Han Geng Turns Up The Heat In Thailand…

Like many of you, I was “shocked” and pleasantly surprised on the wild enthusiasm of the Thai support for Han Geng.. I have seen many crazy and wild ways of showing support to idols but I never expected or suspected that this much fervor and passion could be bestowed on one such person like Han Geng..I thought that witnessing the enthusiasm of fans in Singapore was high already..but now watching the excited and passionate welcome for Han Geng in Bangkok was one touching scene…!! He is so loved in Thailand not to mention being respected as well…I don’t know whether to call this infatuation or devotion..? hehehe.. From here I would like to thank the Thai Geng supporters for giving him such a warm and heated welcome..hehehe..that the newspapers are heading their articles in such a manner…Han Geng turning up the heat in Bangkok…!!

I understand that Thais usually greet another person with clasped hands and a slight bow of the head as a form of welcome and goodbye..this is called “Wai” in Thai….and to see Han Geng giving and receiving this form of greeting is such a pleasure and pride on my part..to know that Han Geng can hold his own..to know that he can now stand on the world stage boldly and courageously and proudly..

I would like to share a little bit on this kind of greetings and in what form it can be used..just like when Han Geng was in Inner Mongolia two months back, he was greeted with the highest form of respect being draped with a Blue Hada..normally a White Hada will be draped over one’s shoulders as a form of welcome but Blue is the highest…!!!!

So this time in Thailand, I was pleasantly taken aback by the gesture of one of Geng’s devoted male fans..so I did some poking around  Google and trying to put some sense into that gesture…here is what I found..

“In Thailand, we greet each other by gracefully raising both hands near the head or chest and pressing our palms together like as in prayer and say “Sawadee Krub” if you’re a male or “Sawadee Ka”, if you are a female. This gesture is called a “Wai” and it’s our traditional and current way of greeting and showing respect to each other. Sounds quite simple right? …Wrong! You also need to know why, when, and how to wai. You certainly don’t want to go around and wai everyone you bump into, people will think you’re a bit insane.

Why Wai?
We Wai each other not for the sole purpose of greeting, but the wai is a gesture of respect.
The greeting is done just by saying “Sawadee Krub/Ka” and the wai adds respects to the greeting. We also wai when someone gives us a gift and say “Kob Khun Krub/Ka” while receiving the gift. So you see, the main purpose of this gesture is actually to show respect and not simply a way of saying “Hi”.

When to wai
A wai is usually given when you meet someone for the first time and you want to show respect to this person
(i.e. your parent’s friends or someone older than you). If the person being introduced is younger than you, you have to wait for this person to wai you first and then you reciprocate with a wai. If you’re the same age, you can just nod your head and say “Sawadee Krub/Ka”. We Thais respect our elders by giving the wai first. However, you don’t always have to follow the age rule, as the main reason for the wai is to show respect as mentioned. If someone is of the same age, but is of a respectful status like a business partner or a good customer, it’s generally OK to give the wai first as a show of respect.

As a rule of thumb, here are some people you don’t have to wai to first, but you can reciprocate with a wai if you choose to. I usually return a wai when it’s given to me, doesn’t matter who the person is.

  • Doorman
  • Maid
  • Taxi drivers
  • Cashiers
  • Waiters
  • Flight attendance

How to Wai
Now that you know why and when to wai, you now need to know how to wai, as the gesture is different depending on whom you’re interacting with. For someone older or commanding high respect (like the prime minister of Thailand), we wai by raising our clasped palm near the forehead and bowing a little. For someone younger, you can return a wai by placing your clasped palm near the chest. For monks, whom we show the highest respect, we place our clasped palm near our head and kneel down as well to be in a lowered position to show the utmost respect.

So if you’re in a “to wai or not to wai” situation, just ask yourself whether or not you want to show this person the most respectful form or greeting. Enjoy Thailand and “Sawadee Krub!” (with a wai gesture).

I especially pointed this out because his gesture of greetings not only involved respect but also worship..by kneeling down…!! So it shocked the people in the autograph session that day,and that’s why we see the news flashing across Thailand.. Yes indeed our boy was flattered but at the same time overwhelmed …because that form of greeting is the highest…even I was a bit shocked when I was reading the fan- accounts in Baidu Geng bar..I couldn’t believe it ..!! I wanted to see proof and so someone uploaded that picture and so everything fell into place…!! I also read that some female fan tattooed her belly with the word “庚 ” literally..!!

I was amazed at the extreme ways they went through just to show how supportive and devoted they are to Han Geng..This one is also from the fans’ accounts..Xiao Meng (and staff) wanted to see and feel what’s like to be part of the queue in the autograph session and so Xiao Meng pretended to be one of those in the queue..our Han Geng was busy signing that he didn’t notice it was Xiao Meng..and he stretched out his hand for a hand-shake when he looked up and saw that it was Xiao Meng..!! The audience just laughed at Han Geng’s reactions…that was a nice one..!! Below is the “official” news of the events that Han Geng attended since his arrival in Bangkok on the 7th..

From news article……..

On the 9th of October, Han Geng held the Thailand stop of his Asian fansign event. Since arriving in Bangkok on October 7, several hundred fans were following him closely, and the screams and crowds brought up the Han Geng fever in Bangkok. Even the host of Thailand’s popular Channel 3 couldn’t hold it in, and took out his/her private camera during the programme to take a photo as keepsake.

Han Geng who had arrived in Bangkok on the morning of October 7, did not return to the hotel to rest, and immediately went to the Channel 3 station in order to kickstart his schedules in Thailand. Several hundred fans followed him closely, causing the three floors of the building opposite the TV station to be filled with fans. The situation at the entrance of the studio does not need to be mentioned, because the screaming sounds nearly deafened those who were around.

This is the first time that Han Geng is having activities in Thailand after going solo, and the Thai fans who gave their warm support touched Han Geng deeply. Even the host of the Thai Channel 3 television channel also took out his/her private camera during the event in order to take a photo as keepsake; Han Geng’s immense popularity in Thailand can thus be seen.

It has been reported that Han Geng’s fanmeeting in Thailand will be held on October 9, and there would be 2000 fans at the venue who would share with him the music and mood of 《Geng Xin》. And during the fanmeeting, Han Geng will perform 《Queen》 from his album live for the first time after his concert. Aside from that, the Thai fans also have the opportunity to appreciate the MV movie in 《Geng Xin》 that is 30 minutes long.

From October 7 to October 9, Han Geng will be in Bangkok, Thailand to have the promotional activities for his new album 《Geng Xin》, and also hold a fanmeeting in Thailand. On the afternoon of the 8th, Han Geng had an autograph session for 300 lucky fans. A lot of fans started queuing up very early, and cried the moment they saw Han Geng, and their feeling of surprise far exceeds the threshold of speech. Not only are there female fans who have tattooed Han Geng’s name on their body, there’s also a male fan whom walked up to Han Geng and suddenly knelt in front of him to express his support during the fansigning session. This caused Han Geng to feel extremely flattered, and immediately stood up to pull the male fan up, before thanking him for his support. After standing up, the male fan turned emotional, and turned towards the fans who were behind him and yelled “Han Geng, jiayou*!” at the top of his voice.

When faced by the Thai fans’ frantic support for the past few days, Han Geng mentioned that he was extremely touched. This was his first public event in Thailand after going solo, and the fans’ ever increasing support is his greatest motivating factor. In addition, he also said that he would bring more excitement and surprises on the fanmeeting on the 9th.

* Jiayou is the equivalent of ‘fighting!’

credits : thanks..
Source: 腾讯娱乐
Shared by chunny @ sj-world.net
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

May take out with FULL and proper credits, with no modifications.

Thanks to those whose pictures I am using here..all credits go to those who are tagged in the pics…

At Fan-Meeting om 9th Oct…

credits tagged in pictures..thank you

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18 Responses to Han Geng Turns Up The Heat In Thailand…

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  2. followurdestiny says:

    Reading this gives me a boisterous feeling 🙂 … such warmth, love, and enthousiasm..!
    Thank u for sharing!

  3. bristlegrass says:

    ahahahahahah~~~~Thai Gengfans are sooo great! I’m so proud of you, Geng!!!!!!

    BUT, I’m god damn jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wendy says:

    I knew Han Geng was popular in Thailand, but I thought it was because he was part of a popular group. But now that he’s gone solo and was still received with such fervor and support makes me relieved and happy. Even entertainment professionals like the broadcasters from the t.v. station are excited about Han Geng, although I’m sure they have seen many celebrities before. Just look at the picture of them together shows that they are not just professional peers, but good friends taking “fun” pictures together. There is no distance between them and Han Geng. He has that effect on people, being always friendly and down-to-earth. Han Geng is conquering one country at a time with his warmth and sincerity.

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes indeed, Han Geng is conquering one country at a time…I was really shocked and surprised of the amount of support he gets from them..I heard that there were Thai artists attending the fan-meeting too..and he is popular among them ..For Han Geng to receve such support all for himself is truly wonderful to know..The VCR done by GengThai and Hankyung Club Thailand..was so moving..no wonder Han Geng cried after watching it..It was their present to him..it talked about the 1st time HG went to Thailand and till now, how they have been supporting him all these time…He is loved and that is fine with me…

      • garnetblue,
        can I have link to the VCR you mentioned above? made by GengThai & HCT.. thank you..

        as for Han Geng, I was speechless since I read this blog yesterday. Especially when seeing the picture of the male fan who knelt down in front of him. Still wondering till today, what actually he has in him.. it must be more than just sincererity and warmth..

      • bristlegrass says:

        @mylittleheart~I am not good at searching video clips at youtube, so here is a link, hopefully, you can access to it. I think Garnetblue can help with the YT link if there is one 😛 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/XgFA0kLdaXg/

        According to some fan account, the male fan who knelt down in front of him was very sincere and serious when and even after he finished his etiquette. Although I’m not quite sure about this etiquette in Thailand, but based on what I know, I think he did show his highest respect to Han Geng. Same as you, I was a bit surprised when I heard this news, but I understand him. I may tease Han Geng to be a 3 years old boy sometimes ^^, but from the bottom of my heart, I truly respect him. Not only his sincerity and warmth, but also his perserverance, his courage, his pure and kind heart even after been through so many hardships. I respect him, because I never thought I could be far away from home for pursuing a dream all alone when I was 13 years old; I respect him, because I don’t have the courage to go to a foreign land without bringing a penny with me and knowing any language in that country when I was 19 years old; I respect him, because I am not sure if I would have such determination to give up everything I have gain within 6 years and restart all over again for my dream; I respect him, because I don’t know if I still could be so kind, simple, and forgiven to others after undergoing so many hardships which I don’t deserve; his status or condition may keep changing, but he never stop pursuing his dream, no one knows what that dream is, but based on what I can tell now, it is not about money or power……well, I think I can go on and on about why I respect him^^ just at least, now, I think I’ve learnt a lot from Han Geng after become his fan, so he deserves my respect, not only as a celebrity.

      • I saw the video! him singing for the fan.. I don’t which one I prefer, on the girl’s shoe or being one of the screaming fans.. I think I choose the second one. Screaming lol.. won’t have any strength to be on stage and took those kind of flirtious act from Han Geng ^_^ thanks for Garnetblue for the link.

        and thanks to you too bristlegrass. the video made by Thai fans & HCT really showing their love to our Geng.. I can’t be more agree with you.. he deserve our respect not only as a celebrity..

  5. Smile says:

    Respect come w/o force. “People throw a stone to you, you throw back flower to them” it is what hangeng do now. People love him w/o force & doubt. People see his sincerity. People who love him does not need word to describe. It is like falling in love, you don’t know how or when you just knew it.

  6. trueblue says:

    Here’s another video clip of the seductive, courting dance of Han Geng..this one is a close-up..hehehe enjoy..!!
    Haahahaha, he is making all the Gengrice in China jealous…!!

  7. Sharon says:

    This is too cute I must share it with you! You all know that what Hangeng did in Thailand FM has made fans in China very jealous. They are all drinking vinegar (in Chinese, drinking vinegar means you are very jealous) and so angry that they said Hangeng might as well stay in Thailand. They also claimed they would ignore him and greet Sun Le and Siu Meng at the airport instead!

    Before I tell you what happened at the airport this morning, I give you some background information. As Hangeng has so many types of fans, each kind has their own image to Hangeng. Mama fans would see him as their son; male fans would see him as brothers; most fans, regardless of age, would see him as lover or husband! Since Hangeng lives in Beijing, the fans in Beijing call themselves the Queen and fans in other provinces and countries are concubines (wives of a king).

    This is what happened at the airport this morning according to some accounts on Weibo:

    Some fans arrived at the airport the night before cos it was a very early flight. When they came out, Sun Le said first: Vinegar? Where’s the vinegar? (looks like he was prepared too) Fans didn’t know how to react but continued to carry out their plan and started to bombard Hangeng with demands!
    Fans: Gaze into the eyes wanted!
    We want gazing into eyes with glasses taken off!
    We want our face touched!
    We want single-knee kneel!
    We want going home to see parents! And many other demands!
    Hangeng was embarrassed trying not to laugh, but couldn’t help it. Finally he said: OK, OK, got that!
    Fans kept whining and Sun Le was laughing all the way too!
    Fans continued: Are Thai concubines’ sweets or Beijing prawn cookies more tasty?
    Are Thai concubines beautiful?
    You really don’t love us anymore?!( Sang together, the lyris of Fire) Is it real or not?
    Hangeng tried to stay calm the whole time but couldn’t help it a few times until he stepped on his car and carelessly showed his underwear, then it’s screaming and laughing again!

    This is so lovely! I also think this is so warm! I don’t know about other stars, I just think this one and his fans are so special!

    • trueblue says:

      Ooh thank you so much Sharon..for the story..Yes I read it but wasn’t too sure of the real situation so I didn’t comment on that..I was laughing away..with so many kinds of vinegar….!! Yes Han Geng is a tease…even SL was prepared just in case the fans at the airport were too jealous..I really laughed my head off..I was so amused..That’s true understanding..between him and his fans….eh?
      Han Geng used to say that he is not good in sweet talking to a girl..hahaha..look at him now..!! He practically teased the poor girl with his seductive and flirtatious dance…!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Sun Le actually posted at miniblog even before flying to Beijing, he said, the breakfast for tomorrow morning will be dumplings, seems we don’t need vinegar, just order some pepper. So, Han Geng and his team were definitely aware of the situation when they arrived in Beijing. They might even imagine what Gengrice would do at the airport…maybe giving Han Geng a bottle of vinegar? Well, apparently, Gengrices didn’t prepare for that = =
      Hehehehe~~~the whole point is to see Han Geng smile and happy, as long as he is happy, Gengrices are happy, no matter where they are from 🙂

    • S2X says:

      oh so we’re Geng’s concubines? i never knew that lol! but i wanna be his queen…i think i’m moving to Beijing then haha!

  8. wendy says:

    Since we are sharing videos, can I also share one too? 😉 So far we’ve seen how Han Geng is winning the female Gengfans over, but this video also show that he knows how to win male Gengfans over too! This dance battle was so much fun and the Thai Gengfan was very good too.

    • Smile says:

      You know Wendy I watch this clips more than 20 times. I just laugh and smile when seeing hangeng like a teenager try to pick a fight with that boy 🙂

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