Han Geng’s Official Website…

Han Geng officially launches  his very own website today…

I just got back from Baidu Gengbar…

This is the official address…


You have to wait for it to download the page…

What does it mean..? No more blogging for us..? hehehe..We go straight to his website..?

Hope you guys can access it.I am now browsing the site now…hehehe

I am so excited to the point of being incoherent.. !!! hehehe

When the page opens, this is what it looks like…

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12 Responses to Han Geng’s Official Website…

  1. sl says:

    No, no, all of you must continue to blog…your blog give me much insights to things that happen to hangeng.

    Btw is it just me? I kept getting error message when I tried to move around the tab in his website. 😦

  2. xiaofei says:

    doesn’t open at all =//

  3. lornawangjuan says:


  4. trueblue says:

    Yes me too..It can’t open..maybe, it is still new..and there may be some computer glitches that need to be iron out..hehehe..maybe after a day or so…

  5. trueblue says:

    News flash.. the site crash..hehehe..!! too many traffic because of the gengfans…hahaha

  6. wendy says:

    Being here in the US, I got the news pretty late so I didn’t get a chance to browse the site before it “crashed” … haha! Just one question though, how come they didn’t use the “HG” logo but instead use a different one (with wings) on the website? I think the “HG” probably have more recognition.

    On that note, I’m excited that Han Geng has an official website. But having an official website is not an easy task, esp. if Han Geng wants to go international. They have to take a lot of things into account (for e.g. the number of hits on the site so it doesnt’ crash and different languages so international fans can understand). I hope that Han Geng’s team takes their time and produce a website that is truly worthy of him. 🙂

  7. bristlegrass says:

    Hehehehe~~~~I think I need to clarify a little bit here…let’s skip the process of “debate” ^^, get to the result directly…well…this website is not the final version, just some initial thoughts designed in March…based on today’s discussion among many Gengfans as well as the miniblog posts of Sun Le and Han Geng’s assistant Xiaoping who is responsible for promotion, there will be some major changes on this official website. Gengfans’ suggestions are welcomed.

  8. S2X says:

    can’t really access it right now, i can’t get pass the welcome page. it’s probably still under construction. but from what i see in the scans here, the tabs are in english, so are the info in it also in english?

    • just like s2x I was not able to pass the welcoming page..

      well.. for us who really love Han Geng, his official site would be very worth-waiting.. crashed was expected hehe.. so I agree with Wendy, it should have more anticipation and hard work from HG’s team, so it can really help Han Geng go international..

      by the way.. the site really looks cute & playful.. just hope that we can fully access it soon..

  9. szhang59 says:

    As I know, there is English only on the title tags or navigations. Some gengfans have suggested strongly that there’d better have three versions of language to switch: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English. I hope HG’s team could adopt this suggestion.

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes I think they already got the message..we will just wait for the final website to be relaunched..hehehe!! I am waiting for it with anticipation…!! Since he is going international, he should do that..I don’t know if he ever thought of adding another language in his discretion..the one he started with..he should because he still have fans there who are following closely his activities there..hehehe…

      • wendy says:

        Garnetblue, I think that’s a fantastic idea especially if Han Geng doesn’t want to give up that market. I know SM spreads a lot of negative rumors about Han Geng there and a lot of people are misinformed. But if those people can get the news directly from his website, it’ll make the negative rumors less effective! Then again, knowing SM, they’ll probably block his website from their country. haha…

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