Coming To Terms With Reality

It always come across to me that Han Geng is sincere and truthful at all times when he got interviewed by media or radio hosts..Questions that he deemed important and cannot be avoided, he will answer them to the best of his abilities and no beating around the bush..!! He will answer them forthright and to the point..Here is an excerpt I would like to share taken from one of his recent interviews..

Yesterday night (27th), idol Han Geng came over to Beijing for a schedule. Han Geng was sick the previous night, but this didn’t deter him from showing off his charisma on stage, and also have had interactions with his fans. After that, Han Geng accepted this interview, and shared with us some of the interesting things in his life; from wanting to take part in silver screen, to the current progress for his contract dispute.

For exposure: To be able to make it to the silver screen with action movies.

Han Geng, who appeared on stage clad in the ancient military uniform, with a sword in hand, made all the fans go wild below-stage. Han Geng also ‘took the opportunity’ to show off some parts of the game-play, using props on stage to act out the character “Yu Jizi” (from the game). He shared with us that, from the time he was given this ‘job’ to have to go up to stage, was only within a span of 4 hours. Although the fans were still happy, Hangeng himself wasn’t. “If there were more time, I would have done better.” Actually, before this mini play on the stage, Han Geng has also once had a cameo in a television drama. Although he is still inexperienced now, he deemed himself as very adventurous, and would like to give the silver screen a shot.

“I have never thought of who I want to work with. If the script is good, the character attracts me, I would like to give it a try. The pay is not important.” Although the characters may not be determined at first, but Hangeng do knows what he want. “I prefer action movies. The feeling for another kind of strength is a beauty by itself.” To endorse as a hero in an old China military hero has also made the “action-addict” Hangeng fulfill one of his wishes. Hangeng has also shared with us that there is indeed an on-going discussion on a movie, “Now, nothing can be said yet. But very soon, everyone would be able to see me in the theaters.”

About the past: Lawsuit currently in process, still willing to go Korea for promotional activities.

Other than this endorsement, another topic that was concerned was Hangeng’s lawsuit. He shared that the lawsuit is still on the way, and everything is being done by the lawyer, so he too is not sure about the progress.

When asked if he wants to go Korea to do promotional activities, Hangeng smiled and said, “If I can, I definitely will.” When asked about his relationship with his previous band members, Hangeng cheekily quote a line out of his endorsement, and said, “I will ask everyone to come and play games, and we will promote togetherness.” This answer made the atmosphere really relax. Hangeng also stressed that the relations between his former band mates and him remain the same, “We are still in regular contact, sending text messages to each other, encouraging each other.”

To the fans: instead of buying gifts for me, use that money to do something for the community.

Other than endorsing, Hangeng is also very active in terms of community service. Regarding “stars doing community service is only for show”, Hangeng said he doesn’t care. “You have to really want to do it. I want to do it last time, but didn’t have the time to. I don’t really care what others think, I only know that I am doing the right thing.”

When the talk about some fans who wanted to buy a house as a fund-raising message, Hangeng said, “there are many others who need a house more than I do, and need help too. Instead of buying stuff for me, use this money to do some community work. It can help a lot of people.” Hangeng also stated that he wishes to give fans his support too. To be able to perform for them is just one of his ways of supporting  them. “There’s no need for adoration.”

About himself: above all reasons, being scolded is also part of the job.

Other than not bothering about the theory of “just for show” (regarding the matter of celebrities and doing community service for show), Hangeng doesn’t really mind about being in the bad light. “I look at the net and the newspaper every day. Of course I will see myself on the tabloids. Even when you sit at home and do nothing, there is bound to be news. Who has the energy to care?” Hangeng even cheerfully said he can use the phrase, “not even 100 poisons can kill him” on himself. To be photographed by tabloids, being criticized for all kinds of things. Although there were times where he was “really over the top”, Hangeng expressed that it will all be over soon, and sees no reason to pursue it. In this case, Hangeng uses rationality as a reason. “I am a very rational person. When I see things that I deem with no reasons and when no good will come out of it, in the end, I wouldn’t be bothered by it.” It goes the same for relationship matters.

Will you retreat from the entertainment circle and regret going into the entertainment industry because of actions that had made you “really really mad”? Hangeng expressed that, “This is a job. It is present in all kind of jobs. Our job is to accept these actions. Their (the paparazzi) job is to do such stuff. We have to understand one another, respect each other’s  job and that would be fine, as long as you don’t take it too far.”

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I hope that after reading the article above one would be able to come to terms with reality and stop asking for “the moon” …hehehe!! I hope that we can move on together with Han Geng and realising his dreams hand-in hand.

Another sample of how we can deal with the present and not keep on wishing for something that is out of these video clips. I posted these under one of my comments in another post and probably some of you did not watch them, so I am reposting them as a main post…

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  1. bristlegrass says:

    Waiting for seeing him on big screen~~~~haha!!! It is going to start pretty soon~

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