Happy Chuseok and Mid-Autumn Festival

First of all I am happy to have recovered from a slight ailment..was sick since Monday and am now slowly on the road to recovery..hehehe..!!

So from us here we wish you our readers will have a wonderful time with your family….We are also sad to hear about our friends in Taiwan and Southern China, where they were hit by the typhoon..I hope that you will all recover quickly from that bad experience….

I was happy to learn too from my sister that my parents will be spending their holidays in Hainan, China..This will be the first reunion for our family members from across the seas..My father left China when he was just a toddler and had never been back since.. ( So don’t try to guess my age ..eh..!!)

I would like to share this clip of Han Geng from Hit FM where he was sort of “ambush” to answer questions relating to the Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Cakes Festival depending where you are from..

credits: HanGeng19840309

He was super fast in answering those questions..eg..name 3 songs with the word ‘moon” in it…and at the end when he was greeting the Taiwan audience, he was all serious..hehe..!!

And here I would like to share the show on Super Access which was recorded some time back..It is nice to re-watch the show as I find it hilarious ..bringing back the memories before he became so busy now….

credits:GengBao channel@YT.

credits as tagged in pictures..

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5 Responses to Happy Chuseok and Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Oh, my dear garnetblue, I am missing you so much, haven’t heard from you for quite a few days~~~so glad to hear you are getting better, please take care of yourself!

    %>_<%~~~~the last pic…Geng~~~I admire your skin sooooooo much!!!!

    Oh, my boy is so funny when answering those questions…but you may not be able to tell if you don't know those fairy tales about the goddess living on the moon…our boy basically mess up those stories…anyway, the husband of that goddess when she was still a normal lady was a brave and strong man…but Han Geng was thinking about in another fairy tale, Pigsy (a character in "Pilgrimage to The West") admired this goddess's beauty and flirted with her…then got punished…apparently this story is more well-known, so when he was asked, "who is that goddess's husband?" Han Geng responded quickly, "Pigsy" ⊙﹏⊙b Pigsy would love you forever, my dear~~~

    Another question, that lady was flying onto moon, became a goddess living there, because she took some mysterious herb made by some god out of curiosity…when Geng was asked, "why did that goddess fly onto moon", his answer was "because that's her home" o(╯□╰)o

    When he was asked "if there is two goddesses you need to choose to fly with you onto moon, one is slim in good shape but with ugly face, another has very pretty face but 10 kg heavier than you, which one would you choose?" Han Geng picked the first one…okay, my dear, I see your point…

    Anyway, no matter what, our boy is sooooooo fast O(∩_∩)O~~

    • S2X says:

      well, the main point was to be fast, so he didn’t have time to think much and just replied with the first things that popped into his mind haha! he’s way too cute! and i also laughed when he replied that Chang’e’s husband was Zhu Ba Jie lol! he was so adorable when the reporter asked him to make Chang’e’s “My Logo” pose, he’s such a kid haha! ^^

  2. onepinetree says:

    Garnet blue, I have been wondering what happened to you.. I thought you must have been very busy with family during the holiday. I didnot think about the possibility that you might not feel well.. oh, please take care of yourself… we have to take care of ourseleves first. often we tend to place family or other things over us.. but I remember my mom told me.. always.. put yourself first…be selfish… then the family will do much better…after she got sick… no w I understand what she meant by that.

  3. wendy says:

    Happy Moon Festival! Garnet, I hope you are feeling better. You know, my dad also left China when he was a toddler so our age may be fairly close to each other…hehehe. In the HIT-FM video, Han Geng looked so relaxed and easy going and real. Some celebrities can act “real” in front of a camera but you can still tell they are still “acting”. It is different with Han Geng. You can tell he is sincere and there is no false front with him. That’s what makes him so lovable.

  4. Mandy says:

    Belated Happy Chuseok and Mid-Autumn Festival to you all~ Stay healthy and be happy =) I still haven’t had any mooncake…

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