Geng In Singapore…Reviews

Han Geng was warmly welcomed in Singapore…and here are a few “articles” and news item which I managed to read and browse through and would like to share with you here…Below is a newspaper clipping from need to enlarge it to read the news..

I would also like to share some pictures  mostly taken from Han Geng’s Baidu Bar.. These are from his 1st event of interactions with his fans..on Oct 2 -fan-signing at Lot 1…According to those who were there, Han Geng kissed this little boy and the fans were like “gone wild” with envy..wishing that they were in the boy’s shoes..hehe..!!

Then this black jacket was bought by Han Geng on the day before the fan-signing event, at a local Singapore boutique..where I think one of our readers here happen to “bump” into him at Orchard’s her fan-account

MM says:

Just want to share a very exciting news!!! I saw Hangeng at Orchard Ion shopping yesterday!!!! It was a Friday afternoon. I was so shocked that i did not know how to react. First, i saw a tall and good looking guy wearing sunglasses. You don’t often see a tall, good looking man with good fashion sense in Singapore, so i kept looking at him. And when i looked carefully, i realized it was Hangeng!!!

He was shopping with his friends. He was so tall and good looking. So much better than all the photos that i had seen. He looked really good. Sometimes in pictures, i think he look a bit tired but in real person, he is flawless.

I think not many people recognized him and he just walked leisurely with his friends. I tried to follow him, and i realized a few girls are doing the same thing. They even took out their camera.

He probably realized someone recognized him, so he went to the lift. We tried to see where he was going, it seemed he pressed a lot of different levels so i assumed he did not want to be followed and i continued shopping. It was so hard for me to continue shopping because my friend and I was so excited that we really feel like screaming.

And after he went into the lift, i realized I must be one of the most stupid fan in the whole!!! I was so excited that i forgot the most important thing. AHHHH, i should have asked him for a handshake or use my handphone to take photos or pretend not to know him, and took the same lift as him. I was so stupid. I was just standing there looking at him. Why am I so stupid!!!???

Anyway I am so glad he has some time to go shopping and not being mobbed by fans. I hope he found something he liked while shopping :)

It also prove that Han Geng “walked the talk” meaning he follows through what he says..He did mentioned before that he is not into branded items/ long as the clothes fit and they are comfortable to wear and he looks good in them, he will buy is a news clip from CTV Taiwan about Han Geng in Singapore..

This mother and son arrived from Hong Kong on the day of the fan-sign event..She rushed to the venue with her son immediately after the plane landed..she didn’t even have time to keep /put away her luggage before she proceed to the venue.. recognized the boy..??  Good that they made it to the event..!!@NIC小果:韩庚是这几年来我唯一一次看到中国内地明星来新人气如此的明星,这个弟弟是刚刚下飞机跟妈咪从香港带过来的哦,行李箱都还没来得及放下就赶到签售现场哦!

Another fan-cam and fan account in the video..

This clip is from the showcase fan-meeting at The Esplanade Concert hall..

If anyone of you would like to share your experiences at those events in Singapore, please do so, you are welcome..!!

There are many fan-accounts and reviews that it couldn’t be contain here..hehhehehe..!! Just enjoy what is here for today….!!

Part of the fans at the fan-signing event at Lot 1

Gengfans cleaning up the venue after the event..Kudos to you Gengfans…!! Good testimony for others to follow..they said … Birds Of The Same feathers Flock Together.. this can be witnessed in the relationship between Geng and Gengfans ..Geng does his part and the fans do theirs…!! I am impressed..!!

Due to Han Geng’s tight schedule, the fan-sign event only lasted an hour and priority was given to those who bought tickets to the showcase at The Esplanade..many who didn’t have those tickets were not able to get his autograph and were disappointed..Some gengfans especially flew in from Mainland China for the events.

Showcase “My Logo”

On the event at the Showcase..according to this fan..

SS3singapore: Hangeng said he really want to have a concert in indonesia, singapore, malaysia, china(again)

@SS3singapore: Hangeng used cantonese, chinese, Japanese, korean, Indonesian, and English. But then a bit only

Fans came from The Mainland, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia! Awesome..!!

Weibo entry from Han Geng’s promotional manager Sophie


Hotel suite in Singapore..(my mistake’s in Koh Samui, Southern Thailand..) Han Geng flew there from Singapore. I think they are having their vacation before the next schedule in Bangkok..on 9th Oct..

Departs Singapore

Credits : tagged in pictures and videos..thank you..

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17 Responses to Geng In Singapore…Reviews

  1. Please34 says:

    Wow~ envy that little boy too ~~ hehehe
    i saw many clip and pictures~ he was soo handsome
    seems that he had a really good time in Singapore!

    next week in Thailand~ i’m waiting for you heheh….

    ps…for those from leesophie. I think that is not Singapore?
    because she has been in Thailand since 1st October~
    or i m wrong sorry ^^.

  2. followurdestiny says:

    Lucky boy indeed, so adorable hihi ‘feeding Geng something’ XD…
    Thank u for sharing all these… I don’t know how I would react if I saw him irl XDXD..
    I hope he takes care of himself as well, he’s really going all over the place and his schedule is so thight …

  3. He’s gorgeous. Every single move he made, every single word he said made him more adorable & endearing. Speechless… Thanks for posting Garnetblue.

  4. Xiang Ping says:

    Last night i went and i first time chase idol..I like han geng solo album i like the song too..Hopefully i can see him in SG again althought cant take personal photo with him on 2 Oct 2010 and 3 Oct 2010 abit sad…

  5. Xiang Ping says:

    Han Geng rocks forever and i want to tell han geng that no matter where he is all his fans will keep support him..And i will support him forever and his fans and i will be there for him…

  6. wendy says:

    The Singapore FM looked so much fun. First it’s Taiwan, then Singapore, now Thailand…when will he come to the US? 😦

    • garnetblue says:

      I think Han Geng has plans to go there but not so soon..He expressed that he wanted to go to Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan..I think these countries are closer to home, so he needs to establish his roots here first, then spread his wings to the States and probably somewhere in Europe too..He knows that he has gengfans all over the world..!! He is just starting on his own,so therefore it will take some time..Now that he can make his own decisions,he can just simply choose where he wants to go with not much obstacles..hehehe the only thing we can do is to wait Here’s a picture of him at the duty free shop at the airport departing for Beijing, last night..! I was so happy that he favours Estee Lauder too, because that’s my favourite perfumery or is he buying for his mom..? hehehe..!! I like Pleasures and White Linen..

  7. Smile says:

    From the moment hangeng step in changi airport till his departure, he had show great personality as an artist. From the news, comment in every blog and clips, fan account it seem his fans satisfied and proud of him. There are one fan account that I like, she said that she never come close to hangeng as she is right now, his face is so soft his hair is well done and his arm is so warm. Hangeng said thanx to her in her langguage, and the precious moment for her is hangeng choose her in dance competition, she said her dance is not so good. I know there is so many great fan account and I like to read about that. Hangeng spread your wing and show people who hangeng is 🙂

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes Smile, I am proud of Geng and Gengfans…they all did a good and commendable job..this time it seems that his schedule is lighter than the one in Taiwan…and most of the fans are giving him food for his bird’s nest and a drink to soothe his throat..they said it was lemon and plum mixture..??
      Han Geng even had time to shop around Orchard Road without fans following him around which was good..!!
      He has a desire to go to Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan…too…

      • Smile says:

        I hope one day he considered it to come to Brunei. Idk if there is gengfan here in Brunei beside me 🙂 if he goes here no one will follow him beside me 🙂 he can go freely. Lemon & plum I hope he like it. I love his outfit during fan signing, which boutique he went to, gonna go there someday.

  8. KyuKyuKyu says:

    Can u put the “tweet button” application to ur wp??

  9. Smile says:

    I read somewhere that shop had a psp game section. Is it hangeng still playing with his psp?

  10. ChungAh says:

    I really wanted to go- but the problem was that it wasn’t school holiday and I was in IB diploma course… He was just so near the country I’m currently living!! I was almost asked my parents about going to Singapore to watch the showcase but I got refused even before I ask.. Haha..
    Hope he comes to Malaysia before I leave this country in two years.. *-*

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