Entertainment 101

In recent days, Han Geng has been very busy with concerts and album promotions that his old ailment started to act up. By looking at his schedule, one wouldn’t be surprised at all that one day he would have to pause and learn to “Say No” to himself..!! He is flying all over China taking the planes like taking taxis/cabs..Just recently he flew to Jiujiang after his concert in Xiangfan, by chartered plane….!!That’s how busy he is beating deadlines…!! And he is flying to Singapore today from Guangzhou..!!

Below are some video clips that I would like to share with you all, but please watch them with an open mind..thank you !! These videos serve as visuals / illustrations for my post today..hehehe…!!

This is one of the rarest fan-cams that I can find on YT. I noticed a few things here from my own observations and would like to share them..

credits on video

The stylist has been hovering around him like all the time, fixing HG’s hair at every opportunity he gets, that  to me looked just fine…From this I know that the stylist is like HG . Can’t sit still. Work seriously. Perfectionist. Just as the stylist is doing his job, so does HG. He wasn’t even fazed with the guy…he just continued with his normal self, talking, consulting with others and in discussions .. while his stylist waited patiently for the one chance to fix the hair..! Han Geng was just ever so patient with the guy..why? Because Han Geng is a professional when it comes to work..he let the people around him do their job while he does his..! Han Geng does not put on airs..if one can use this word on him I would..He is not a diva..! He is truly down to earth..! I wonder if he knew that there was a fan-cam out there capturing his every move..That fan has one very  powerful camera!! I could see all his facial expressions and his scrunching up his nose..and sniffling..!! His face is truly interesting to observe ..one moment it’s boyish then the next it’s manly..then comical, then serious….? I like the way Han Geng turned up his face for the stylist to retouch it…!! then there is the cody..I think.. running up to him and fixing his clothes..!! Also there was the “water” guy too..handling him water to drink and Han Geng just meekly accepted it..!!

What comes to mind while watching the whole video clip..? Han Geng was being  waited on hand and foot…like a king and his subjects..hehehe..!! All his staffs fawning over him, making sure he got everything ….!!To me he looked like a little boy who needs to be taken care of..as if he is not capable of doing it himself..

Overall, the whole clip showed that Han Geng worked seriously and knows how to relax in between “takes” and that he is one very easy person to work with..no fuss from him !! I was like almost shooing the stylist away..!! hahaha..!! I was waiting for Han Geng to tell the guy “Stop fussing with my hair, It’s fine..!!” but it didn’t happen..!! hehehe

So now, I understand more when Han Geng said that he is happy working with his present staff…the people around him care more for him than he cares for himself..! They took special care in making sure that he looked “perfect” in front of the camera and behind the camera, they make sure he is replenished with water and physical comfort..He was given star treatment but he did not act like a star…the key ingredient there is love…they love him for himself not because he is their meal-ticket..! A few days back, they were even happy when he was reprimanded by his doctor…and they were thankful..their first priority is and was Han Geng as a person and his health..and that is one thing that no other “employees” have..Their work ethics are  professionalism  when it comes to Han Geng and his job…though they are his friends and staffs, they did not cross the fine line of “employer and employee” technically speaking..! They do not come between the love of his work and their friendship…Before, I was apprehensive about Sun Le working as his manager because friendship and business cannot mixed together..!! When I read the article about the reluctancy of Sun Le in working with Han Geng, I was assured that Sun Le wasn’t taking advantage of their friendship..Sun Le was aware of the delicate nature of working as Han Geng’s manager..Their importance is Han Geng himself and not making money..!! And that’s fine with me…

credits : on pictures..thanks..

credits :on video..thanks..

This one is so random, that I burst out laughing at the end of the clip….I think Korea will forever be in his blood..and also because he surrounds himself with Korean staff too..I shared this because this is Han Geng’s first big commercial project..his fee for this is in 7 digits and the irony of this is ..during the interview at the press conference of this on-line game..he advised his fans not to spend all their time on playing on-line games…! So even though he is earning big bucks in endorsing the game and yet he is concern for his fans not to waste their time solely on games….so to him the welfare of his fans comes first..! That’s why he is so loved…by many!!

Here’s a news article on his fan-meeting at Ningbo…

Yesterday, China Mobile held its 2010 non-stop music event for Hangeng at Ningbo. Despite the on-going lawsuit with his previous company, there were no damage to Hangeng’s popularity, and the venue has just crazy. When asked about his impressions on the fans in Ningbo, Hangeng stated, “other than their enthusiasm, it’s their enthusiasm.”

Fans chases their idols all the way to Ningbo

Once the lights at the fan-meeting venue were switched off, the whole place was filled with cheers and claps. It was deafening. Even the security guards around the area had to use their hands to cover their ears to block out the sound.

The reporter also interviewed a few fans who were sitting beside her, and realised that most of the fans who have come to attend this fan-meeting come from Hangzhou and other countries further away. One bespectacled fan told the reporter that she has accompanied her friend to come, and her friend was a Hangeng supporter who has come from Shaoxing. The reporter noted that the girl’s friend kept looking at her watch, and the girl explained it was because she has bought the 8:45pm ticket back to Shaoxing, in which she has to endure a night ride back to Shaoxing.

“心疼你伤很深,心疼你的认真。” This is one sentence in the lyrics for Hangeng’s new song, and is also one of the sentences in a letter a fan from Hangzhou wrote to him. “I always admired his hard work.” This fan is a student, and she said she became a fan of Hangeng 3 years ago, and had specially gone to Beijing to see him perform. “At first, I thought he was really handsome, and after I found out more about him, plus since he debuted in Korea, this made me feel like he is a hard working person.” Worried that the reporter may somewhat feel turn off by her crazy tactics in chasing idols, the under-grad fan added: “Because he is so hard working, he is like a role model to us students.”

As for the idol-chasing tactics by the fans, when the host asked about Hangeng’s impression on the fans in Ningbo, Hangeng said: “Other than their enthusiasm, it’s still their enthusiasm.”

No progress in terms of contract termination lawsuit

Once the fan-meeting started, Hangeng sang the one of the song from his new album, <My Logo>, raising the atmosphere of the place. The Hangeng on stage since to give fans an impression that he was: Dynamic, handsome, and has almost everyone cheering for him with every move. However, 10 minutes later, when the reporter went back stage to find Hangeng, he gave a totally difference impression while on stage: quiet, and is very careful with his words.

There were many media reporters there who wanted to know more about the on-going lawsuit between Hangeng and South Korean Company SM Entertainment. When asked about the progress of the lawsuit, Hangeng did not avoid the question, but instead said that there isn’t any progress now, and has yet to sign on a new company, but has refused to elaborate further.

<Geng Xin>, an album released not long ago by Hangeng, is his first album after going solo. In order to produce what he calls as “everything to be put behind, and begin with a fresh start” album, Hangeng has flew to America and worked with a renowned dance group in America and also invited a few well-known composers in the Chinese industries to work with him. And as for the song, <Heartbreak Notebook>, Hangeng said it depicts everything that he has experienced in the 5 years.

In terms of his stardom for his solo career, Hangeng expressed that he will continue to work hard in his singing career, and will also release another album next year. Recently, he has been looking at scripts, and will also be busying himself in the acting industry, hoping to also direct his own films.

Source: here
Shared by; yeyebaby@sj-world.net
Translated by: ミ mholic ★ @sj-world.net

Here is another endorsement for Men’s UNO

credits : lovechar200@YT

I think the people behind this magazine love Han Geng and his star power..hehehe..just two months ago, he graced the cover of UNO and now they want him  back for more..I sure hope that Han Geng’s worth and value have gone up further so that he can give more to charity and sponsor more school children..I also hope that he has more to help his own grandparents too..!! Han Geng has to work extra hard because, he took upon himself the role of a knight in shining armour..hehehe..he has a lot of responsibilities and he wants to fulfill them when he can and able..he also has a cousin to support too..so I see that for him charity begins at home..eh? His love for his family is not just passive love but active..he put his love into actions by doing what he says and not just lip-service..

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9 Responses to Entertainment 101

  1. S2X says:

    “And as for the song, , Hangeng said it depicts everything that he has experienced in the 5 years.” – huh, shouldn’t it be Say No instead of Heartache Notebook that talks about what he’s gone through in the last few years?

    anywayz, in the 1st video, when Geng was filming the MV, i think both him and the hairstylist guy are really patient. Han Geng for being able to totally ignore the fact that that dude just wouldn’t stop hovering over his head trying to fix his hair. and the hairstylist was also extremely patient because Han Geng just wouldn’t stay still to let him do his job. i’d get really annoyed if i were either one of them. but i guess they’re all very professional.

    as for the game ad…it doesn’t really make any sense lol! so Han Geng is a popstar who turns into a powerful warrior and kicks people’s asses when they piss him off? lmao!!!

    • garnetblue says:

      I found the video on the press conference..watch the video clip on the screen..everyone was dancing to “Fire” in the game

    • bristlegrass says:

      hehe~~~the ad makes sense to me~~I don’t understand Korean, but based on the news coming with this ad preview, she is supposed to be his manager who attempts to stop Han Geng from dancing and singing in the way he likes, finally Han Geng gets really mad, exploded, then they both get into the virtual world and turn to warriors to duel. After being beaten back couple of times, he finally uses that dragon move (Huan Long Jue – a new move design especially for Han Geng’s character in this game) to defeat her, so he can be on the stage as the way he likes.

      • garnetblue says:

        Thanks B’grass,
        I just didn’t want to make a committed statement here..I just want to let our readers interpret the CF however they want to…as how they perceive it..hehehe…!!

  2. followurdestiny says:

    He’s so busy with so many things… ofcourse I love to see him do lots of things, but he really should take care of himself. My heart aches when I watched the press conference — but he keeps on being professional and nice… <33

    I laughed at the fact he wanted to play himself in the game, but couldn't because his name was already taken. He had to resort to calling himself 'I'm really Han Geng' XDXD..

    Be healthy, be happy 🙂

  3. Smile says:

    Before I have said china map look hangeng face, it was back then now I’m right about it. I even thought that are all China people knew hangeng, I mean even in a remote area? becoz he is everywhere in most places and newspaper. I have to catch my breath when I open a news about him, I’m afraid I miss one of them then I realise I miss not only one but more 😦 About the stylist I think I understand his work and hangeng as usual know where he stand 🙂

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Thanks, Garnetblue, for so many news about our Han Geng ^^
    Yes, Han Geng is working happily, that’s the ultimate difference compare to before; I truly like the way Han Geng and his team working together, being professional in work, being true friends after work, including manager, assistants, stylists, bodyguards, dancers, etc…and they are from diverse places…now, he is in Singapore, his staffs were flying to Singapore from mainland China, Korea, and Taiwan…it’s always amazing to see how Han Geng can integrate the greatest people and resources from various places for one goal. I think the thing bringing them together is not making money, not only love for Han Geng, but they share the same dream. I don’t think Han Geng ever considered himself as employer, he wants to be treated with respect, and he knows how to treat others with respect. For him, no one should be naturally superior than the other, we are all equal human beings. His personality and mind as an Aquarius has been shown so obviously.

    To be honest, I was a bit surprised to see Han Geng updated his miniblog about seeing doctor, as although we knew he has seen doctor quite a few times mainly from the nurses working in that hospital (well, I don’t think they are professional enough to do that), he never mentioned that in public before. Apparently, he knew what his fans were talking about recently…his health condition…and right before he post the miniblog, some Gengrices showed a bit concern about if the assistant has fulfilled his/her duty to take good care of Han Geng…no need to discuss more on this now, my only point here is to try to understand why Han Geng made that post, he wanted his fans know that he will listen to the doctor, will take care of himself, and that’s his own problem to get sick…not others.

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