Triple Bliss

Regarding the topic on Radio Star a few days back, I think we have given it too much attention. I think now it’s the time we move on to better things.Let us be like Han Geng and focus on things that are more fruitful and worthwhile than on those trivial issues.As I have mentioned a few posts back,that words are very powerful..Words can build up a person or tear down the reputation of a person in a matter of seconds.. The tongue is a small organ but it is the radar of directs a person’s speech..and praises and insults come from the same tongue..!!

Over the past few days, there were so many activities that Han Geng was involved in and yet some of us missed them because of that “hot” issue ..Let us see what he has been up to recently…Here are some very beautiful pictures taken at the site of the MV filming of “Unforgotten Memorial” which is the Old Summer Palace in China.I was puzzled at first as to why would they want to commemorate a “destruction” instead of something “happy” and “joyful”. So I looked up the Old Summer Palace and I realized why they are commemorating something like that..It was a reminder of the past history which can make one determined or be defeated.So it was something that reminds us that adversities can make us strong and not concede to defeat…

And here is the audio of the song he sang..

Thanks to those whose credits are tagged in the pictures and videos..

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5 Responses to Triple Bliss

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Ummm~~~~the first picture…shirt, suit, buttons~~~love them on him…because they make me want to get rid of all of them…

    Love all these three songs~~~our Geng’s voice is soooo soothing, touching, limpid, and powerful~~~it’s like his singing skill evolves every day. Just like a very famous singer who is also a producer said at his miniblog after recording for Han Geng (a song for a public benefit activity that hasn’t released yet), “I shouldn’t say everything is perfect, but when Han Geng walked back to the recording room after I just made couple points for him to improve, I have to say, his voice is getting surprisingly fantastic!”

    The “Heartache Notebook” MV makes me shed tears even before I noticed…the scenes and his voice~~~waiting for your movie, Geng, I know you will keep improve yourself on acting skill, but from what I can see, you are naturally an actor. I can tell that at the first time you impressed me.

    Oh, I read something interesting at miniblog, a Gengfan was on a bus yesterday, “Say No” MV was playing on the Bus TV network, she heard a middle-age uncle talking to the other, “Oh, that’s him, I saw him in Yuanmingyuan couple days ago, full of people there, I even took a few pictures of him.”^^ this gengfan said, she had an impulse to ask for pictures from him…= = yeah…gengfans just love Han Geng’s pictures all the time~~~

  2. followurdestiny says:

    Loving these songs and his voice, always have… so soft, sweet and soothing… and he’s getting better and better ^_^ Hope to see a movie with Han Geng soon too!

  3. garnetblue says:

    I also read some fan accounts too of a couple who was sight-seeing too and happened on the scene of the filming..they too stopped and watched. the guy told his wife to move on but she kept taking pictures..and it turned out that their son is a Gknight..So all the pictures she took were for their son…!! hehehe..
    Another also told a friend through her mobile phone that she saw HG in the park and it’s worth the ten bucks she paid for the entrance fee..!! hehehe..!! There were many fan-accounts on that day..and most were not even Grice /Gfans..
    Here I would like to add a fan-cam…listen to the girl shouting “Don’t touch ! Don’t touch !” while HG was walking pass them..hehehe!!

  4. Smile says:

    Hangeng had capture china heart, he is now their prince. No one can hurt him now šŸ™‚ the heartache notebook sad sad movie. Hangeng is a natural born actor. Can’t wait for his first movie .

  5. polly says:

    I strongly recommend the photos taken by of the activity at the Old Summer Palace, which is really really good. ( , needs registration first)

    By the way, I happened to see the MV for Heartache Notebook at Tudou Notebook yesterday, it’s soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really love the beautiful screen and the love interpreted in the MV. If there was a movie based on the same story in the MV…. I do hope there was such a movie… Look at the two’s facial expressions of pretend despise of each other, hahaha……………….. Real and funny. Nice and warm feeling.
    Looking forward to his romantic movie. Although he would like to try action movie first.

    And the song I am a flame. Although it is a song for the volunteers of Asian Games, I do think it suits him so well.
    The lyrics said,
    ” I wish to be an angel around you
    I wish to be the starting line of your boundless happiness ”

    “I am flame, spreading the warmth
    Millions of You and Me together hand in hand
    I am flame, Loving for always
    Millions of You and Me together makes infinite brightness”

    I really thought Han Geng has done that, spreading love and faith of seeking hapiness!!!!!! He is a flame, really.

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