bashing Han Geng? don’t they realize? not even a single word came from Han Geng bashing his Korean period? geezzz this people really do not know how to stop. Don’t they know? the more they say bad things about Han Geng, the more they’re showing they’re own bad side.. Jealousy… unable to accept the fact that Han Geng can be as big as possible only by himself… because he’s the man of multi-talents and hard works.. none can stop him from being huge..

        anyway.. I’ve been hanging around here since last week ^_^ and this is my second time giving comment here :p sorry if I put harsh words.. warmest Geng love from Indonesia….

      • Smile says:

        Oh pine sis, Idk ur pregnant, I wish u have a healthy baby 🙂 about the hater I think they use to love hangeng before, they still love him it is just they don’t satisfied what hangeng do right now, I believe deep down inside they still love him. Hehe…I kept thinking why they are so many people hate him then I realise they were his fans before 🙂 but I hope they realised what hangeng did is the right choice.

  6. shine says:

    oh my god … thanks a lot for the updating … i was so sad when i saw hangeng catching his right arm ,he really didn’t lose his smile a long till the end of the session .. he got so skinny boy i haven’t seen hangeng that much thin before his body shape loves to be full .uh what happened please try some rest ..there is so many videos about this event ,4 hours even the normal people will get backpain from that long time sitting = = poor geng .
    thanks again guys for sharing .

  7. mandy says:

    Han Geng, we just love you more and more day after day. Please take care yourself.

  8. 1 Handsome + 1 multi-talents + 1 soothing voice + 1 sincere heart + 1 heart- warming smile + 1 heart – winning attitude = 1 Han Geng..

  9. S2X says:

    “Those who worked with Han Geng at SME and even a member of SJM made a legal statement against Han Geng for the SME during the lawsuit.”

    wow…this left me speechless…that’s quite shocking and heartbreaking to know. onepinetree, i totally understand your reasons for not mentioning which member it is that did this, so i won’t ask you to tell me (but if you want to, you’re welcome to e-mail me anytime XD). but i do have my own guesses. and people were bashing Han Geng saying he didn’t care about his fellow members? well, this might be one of the reasons. i feel very disheartened and disappointed that a friendship i once believed to be sincere and heartwarming turned out to be like this…i used to think that Han Geng was lucky to have such good brothers by his side to take care of him. how silly of me…of course, i do believe some of them truly cared about Geng, like Heechul and Siwon. but unfortunately, not all of them seem to care about him the same way. it’s sad…

    • polly says:

      I think the other members could not act as their own will, even though they have the kindness to Han Geng. Their support and help is very limited as they could not even have their own free choice themselves. Comparing to unselfish helping Han Geng, they are destined to protect themselves first. That’s the nature of most of human beings. We could not criticise about it. But real friendship among the members? I never believed such jokes, which is just a big dream, like a soap opera or a reality show story edited according to some set script made by SME. It’s dirty and low for SME to cheat young people’s true feelings this way so as to get fame and wealth,etc. Will they be responsible for those fans having been brainwashed and learnd how to use dirty tricks from them to do disgusting things? They did not only take the mony away, but also polluted their souls, producing walking corpses who does not have real thinkings or ideas. How evil is it? Just like devil? Too disgusting to think of this company.

  10. sl says:

    Thanks so much for the updates.
    Now I really hope they will restrict the number of people when he come to Singapore for the autographing session.

  11. followurdestiny says:

    Such a hardworking and sincere person, touched, but please take good care of yourself Geng, your health is most important also to us ^_^
    Thank u for sharing!

  12. May says:

    It’s said that about 8500 albums (Geng Xin) were sold and Han Geng signed about 3000 autographs that day, so he got a blister on his finger. I think he did it purely to return the love of his fans as he’s not going to hold a concert or a fan meeting (with tickets publicly sold) in the southern part of China. He’s too nice to his fans. It’s really touching.
    I went to the autograph session that day with my two sisters. I was too nervous, so I could not remember how he looked. (Of course, he is handsome. We all agreed to that when we saw him speaking on the stage.) One of my sisters could only remember his beautiful nose. I only remembered his gentle voice. I heard him say ‘thank you’ to us. It’s very gentle. I had never imagined these two words could be said in such a gentle way. It’s like in a dream. At that moment, I did not know how to respond and thought I would promise whatever he asked for if he talked to me in this way. Hehe …
    BTW, I just wanted to get a close look at him. The autograph is just a bonus. I believe most fans felt the same.

  13. Such a sweet genuine man to keep going for all of his beloved fans!! ❤

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