Thailand Stop(Update with video)

As we all know, Han Geng is in Thailand now..he arrived in Bangkok this morning..from his vacation place in  Koh Samui..

Here are some arrival pictures taken by Thai Gengfans at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Then he went to tape a programme at Tohkao Banterng (Channel 3) He is such a hard-working guy that the immediately went to work right after the plane landed…

Han Geng seems to be very familiar with these people at the station..hehehe..

Now after the hard work, he is leaving for his lunch..want to see where that place is..hehehe?

It looked like there were many fans waiting for him at the airport even though his flight was as early as 8-tish in the morning..and looked like he was on “live” broadcast already..!!

I don’t know what his schedule is like in Bangkok except the one that is on Oct.9, fan-meeting..

Hope these pictures will be able to whet your appetite in the meantime…hehehe..

Look what this gamer- boy did at the arrival hall of the airport..??

credits : tagged in pictures..

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11 Responses to Thailand Stop(Update with video)

  1. I felt huge relief.. he took vacation before he’s back to his tight schedule. He’s thinner, but I believe he’s healthy and happy.. that’s the most important..
    thanks for posting this so quick dear..

  2. followurdestiny says:

    Such a hardworker ^_^… as long as he’s happy and healthy XD

  3. garnetblue says:

    Today at 5.30 pm he has a press conference at Siam House.
    Tomorrow from 17.00 to 19.00- Autograph session
    Sat..16.00 to 18.00- Fan Meeting..
    He still has a lot of fans in Thailand..!!

  4. Mandy says:

    The anchorman: Good luck…Han Geng…haha…

  5. polly says:

    Is there anyone who know Thai and who could translate the following two into English? They are in Thai.

    1. News online:

    2. Interview 101007[ThoKhaoBunTerng]

    Anyone who could help may post the translation at //


    • polly says:

      I think it’s better if anyone who know Chinese, English and Thai could translate the second one, the interview.

      • Mandy says:

        haha, Han Geng is going international that his gengfans need to be multilingual, not just bilingual!

  6. S2X says:

    i had no idea what the hosts were saying but at least i could understand the translator and Han Geng himself since they were speaking in Chinese hehe…

    i’m actually quite surprised that he has so many fans in Thailand, that’s the 1st non-chinese speaking country that he visited after going solo.

  7. trueblue says:

    Actually, we don’t need any translators because by now we should know that the questions asked are the usual ones that were asked in all the interviews…hehehe…
    In one of the fan-accounts, Han Geng was heard saying that he could understand Thai by now ..hehehe..according to the fan, the questions were similar and so Geng has already a grasp of it…the Thai language..!!
    I also want to make a note there that aside from the “official” Geng fan clubs in Thailand, there were also ELFs in the crowd…Geng fan clubs are known as GengThai and Hankyung Club Thailand..aka HCT ..these are the only two that I know of…
    Did anyone notice that Geng was stopping at the PSP games store before he left the terminal..? He is such a PSP gamer…hehehe..
    Some fans who were at the press conference last night,heard that if there was a chance for Han Geng to name a panda, he would name it …”Geng Geng” ..hahahaha..after all it is not surprising to me because all his pets are having double characters like “Rong Rong” “Long Long” and etc…hehehe…

  8. gengrice says:

    Hangeng love himself as china man, he love his country and his langguage. Even he understand other langguage but still he use his own langguge, I remember hangeng had mention it in one of his interview in china, he said that he want all people in the world know how to speak mandarin. Unlike other artist, hangeng teach his fan to speak mandarin, even some fan does not understand what he talk about but because they love him they try to learn mandarin.

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes I remembered what he said about wishing that the world could just speak Chinese..hehehe..!!
      Here is an info on the world’s percentage of Mandarin speakers..!! I don’t know how accurate that is..I just googled it..
      6,650,000,000 world population
      885,000,000 Mandarin speakers

      that would be 177/1330 or about 13.3%
      Here’s another info…
      Mandarin Chinese while not the most widely spoken language in the world is the language spoken by the most people around the world.

      It’s hard to say how many people speak Mandarin world wide. Due to the countries national language or required learning languages include Mandarin Chinese the following can be assumed:

      Population of China: 1.4 billion
      Population of Taiwan: 23 million
      Population of Singapore: 4.58 million
      Total of three countries: 1.427 billion
      (Figures are approximations as of June 2008)

      This doesn’t include the Chinese that have immigrated to other countries. Nor does it include countries where their may be other Mandarin speakers such as Malaysia. The ultimate figure would possibly be much higher.

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