Han Geng’s Interview at Press Conference in Singapore

The reporter asked for Han Geng’s response regarding LeeTeuk’s wish of all 13 super junior members performing together again (I believe all of you know when and where he expressed such wish). I couldn’t translate how the reporter phrased this question based on this video, it’s been cut off. I will only translate Han Geng’s words in responding to this question (from 0:00 to 0:43 in this video clip)

Han Geng: “I would like to make this wish come true, as long as the Korean side allows me enter Korea, then I can, if they can let my legal issue solved, then I can”…“I still have affection for members, I still keep in touch with one or two members, for most other members, I would like to try my best not to bother them, as they are still in the company after all, I am unwilling to see the company give them hard time, hope everyone could understand that, that would be better.”     

I think Han Geng has given a straight and clear response to this issue, and I have no further interpretation of his response. The words he said are self-evident, there is no need of further interpretation.

Just, I would like to talk a bit about my own stance on this kind of issue, my words only reflect my thoughts, not representing the stance or thought of other authors at this blog. Whether Han Geng has affection or friendship with super junior members, or whether he still keeps in touch with any member, is never a controversial issue for me. I have to be honest, to me, this kind of question is just like asking someone who resigns his/her position and leaves the company, that whether or not you are still in touch with your ex-colleagues. I can never be as considerate and kindhearted as Han Geng, so from my point of view, Han Geng has no obligation to keep in touch with or have any relationship with any super junior member at all. As his fan, I have no interest and no right to probe his personal relationships. His current or future staffs, colleagues and friends are not exception. My only interest to a celebrity is how much talent he/she can present and how good his/her products can be. Han Geng is special, so I have additional admiration to his personality. This is my simple love for him.  

I do hope Han Geng would never have to answer this kind of non-sense question again, but media always have strong interests on such things, and I’m actually extremely tired of this. This is my first post dealing with such issue (not the only one at our blog though), and I truly hope this is the last. Nevertheless, Han Geng can never be accountable for my wish of such issue.


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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9 Responses to Han Geng’s Interview at Press Conference in Singapore

  1. Lyn says:

    I think there will always be these type of questions because Han Geng was part of SJ for so long andm any people got to know him and love him through that…so it will always be a part of his history and it will always be of interest and a story. This is the case for every person that goes solo out of a band, whether it is Han Geng or Beyonce or whoever…they are always attached to their previous group because that is how people came to know them…no matter how successful they get. The beatles were broken up for year and decades and people were still asking them question about the other members and their relationship. Some of them are dead..and it still goes on. When a group was so loved and successful…this is what happens…so…while it can be annoying. I expect it. And I’m sure Han Geng realizes it as well…which is why he answers the questions. He can request not to have to answer them if he wants…people do it all the time. When he decides he doesn’t want to answer…I’m sure he will cut it off. So..I understand…even if it can get bothersome.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Yes, I agree with you that these kind of questions coming up all the time. I am sure that Han Geng has pretty clear idea about super junior time is part of his life experience, he will be asked this kind of questions, he wouldn’t mind to answer it again and again even during lawsuit. His answers are always consistent. It doesn’t matter whether those haters believe him or not, he won’t regret for what he has ever said. I think he is totally fine with this kind of questions. Actually, now, no question from reporters can give him a hard time, as he always answers it from his heart, if he doesn’t want to say it, he will just say something like “I cannot tell you for now”, as simple and straight as it is.

      Just, to me, I think it is not fair to pursue response from him again and again on this matter. Firstly, his answers are highly consistent. Even I can imagine his answer. Secondly, he is still in lawsuit process with the company, as he kept saying the problem is always between him and the company, never about others; but whenever he answered this kind of questions, he will be put into some kind of accusation regarding him and sj members. Thirdly, someone always want to make this as a big thing to attack Han Geng, no matter how he responded, there will be a particular group of people to attack him. It’s not the normal way of making news for attention or publicity, it’s a trick for attack. That’s why I have no willingness to hear this kind of questions again, at least before his lawsuit is solved.

      To conclude, I don’t think this is normal; and I don’t want to get into a so-called controversy set up and manipulated by someone who hate Han Geng. To be honest, this kind of question is only somewhat meaningful to real fans after his lawsuit is solved.

  2. garnetblue says:

    Questions of this nature would normally arise in interviews like this and since this is Han Geng it is all the more interesting..the fact is that he is not a Korean, makes it all the more interesting and controversial..especially in relationship wise..usually the reason band members broke up is because of conflicts with other members or disagreement..but in HG’s case, they really wanted to know if that applies to him since he is the only foreigner in the group plus he was the one with the most “problems”with immigration issues..
    He was the one who “sacrificed” his image and status during the early days, just to keep the band intact and going….he did that so the dreams of the other members were not shattered..So through that action of his, one could have already sensed what kind of person Han Geng is..He is willing to do things that he thinks is beneficial to all..He is willing to put himself in the line of fire,so to speak, in order that others can survived..!!He has always been consistent in his words and speech..knowing that media will twist or make implied controversies on his answers…so his answers to questions like these were always straight and honest with no pretense..that’s where his uniqueness lies..truth cannot be refuted nor bent when under extreme scrutiny and testing..it will always stay as it is..lies will not be able to withstand extreme scrutiny and heat..so the safest way to avoid scandals and controversies is to be truthful in answering questions and yet at the same not to give out unnecessary info that will be used as gossip fuel..Han Geng has mastered the art of replying to controversial questions and has many times stopped unnecessary and irrelevant questions with his answers..many times reporters would try to lead him on to expose more or to put words in his mouth, hoping that HG would reveal more..but HG always answer honestly and to the point..he doesn’t hint at his answers nor acts coy which may kindle the instincts of the nosy reporters who would try to fish for more…!!
    I would like to add some clips here one one of the other interviews..

    enjoy watching…

  3. shine says:

    hello guys how is it going hope you all fine .
    thanks for saying the right words that never been said before .i’m amazed by hangeng’s patience ,i wish i can reach that like him,what’s wrong???he is promoting his album ,he gonna have second album movie and many other shows and have his own life why the interfering on his life on those details ???
    i don’t want to get angry , i think you guys said what should’ve been said…
    thank you for that

  4. Smile says:

    Thanx for sharing the thought. Everyone have their own opinion on every word that hangeng said. Only he know what he said. As his fan I know he is not a person who think only for himself, even people hurt him he still thank to them for what they have done to him. He is a simple man but mature enough to handle a situation. I like to see him on his own someday w/o people connect him with his past life. I want people to knew him as hangeng not as an ex member, still it is hard to see it right now but I hope it for someday.

    • bristlegrass says:

      I don’t understand why this comment of yours went into spam, just like other two visitors…anyway, thanks to Garnetblue, she checked the spam, and found out you guys’ comments…otherwise I couldn’t notice there are such valuable comments under this post. I think I need to check spam more often as well~

  5. Smile says:

    Idk why my early post can’t enter to this post. Thanx for sharing the thought with us, everyone have different opinion on what hangeng said recently in press. As me I am happy to hear that but when I think it again it annoyed me. I’m sick and tired of this mc & reporter, why don’t they juz see hangeng as a solo artist. If they keep asking the same question how can hangeng image as a solo artist could be build. Yes a past life could not be forgotten easily but it would be longer if the same scenario happen again & again. Hangeng is kind and mature enough to handle this situation, but I’m not. I want people to see him as a solo artist. Sigh! I hope people will move on.

  6. Thanks for posting this and thanks for giving out your opinion, Bristlegrass..

    For the last few days, I was expecting this moment. The moment when someone ask Han Geng’s comment and willing to see how he reacts on the so called “wish”. For the last few days, I had my own expectation on how would Han Geng react. And today, I got his answer exactly like how I expected. I believe that he already well-prepared. He knew that soon or later, someone will ask for his comment & reaction. Instead of saying “not yet watching the interview” or “don’t know what you mean” He sincerely answered the question. Straight, firm and wise. I am proud of him.

    From now on, nothing or no one can stop Han Geng from flying high, not even the black campaign or silly questions. He will face this kind of situation in his path to build his solo career, but I have faith, he knows how to deal with it. Because he’s Han Geng. Because he’s the strongest Eagle, he will always able to fly higher than the storm.

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