Correcting Some Misinformation at RADIO STAR

Sometimes I am very surprised that some news or video clips can be translated in no time and spread all over the internet while others, which might be more worth to be translated are still out there without being translated.

It is my daily routine to search “Han Geng” at Youtube for a newly uploaded video clip and today I found this one.

credit: littleariel13

It’s well translated but..after reading all comments at YouTube, I felt this clip needs more explanation.

Since I might be the right person who can explain this video clip well…(as a Korean fan… ha ha..)

Since I am a huge fan of this program and

Since those three hosts.. they are in my ages…I was able to totally feel their comments on Han Geng.

Jump to the conclusion, three hosts’ comments on Han Geng were very proper and personally I felt very grateful for their comments after SJ members, mainly Lee Teak, Shin Dong, and Eun Huk,  frankly talked about Han Geng’s case.

Before I started talking about this video clip, again.. I have to emphasize about our blog’s policy. WE ONLY TALK ABOUT HAN GENG.  The reason I am dealing with this video clip is that I don’t want misinformation about Han Geng to be spread among international ELFS and Han Geng fans. That’s all.

First, about Shin Dong’s comment on Han Geng:

If you have followed Han Geng from the early SJ period, you know that Han Geng really likes Shin Dong for his talents for dancing and a sense of humor. I remember Han Geng often mentioned about Shin Dong during SJM promotion activities in China. I could feel Han Geng really likes Shin Dong and seems to think Shin Dong is very cute ( and I cannot agree more with him). Ha ha.

And such affection tend to be very I am sure Shin Dong has felt that Han Geng likes him and he felt that they are close friends. So, as a fan of SJ, I could totally understand Shin Dong’s emotional burst on Han Geng during the show. It was very obvious that Shin Dong was very upset that he did not sense Han Geng’s sufferings in Korea. I think he was thinking why Han Geng did not tell him how he felt or what he has been through. Well… so.. Shin Dong kinda crossed the line. Not telling the truth. His emotion got over too much.

He said he read news story from China in which Han Geng said, “No member took care of me”, which really made him feel very disappointed.

Ok, this is not true. As a devoted Han Geng’s fan, I have followed all Korean yellow news story after the lawsuit. There has been no news about Han Geng saying ” No member took care of me” at all. If you search Han Geng on the internet, there are some trash news about him, of course, all of them are so ridiculous that I can only think the source of news are SME itself. But still no single news talked about Han Geng’s such a comment. Therefore, I can guess that Shin Dong heard such news from the SME and just believed that that’s true. And obviously Shin Dong has been not touched with Han Geng, which made him more upset and disappointed. So he even said, none of the members had contact with Han Geng, which I believe it untrue, though.

Unfortunately, Shin Dong’s such a comment made a highlight among the Korean entertainment news and the public assumed that Han Geng actually said that. So I am very disappointed with Shin Dong’s comment. If he thought more about Han Geng, he should have not said unconfirmed facts. Just Shin Dong being himself by being open, naive, and frank, without realizing, actually tarnished Han Geng’s image in Korea again.

However, I don’t blame Shin Dong for it. Again I can feel his frustration that he was not the ONE Han Geng could reply on while he was suffering. This also tells me how alone Han Geng has been during SJ period in Korea. Poor Han Geng. My heart is with you.

Per Lee Teak’s and Eun Huk’s comments:

I mean….these two people would be the last members who know about Han Geng, to be honest with you. So it was very awkward to watch these two members talk about missing Han Geng during the show while those three members of SJM kept silent even without showing any facial expressions. If some one had to speak up it should have been those three SJM members, not those two members.  Since these two members have their own radio shows, if they wanted to speak up they already had tons of chances. I could feel those SJM three members reserved to themselves on Han Geng. I felt appreciate for their silence, which Han Geng might need at this point.

Although all the comments the leader Lee Teak made during the show were proper and politically correct, his comments brought some negative reactions from some Korean fans since we knew that Lee Teak was not that helpful for Han Geng during SJ/SJM period. Eun Huk was also one of the members who left disapproving comments on Han Geng’s lawsuit at his mini home page. So Korean fans’ reactions were like more.. why You TWO saying stuff like missing Han Geng????

However, I have to say this… I think those two really miss Han Geng, though. I don’t know if they are missing Han Geng himself or they are missing the period when all of 13 members got together.  It does not matter to me. Again… I could tell these two boys also just frankly talked about how they felt during the show.

Per three hosts’ comments:

Yes, Yes, their comments are the main reason I decided to post about this video clip. Even before I watched the show, even before finding about their comments, when I was told SJ members mentioned about Han Geng at Radio Star, I told my friend, ” well as the times pass by, all the members eventually will get together one day, drinking beers and talking about some misunderstanding among themselves and they will become good friends again.”

Guess what? That’s what these hosts exactly talked about.

By the way.. these three hosts are very famous and successful entertainers in Korea but their images on this show have been very funny, sometimes, way too silly. So guests at this show have to always consider a possibility that they might become a laughing-stock during the show. So when those three host made very sincere comments on Han Geng I was very surprised.

I will translate their comments here again.

Kim Gook Jin (Comedian) : Although now you guys are thinking, like ‘why did he do that? why did he do that?’ , once the times passing by, you will understand why such things/or procedures had to happen, which made today’s SJ possible. You will get it that later.

Kim Gu Ra (Comedian): of course. Once this period of the time passed, 10 years later, it would be only Han Geng who will treat you guys with Qingdao’s beer.  Really..

Yun Jong Shin (Singer, Writer, Composer, Producer): They have many friends in China. (giggling..)

Kim Gu Ra: No, because Han Geng is a native Chinese… (it’s different..)

I think those three hosts tried to tell members that although right now it’s not easy for them to fully understand Han Geng but as they get older and more mature, they will be able to understand all the things from Han Geng’s perspective, so eventually they will become good friends again.

I think being mature… being in 40s..and being the top-class entertainers, these three hosts know how to perceive things correctly in the entertainment industry. So I felt very grateful for making a closure about Han Geng’s case with such remarks during the show.

Once again, I am not criticizing those three members who frankly talked about Han Geng during the show. First, I only corrected Shin Dong’s comments since they were not true. Second, I wanted to share some Korean fans’ reactions about this show. And last, I wanted to share my own thoughts about this show.

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26 Responses to Correcting Some Misinformation at RADIO STAR

  1. Mandy says:

    Thanks for informing us of and correcting HG related news from Korea. There are false or exaggerated reports about HG from China where he is most loved, not to say from Korea. SME is the culprit.

    • onepinetree says:

      Attention, attention, attention… that’s what those yellow journalism pursues.. and Han Geng can be the PERFECT target! NO WONDER!

      • Mandy says:

        After reading your post a couple hours ago, I went to a Chinese forum focusing on Korean entertainment and this news is already being translated and reported by various Chinese media. Fortunately, most of the comments, same as you, were defending Han Geng or questioning that he said “no member took care of me.” Some people just won’t leave Han Geng alone.

  2. wendy says:

    Onepinetree, thanks for your post to clear things up, but I’m sorry I cannot be as forgiving as you. Everybody including SJ themselves made a big deal about how they are such close “family” and “brothers” and “one”, but when something comes up, the first thing they do is criticize (on their blogs and radio shows) and believe in rumors instead of trusting their “friend”. They didn’t turn celebrity yesterday so they should know the impact of their words and how it could affect others. After the lawsuit termination, I’m sure there are plenty of negative news in Korea about Han Geng and his reputation is pretty much tarnished there. He and his fans worked really hard to slowly rebuild the reputation that was lost…and to have Shindong knock it down again just because he was frustrated? If SJ members are sad and frustrated, they should’ve talked amongst themselves and not make public statements that can mislead the everyone, especially something that is negative behind their “friend’s” back. Sorry again if I sound harsh but I’m just really tired of them keep saying how they miss Han Geng so much and want him back, then turn around and say negative things about him. Their words can do more damage than any magazines or news stories. As for the other SJ-M member who kept quiet…to me, silence means consent. Feel free to delete this post if you find it inappropriate.

    • onepinetree says:

      Don’t worry… your opinion actually reflects many Korean Geng fans’ as well. You can put me on the more “trying to understand other members’ perspectives ” side. I decided to post this one after reading some comments at YOUTUBE, getting confused with Shin Dong’s comments and Han Geng’s previous remarks. Han Geng never lied, never said unconfirmed gossips, or never exaggerated his hardships in Korea. But still some people valued Shin Dong’s comments over those of Han Geng. I just wanted to correct that. But still not criticizing other SJ members. I personally think that’s not my job to judge other members since I don’t know what’s going on behind the scene. WHO KNOWS? They might just cite what SME told them to do so.

      • wendy says:

        Onepinetree, thanks for understanding. I guess I was really upset because I felt…betrayed. I know that SJ and Han Geng may not be best friends, but I thought at least they are good friends. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried not to judge especially with all the stuff they said after the news of Han Geng’s lawsuit came out. I continued to support them. But this is really disheartening. If indeed they are citing a what SME told them, then it really shows their character…and like what Bristlegrass said, I’m just “happy that Han Geng is the one I love and care about only”.

    • S2X says:

      wendy, I couldn’t agree more with you! i don’t care whether the members were speaking under the company’s pressure or because they felt hurt that Han Geng didn’t seek them for help when he needed and left the group without a word. the main point is: they were so quick to believe in ungrounded news about him instead of believing in him, who they claim to be so dear to them. whether they were truly close or not, after working and living together for so many years, they should’ve known what kind of person he is. i’m sorry, but i feel extremely disappointed and mad at LT, SD and EH. did anyone in the group ever say anything when Han Geng had to wear a mask on stage? did anyone ever cared when he collapsed before going on a show and was still forced to go on stage right away? did any of them ever stand up for him when he was being treated with discrimination? these were all things that they witnessed with their own eyes, he didn’t have to tell them, but they didn’t or couldn’t do anything about it. so what makes them think that if he opened up to them, they would’ve been able to make any difference? even so, Han Geng still talks about all of them with affection, he always makes it clear that he has no hard feelings towards the members. but they, on the other hand, keep on bragging about how much they miss him and how much they’re hurt by his actions. even if they didn’t really mean it, they just helped tarnish Han Geng’s reputation even more in Korea! as for the SJM members there, i don’t really know what they think but they wouldn’t have been of much help anyway. those 3 were always the ones who didn’t have much of an opinion and just followed the leads of the older members. i feel like the only one who would’ve said some true words is Heechul…and maybe Siwon. i’m not sure where he stands since he never commented about it but i do believe he is one of the members Han Geng trusted the most.

      honestly, i don’t even want Han Geng to reunite with SJ again! he’s doing so much better on his own, and he’s happy working with his REAL friends now, who are not afraid to stand up for him and truly care about him. to those, i am really thankful for.

      and i just wanna make bristlegrass’s word mine as well: “just so happy that Han Geng is the one I love and care about only”. very well said!

      • wendy says:

        S2X, I think you brought up a good point. Han Geng didn’t need to tell them his hardships, they should’ve seen what he had to endure since they lived together for so many years… Pretty much most Gengfans knew the lawsuit was going to happen sooner or later because they saw the mistreatment. Even Lu Yu said when she heard the news, her first thought was “it finally happened”. If people from another country, who barely get to see Han Geng’s personal side, can see his hardships, why can’t his dormmates, who he saw and lived with everyday? In this video, the members acted like they had no clue about Han Geng’s troubles. If that’s the case, they have no one to blame but themselves. Don’t shift the blame to Han Geng.

      • bella says:

        omg…100% agree with you and wendy….100% agree…
        Atually iam SJ fans and i love them all, but hangeng become my bias when the first time i saw hi, because of kindness. after watch that show, i really dissapointed with SJ especially singdong and teukie. and also like you guys, i have same question to teukie , as a leader how come he doesn’t know what happen to hangeng…., I can see what happen…..when hangeng had to wear mask…and also his so skinny and pale….i can see he not happy there…he sad and why they said that hangeng didn’t tell them about his problem, his not have to tell you guys, as a family you guys support to able to see what happen to him…..but not he got blame for everything…poor hangeng..:( i feel so sad for him….now i am become more and more dislike SJ…iam so sorry :(… ( sorry for my bad english)

  3. Smile says:

    Thanxs for sharing and point out the most important part in the clips the “MC” as a fan I only took the suju conversation w/o taking what the host are saying. Yes the three hosts try to bring the issue in a propriate way by saying those word becoz there are mature enough to see the truth about this whole entertainment industry. Honestly I hate those clip, it give bad image to hangeng.

    • onepinetree says:

      At first, I was going to ignore but couldn’t stand up a possibility that some people might misunderstand Han Geng. Well… things already happened in Korea. Some naive public just believed Shin Dong’s comments. It’s OK… what Han Geng needs is not those naive public, but truly devoted fans who trust Han Geng over any other things.

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Thank you so much, Pinetree, for pointing out the fact that “There has been no news about Han Geng saying ‘no member took care of me’ at all”.

    Ummm…then, I think I have no additional input on this matter, just so happy that Han Geng is the one I love and care about only O(∩_∩)O~

    oh, btw, girls, listen to our Geng’s beautiful voice, hope this link works

    waiting for the MV~~~~hohohoho~~~

    • trueblue says:

      Bristlegrass it’s out on YT..
      there are two things that I would like to conclude from the comment of Kim Gu Ra..that HG would be the only one who would treat them beer..ten years down the road.
      #1 HG is the most loyal among them all where friendship is concerned..I think Kim Gu Ra saw something in HG that others do not have..I think he knows that HG is special..and since he is in the entertainment field for so long he knows what he is talking about,especially in Korea..
      #2 HG maybe the only one left in the entertainment industry ten years down the road and the other members might just fade away..because in Korea there are always new faces debuting everyday and competition is very strong.If one does not have a special talent, one would be forgotten and be left I think Kim Gu Ra knows what he is talking about..he can see who has talents and who can lasts longer in the industry..

      • trueblue says:

        Just wanted to add one more thing here…SJ can only lasts as long as they have SME behind them..if they don’t have SME getting projects for them, then they are helpless..all their events are arranged by the company and whereas HG, he is being sought after by many because he is HG..nobody is doing the behind dealings to get HG on their shows or events..HG is wanted for is doing promotions for him.. that’s the difference..

      • onepinetree says:

        ha ha… it’s so funny that’s what my friend told me… exactly… 1o years later, Han Geng will be the only one still in the entertainment industry…that’s what Kim Gu Ra meant by…. Well… I am holding my judgement here again… you never know what’s gonna happen in this entertainment world. For example, no one knew Kim Gu Ra would have a big break like now just five years ago. So…please do not put too much meanings on his remark… ha ha.. .you are so biased Han Geng LOVER… ha ha..

  5. Sl says:

    Hi thank you for commenting on the radio show. When I saw the video posted on, I came here and was waiting to see a post on this, wanting to see if you have a different view on it. I had a bad feeling about the video and was not expecting anything good will come out of it. Thank you for pointing out the good things that I actually miss out in watching the video. As for the 3 members in sjm, given their current position I was not expecting any direct comments from them, so I was not surprised by their silence.

  6. twinkling says:

    hi, just wanna clarify something. i believe reading about hangeng saying he still keeps in touch with sj members like reowook yet he was there at the radio without saying anything…? why is that so. Also, i understand why shindong kind of say “members do not take care of me” i this it largely stem from the show”a date with lu yu’ when hangeng has his comeback cos he say something about how he tried to tell his members about his problems but could not do so even after drinking.

    • onepinetree says:

      Ha ha… how could I know why Ryeo Wook kept silent during the show???
      I have heard good things about Ryeo Wook a lot so when I was told Han Geng said he kept touch with Ryeo Wook I was not that surprised. I know many people talked about Hee Chul and Si Won… but.. personally my heart is more with Ryeo Wook based on how he has behaved after the lawsuit.

      Per Shin Dong’s comments…well.. I am highly doubting that’s what Shin Dong was referring to. The way he carried the message with the QUOTE..that’s not appropriate since the show just copied his QUOTE as the subtitle. Shin Dong is very skilled MC, he had many experiences as a host of many shows along with Lee Teak and Eun Huk. So.. these three members came to the show with their own script. The period. Then why I still try to understand them? Well… I am trying to be in Han Geng’s position here. I am 100% sure Han Geng will know about the show since his dancing team/stylist teams are Koreans so he must have heard about this show. But after the watching the show, I don’t think Han Geng will be upset or show any disappointment toward them. Han Geng will understand why they had to make such comments or why they had to keep silent. As Kim Gu Ra said, 10 years later, Han Geng will be the one who will still welcome them to China and treat them with Qingdao beer. So…if some of you are wondering why onepinetree sis is showing such understanding for those members, then please think about Han Geng 🙂

  7. Windchime says:

    Regarding the blurb on how Han Geng can not be contacted, this post was made on Han Geng’s CY dated 2010.9.23. by Kang June. I’m sure you know who that is, but just for those who don’t, he is a former SM trainee and a good friend of Han Geng’s since pre-debut and was supposed to be a memeber of SJ only was replaced by ryeowook at the last minute. There are still pre-debut showcases with him flowing around.

    Here’s a screen shot:

    The rough translation of this is “Okey bro, I WILL CALL YOU, please be careful not to catch a cold” Kang June, who is also still in Korea seems to be able contact Han Geng just fine.

    Siwoo has confirmed this in her weibo: <– the third post down.

    I admit that I was not understanding of the members (Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk) before I saw this, especially comparing them with the SJM members who have chosen to stay silent. However, after seeing this I found that I seem to have lost my last shred of good will towards them. I can't even remain calm to listen to the explanations of ppl defending them anymore. I don't care if they were close in the beginning or not, because there is absolutely no way I'll ever know for sure, (and even if just half the things I've heard about them is true then honestly, I'd think they were arch enemies). Anyways, I feel that even if they did try their best to get in contact with Han Geng because they miss him (which from the looks of this post, they didn't), saying this on TV completely destryed the credibility of the statements. I can not possibly believe that they had no idea the number of antis that the statement will attract for Han Geng. I don't care about others, but Han Geng is my bottom line. I don't care what they do if it doesn't affect Han Geng, but if they involve Han Geng, then I'm sorry, I can't be understanding at all. Especially when there are tons of evidence stating otherwise. I find that I can not even have 10% of your understanding. sorry….

    • onepinetree says:

      its ok. we dont have to be on the same page for other members position.
      although some people
      talk about hee chul and si woon but i also hear different stories abour them
      so my honest opinion about sj brothership is zero after the lawsuit
      no more fantasy
      but after the lawsuit han geng
      still worked with many korean professionals and friends so i was able to see han geng made
      good friends outside of the sme thats good to know
      per other members i have more sympathy rather than understanding
      they dont have
      any other options besides staying
      with the company no matter what
      so i am more like well ….yeah what they can do like attitude not much expecting from them
      ironically han geng is the one who is the most fortunate member here and all of us well know about this.
      so i “understood” why other members behaved like that during the show
      and i am sure the hosts are clearly aware of that as well thats why they made such a closure by defending
      han geng.

  8. inging says:

    hi, thank you so much for posting this and again….. hangeng jia you…:)

  9. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~~I think I understand Pinetree’s point here…firstly, again, thank you Pinetree for clearing up the fact which was distorted by whoever…secondly, thank you Pinetree for writing this article with a standpoint of Han Geng. Han Geng is such an understanding and forgiving person…the more I know about him, the more I fall in love with him, but another thing I learn from him is, to love him doesn’t have to hate some others who have ever hurt him. We didn’t know or perhaps we would never know what those people are thinking when they choose to hurt him. The thing I know is, no matter how much hurt he gets, he would keep walking ahead, spreading his wings, flying higher, to welcome the sunshine; he likes to feel warmth and love, dissolve hatred. Hatred or complaint is never Han Geng, he considers that as wasting time. I truly like the metaphor when he firstly debuted…an Eagle, but perhaps the one who gave him this metaphor couldn’t recognize that Han Geng is truly an Eagle, he always wants to soar in the sky freely when he has a chance. Like the lyrics in this new song “unforgotten memorial” or I would use “Memorial for the Unforgotten” says “no matter how painful it was, it would be better to replace hatred with love”. Wang Pingjiu definitely has a really good eye on Han Geng, that song suits Han Geng’s voice and personality perfectly. History should not be forgotten, but learn the lesson and move on.

    For those who’ve ever hurt him, I believe as long as they are not 100% evil, one day, they would feel regret for what they have done…when they truly feel it, Han Geng will forgive…I guess that’s the host’s point.

  10. I was even a bit put out when I first saw this clip. I guess at first sight and on the surface Shindong’s comment can just be easily misunderstood and maybe even interpreted in different ways. But as I see it now, is I guess that he may feel hurt because of articles saying that ‘Geng has said that’… I try to see it from all sides and I don’t believe any of them to be really evil. Geng has even said before in Luyu’s interview that they all don’t have it easy. I can still feel sympathy for SJ, eventhough I care more about Geng (bias bias)– he once was part of them and I do believe he still has a good relationship (or maybe it’s better to say ‘understanding’) with (some of) them.

    But I thank you, onepinetree for pointing out what the MC’s said, I totally misunderstood that before — because of the tone of maybe the comments or of the members themselves — and now I can see their wisdom shining through ^_^ … Only time can tell and I believe in Geng ….

    and the new song — his voice is so sweet ♥

  11. aa says:

    Thanks to one-pine-tree for translating the video especially the MCs’ words. To be frankly, as I Chinese fan I don’t really care about the ex-member’s words although feel disappointed to what Shin Dong said. I had same feeling like you that Geng likes Shin Dong and appreciate his talent on dance. But never mind… I’m just a fan of Geng and not of SJ. It must be frustrated for those SJ fans… Well, share something good… here’s the newly released promotion song for the Volunteers of Asia Game.

    [audio src="" /]

    Fan made music video on Tudou, not sure if you can access it. The official music video will be released soon.

    No matter what others say, he’s doing pretty well here. Cheer up!

  12. shine says:

    And once again you guys helping my head from spinning ,i had heard about some issue that been on everyones tongue ,i know many friends but i can’t keep asking them on every thing popping on and about hangeng it’s embarrassing thing to me i kept following this matter all aroyund the net and i got some parts from people that stand on one side in short sj fans i didn’t know how to know about the truth of the show since english is all i know .
    i came here tonight and thanks to you guys i finally got the whole thing ,coming from people that i trust. thanks a lot guys.
    now a new thing start making my head spinning all over again .we are deferent people from all over the world ,when we know about hangeng ,from the first day i realized that hangeng got through many hardships with his contract not before we know that the company and other stuff that we already know about .
    and sj members saying that they don’t understand why hangeng terminate his contract ?he almost die in front of them and the company didn’t gave him a day off,what happened ? why i feel that the feeling are frozen to some point ?
    uh you know what the words are betraying me now ..i can’t help it but surprising …
    in anther word hangeng is the kind of people that don’t like’s to Complain to others , i haven’t see him lost his tempers even in such a big things that happened in front of him,
    any way time will pass them by and it’ll be one of the things that happened before (once upon a time .
    thanks a lot for my mind clear hehe you’re guys are great

  13. niea says:

    I agree with the article that U’ve post. After reading all the news about Suju talking bout Hangeng, i thought it will bring miss-understanding about Hangeng, and it will make Hangeng’ image become bad. Although i know, the other member of Suju doesn’t meant to do that. They’re just doing what SME says to do and answer.

    In my opinion, about there’e no communication between them (Suju’s member and Hangeng), i think it’s a lie(and it like a scenario that SME want to).. they have all the communication media, Handphone, internet, etc… they all can chat or just sending messages or maybe talk on phone. i think it possible altought each of them have schedules. And about that, maybe it will be more correct if they ask this question to Heechul. We all know, Heechul is Hangeng’s bestfriend in Suju, and Heechul is a loyal person, so i think he can not be lying about his own bestfriend.
    But i think this is also a scene that SME made, for Heechul not come to that show. Because if he made it come, he will give the different answer from what SME want to.

    For the news that Hangeng said that the other member of Suju doesn’t treat him well when he where in Korea, it all not true. We all know that. Hangeng never said that. All Hangeng want to explain is that not easy for him to life in another country, have a distance from his family, and sometimes there’s a time when he felt down and no one can’t understand that. Sometimes we feel it to right ?! it’s humanization..

    Anyway, this is just my opinion. And i don’t blame Suju (Leeteuk, Eunhyuk or Shindong) for they answers bout Hangeng. I know it’s all SME creation for building netizen’s trust,especially korean ELF..

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