From The Heart

It has been months since I joined this blog as one of its authors…and I find it self-fulfilling and inspiring  to be able to do write-ups on Han Geng..and to know the views of the readers who come to this blog….Many times there were misunderstandings and frustrations when readers either misunderstood my posts or my intentions…but these are all part of the risks that I have willingly undertake for Han Geng…they say love is a risk..and that is true..when one happens to love or fall in love with another being, one is exposed to risks like being vulnerable to hurt and subject to ridicules.
Just like Han Geng, when he decided to go solo, he knows the risks involved and he was prepared mentally, emotionally and physically to face the challenges ahead of him, knowing how uncertain the future is and the road ahead of him..he grabbed the “bull by it’s horns” so to speak…and tackled it in his own ways and charms…and sang his way into the hearts of many..who didn’t even know him before…2010..
For him to cut a solo album was a big risk that he took and with determination and self-confidence he had overcome the risk and ventured into the international scene with his bold statement..I Am Going International…My Logo…!! He set a goal and pursued it with all his energy and focus…and this is where it landed him..The International Scene….
His first Asia Tour Fan-Meet  just had a stop – over in Bangkok and is still on-going there.. from what I’ve heard so far, even the hosts of the shows were captivated by his smile…that is one rare smile..many of those hosts, even the ones from Singapore, specially made-mentioned of his smile..they had to point out about his smile..they were so fascinated with it..they cannot even put any description on it..!!
Another account was that the camera-man wanted to join in the screaming together with the fans when they saw Han Geng, but he couldn’t because he was on duty..hahaha..!! (That was at the airport in Bangkok)
So what / who is Han Geng..? What makes him so special..?
Below here is a story from the heart that I would like to share with our readers…she especially contacted us to share her own experiences..She is a new reader of this blog…so let’s see what she has to say..please read it with an open mind and heart..
Remember what Han Geng mentioned in one of his radio interviews in Singapore..his former life in SJ is part of his formative years and his past that could not be erased..That’s a fact and a reality..!!He doesn’t take it personally into account when people mentioned him being an ex-member or former member of  SJ…..listen to this clip of the interview..
At 10.14 you could hear the host bringing up the subject of him being ex-member, how was he  going to erase that identity of being a former member of SJ or SJM..?..Han Geng’s answer was that it’s only natural that people still associate him with his former band and it’s part of his life..which is a fact and reality..I like the way he answered and accept the reality of life…though some of us couldn’t help but hope that he can just be recognized as himself..The Han Geng…!! Well time will eventually make it possible..!! Let us be patient..!!
More pictures from Bangkok..
My Little Heart in the World of Han Geng
For more than one year, I was one of the freaking crazy overdosed fans  of Ben Barnes (and still is until now ^_^), the British actor who played Prince Caspian. But I never imagined that during my admiration to the handsome and multi-talented with heart-winning smile British actor, I found another almost flawless diamond.

Like most Indonesians (I guess), I started my K-pop idol crush from Super Junior. It was one of my young friends who introduced me to them. I was totally into their songs and dance. Though I barely remember the process, but I can tell that after watching Exploring  The Human Body (Korean Variety Show with Super Junior as their guest-stars), the sweetest boy in the group really caught my heart. Hankyung. Not because he was the drop-dead gorgeous type, but he caught my heart with his charming and witty attitude. And yes, his soft voice and giggling laughter were the other things that caught my attention.

I couldn’t stop myself from browsing the internet to find more about him. I tortured my internet connection by downloading loads of his performance videos, then torturing my eyes to watched them over and over again. Yes, he has the adorable and endearing personality, he’s cute and witty. He made every events and variety shows he attended worth-watching (I think even Kang Ho Dong loves him a lot ^_^). Yes, he has the greatest dancing ability. His sexy dance left me nosebleed all the time but his traditional dancing skills grow my love for him. But above all that, he has the quality that I adore the most, the shy yet heart-warming smile that bright my days everytime I saw it.. Not to forget about his acting skill. His acting in “Timeless” and the day he pranked Patty Hou were proofs to his acting skills. (I will talk about his voice later :p)

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 was D-day. The day when I found the video of  “Wings of Love”  It was the first time I heard him singing fully solo. What can I say? I was not one of those young girls who are screaming for him because of his sexiness (though I agree, Han Geng brings the sexy back :p) or because of his handsomeness. I am just a simple ordinary woman who admires multi-talents. But his voice.. I don’t know how to explain my feelings about his voice. I go off to my bed along with “Wings of Love” and “Betrayal” as my lullabies.  His voice was the softest and the most soothing one, but when he took the high pitch, he put the whole power on it. Surprisingly, he is also able to sing up-beat songs. Everytime he sings, he put soul to the song. He’s singing from his heart. He has the voice and skill of a real talented SINGER.

I can’t get more updates lately, because my young friend who introduced me to Super Junior admires Dong Bang Shin Ki & Shinee more than Super Junior, so I was  just like left alone in the dark for the past few months, knowing only tiny little parts of his “news”. But thanks to my crazy browsing period. Though I blurry remember which link I hit when I finally found Because you are Han Geng, and again started torturing my internet connection and my eyes to read everything single story posted there. I love the way all of the authors put their stories. Very friendly and easy to understand, but never lost its essentials. For newbie like me, their blogs, written all in English, was the treasure-chest.

Han Geng is the first Asian star that really caught my eyes and my heart. He has the remarkable multi-talents that makes me support him fully. The more I learned about him, the more assured I was that he SHOULD spread his wings and fly as high as he can. In my own humble opinion, Han Geng is worth more than just “the only Chinese member of number one Korean pop idol group” He’s worth to become the “One & Only Han Geng”. I will leave the sad memories about his 7 years period in Korea, because those years though it was hard and heart-breaking, formed him to become the stronger Han Geng today. I will only see the days when he started to get his new life back in Mainland China. The days that made me proud of him. I am very proud to watch the videos of his total amazing entertaning performance on his solo concert, last mid July. I am very proud of him for being supportive for many events, especially charity events. I am very proud of him because he, with his powerful influence, has been chosen as the Asian Games spokesperson (this one is  really beyond my imagination, that he voluntarily signed himself up to this event).

I believe it’s never too late to become Geng’s fan, because he has the multi-talents and strong heart that will make him stay long in this entertainment industry. I am supporting him in my own way. Not the crazy overdosed blind-folded way. Han Geng is the boy who dared to leave his convenient shell to pursue his dream in far away country, alone. The boy who passed many hard moments and cried only in his heart. The boy who has great talent but not able to pull it out to its ultimate. Han Geng is the boy who finally turned into a man and fight for his own liberty. The man who has the voice that can ease and soothe painful heart. The man with kind heart who treats his fans as his friends.  The multi talented with heart-winning attitude. The charming & down- to- earth man with a heart-warming smile. The former Chinese member of Super Junior, Hankyung who is now becoming the Asian superstar, Han Geng. To him, I give my support.

Han Geng, die dao le bie ren shu. Ni de meng xiang you wo men shou hu. Ai ni de xin yong yuan hui wei ni zhu fu. Wo men de ai shi ni de chi bang..

As for myself, I am an Indonesian- born full-blooded Chinese who totally CAN NOT speak Chinese (need to learn few Chinese sentences to express my feeling towards Han Geng ^_^) and  used to put my name on fansites as “mylittleheart” because I wrote my personal blog to share what my heart sees and feels.

— end of story —

credit : on pictures and Hangeng19840209@yt

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13 Responses to From The Heart

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Wow~~~~thank you soooo much for sharing your heart about Han Geng with us, mylittleheart ^^ It is always so great to hear gengfan’s experiences and thoughts of getting to know Han Geng, always so moving, always full of love, and bringing back my memory…when I finish reading, I always find smile on my face, sometimes, tears in my eyes. I also love the way you describe his voice, his voice can truly infiltrate my heart~

    HaHa~~~I have a lot to say, but I’d better stop, otherwise I cannot finish my work for today~~~anyway, the more I know about Han Geng, the harder for me to describe him and my feeling for him ^^

  2. S2X says:

    it makes really happy everytime i see that he has gained another new fan because of who he is, not because of his looks or because he is/was the “Chinese member of SJ” because we know that those kinds of love and admiration are superficial. he win over people’s hearts because of his attitude, personality and talents. he has this special aura that can easily touch our hearts and inspire us. that’s why his fanbase is not only limited to crazy teenage girls. he has fans of all ages, genders and nationalities.

    there’s this lady who i work with in my job. she’s already in her 50s, so she’s definitely not in the age of paying attention to celebrities in general anymore. but last week when i went to work she told me how she saw a really cute guy who she really liked called Han Geng in a Taiwanese TV show called “A Night With Xiao Yan” (yeah, it was that show where the host purposely stepped on his shoes to make him scold her lol!). when i heard this i was thrilled, of course. i told her that he was my favorite idol. but i didn’t think she would care much about it. then a few days later she told me that she saw another of his interviews and it made her cry. it was the one where his father wrote him a letter and made him cry. she said that it’s so rare to see such a young celebrity who’s so filial to his parents and who’s been through so much. and when i told her about how SME treated him, she screamed “he should’ve totally sued them earlier!”, like a total fangirl lol!!! she just wouldn’t stop talking about him for the rest of the day haha! so yeah, it seems like he just won another fan. ^_^

    • polly says:

      I was moved by the letter of Han Geng’s father, too. It makes me see a father’s tender heart. I thought about my father and became thoughtful and emotional. I could not do as well as he did on the part of how to think for parents and do something for them. He did have tried to change his parents’ life, especially his mother’s life and was quite considerate for them. Although my parents has devoted all their love to my younger brother and me, we could not pay back anthing right now at the moment and sometimes made them worry. I sometimes was shamed of myself on that I can’t help my parents to share any burden of them. I really admire Han Geng for his courage and effort of trying his best to make his family happier and their lives easier. He is really a person with very strong sense of responsibility to his family.

  3. *humble bow*
    xie xie ni men.. thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my heart’s expression..

    Han Geng, you bring more than you realized. Love and friendship everywhere…

  4. followurdestiny says:

    I love reading these touching and detailed stories … partly because I can relate and partly because it makes my heart swelll in happiness for Han Geng and for fans all over the world. ^__^
    Thank u! Let’s spread the love!

  5. Smile says:

    Age doesn’t matter, if a person is happy there is nothing wrong with that. Hangeng has give happiness to all people that knew him. To a mature fans he is like a son or a little brother to care for and for the younger fans he is someone who can guide them 🙂

  6. Mandy says:

    Thanks mylittleheart for sharing her story. My dad asked me who my “current” Korean idol is last night after dinner while I was working on the computer. I told him my idol IS a Chinese! My sis and brother then started singing “international go go, international show show”. My dad commented that I keep changing idols that he can’t keep up with me. My sis then commented, “This one (meaning Han Geng) is different, Mandy’s been after this one for awhile and it looks like this one will last.” Han Geng brings me positive sides than any other idols could and he has influenced me in little ways in life. Thanks Han Geng.

  7. szhang59 says:

    Hi guys
    My name is Susan. I am new here. I knew Hangeng only four month ago, but I almost searched and viewed all of video clips about him in a very short time. I know this blog throngh gengbar and I like you guys’ articles very much. visiting this blog has become my everyday rutine life. The articles on this blog are with full love and profound thoughts instead of simply following his schedule and events. That’s why I would like to leave my message here and say hello to all of you. Thank you all for running this blog and supporting Hangeng for so long time and give us so many beautiful articles.
    I am a completely Chinese and I am not good at English skill. I am so ashamed of my English because I have been in Toronto for four years. There are many Chinese immigrants here who don’t use English everyday. I rarely speak English in my daily life so I make a very little progress on my English.
    For some of you, English is still a second language but you guys can use English so perfectly so that I both admire and envy you so much! Based on Hangeng’s going international, it triggers me to learn English again. I will learn English from all of you here.
    Forgive me for so long non-sense self-introduction. Thank you all again. Thank you for presenting wonderful postings. Please feel free to correct my English mistakes at any time.

    • S2X says:

      hi susan, nice to meet you! i’m from toronto too! i have many chinese friends just like you, whose english isn’t that good because they’re always speaking chinese only. so i help them with english and they help me practice mandarin. i think this is a good way to learn languages, by learning from each other. and the best thing is that Han Geng is a great inspiration for me to learn mandarin and always try my best in everything i do. i’m happy to know that there are other Gengfans in toronto! feel free to message me if you need any help with your english! we Gengfans are all family who love to help each other! 🙂

    • trueblue says:

      Welcome Susan, feel free anytime to come here..thank you for your kind words..we try our best to give readers a better understanding of Han Geng..through our views and which are not just irrational idol chasing..hehehehe..
      Most of us are past the age of idol chasing,we are either parents ourselves or older sisters’ fans so we have seen all the crazy idol chasing in our past life..hehehe

      • szhang59 says:

        Hi s2x and trueblue
        Thanks for encouraging me. I am happy to know that s2x is also living in Toronto. That means we could meet each other some day. Thanks to Hangeng I make new friend here. Hehehe…

  8. S2X says:

    sure, i would love to meet with other Gengfans in Toronto cus usually i feel like i’m the only one here…

  9. lornawangjuan says:


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