Esplanade Showcase 2010

In recent days, there are video clips popping up all over the net, of Han Geng’s two overseas in Singapore and the other in Bangkok, Thailand..

In both of these two showcases, Han Geng showed two different performances depending on the audience response..The skits were all different even though both were fan-meetings..!!Though he sang his own songs and the performances were similar in nature and yet there was a different kind of atmosphere in these two concert halls…!! It is very true that we react differently depending on the nature of the response we get from the one we interact with..!!

In Singapore, the majority of the audience were locals, with a few foreign Gengfans, but overall the showcase was for Singapore Gengfans…Thanks to those foreign Gengfans who went to those two events because they helped to fill up the concert halls..not because they couldn’t be filled up but because it just happened that the event was held at the time when Singapore was having the National Exams for most of Singapore Gengfans couldn’t make it to the concerts..According to one fan account, the concert hall was 98% that shows that some were unable to go for various reasons….

Also according to one of those radio-show hosts who interviewed HG on their shows mentioned that the Esplanade concert hall is very imposing, grand and prestigious, and for Han Geng to be able to hold his fan-meeting there was a milestone in itself..!!


Overall View Of Esplanade Concert Hall


For Han Geng to be able to fill up the hall with 98%  capacity was truly a feat and that’s why we have this slogan at our blog..Because You Are Han Geng…Just look at how imposing the hall is..just being able to enter the thresholds of that place is an experience and adventure itself..How many of us were able to experience the aura of that hall if not for Han Geng..! I don’t know the real reason behind this decision of having Han Geng holding his fan-meeting there, but what I know is means that Han Geng is highly respected and appreciated for his work and music..not just any Tom, Dick or Harry can simply have their concert in there..!! That place is exclusive and it reflects the kind of concerts that can be accepted to be shown there..!!It has a list of some prominent artists who had their concerts there and so I can safely say that Han Geng is included in this list..hehehe Below is a little trivia on the concert hall..

Concert Hall


Foyer to the concert hall

It’s a venue for concerts, recitals, and other performances. There are only five other halls in the world with such state-of-the-art acoustics[4].

The orchestral platform is able to hold up to 120 musicians. Above it is the movable acoustic canopy, which is composed of three pieces, each weighing 17 tons. This canopy serves the purpose of a sound reflector, both to get the right acoustics to suit the ongoing event, and also to enable musicians to hear themselves on stage. As such, the hall can cater to a diverse range of musical performances.

The hall’s reverberation chamber, used to vary the acoustic characteristics of the Hall, is an open void that spans three levels and has a volume of 9,500 cubic metres, or about the volume of four Olympic-sized swimming pools. It boasts 84 computer controlled doors and flaps. Each door weighs between 3 to 11 tons, with the largest door being 10.5 meters in height and the smallest door being 2.2 meters tall. This chamber is hidden behind mahogany timbre ribs that frame the front walls of the Concert Hall.

The concert hall’s Pipe Organ comprises 4740 pipes and 61 stops. It was custom designed and built by Johannes Klais Orgelbau, one of the world’s renowned organ-builders.

The Concert Hall is able to comfortably seat about 1,600 people over four levels in an intimate setting. Types of seats include Stalls, Foyer stalls, and Circles 1, 2, and 3. There are another 200 seats in the choir stalls behind the concert hall stage, which may be converted into Gallery seats for an additional 200 people. There are also four exclusive VIP Private Boxes, which provide a close-up view of the performances.

n the relatively short time that The Esplanade has been open it has played host to a wealth of big name acts and performances, including the Queen Musical We Will Rock You, Avenue Q and the regular Mosaic Music Festival. It has also proudly championed locally-based acts with performances by various groups, including The Great Spy Experiment, etc., Mathilda & the Motherfunkys, West Grand Boulevard and The Disclaimers.

So we now know how precious is our Han Geng in the eyes of others and how much he is appreciated for his work and art..he is now in the A-List of stars and artists..(anyone disagrees with me on that…hehehe? )

Now here are the video clips of the complete showcase at the Esplanade Concert Hall..thanks to the YT channel user, we can also experience being in the Hall together with the other Gengfans..though virtually..hahaha..!! Enjoy..!!

Credits : as tagged in the videos..thank you..

P.S. The picture of the Concert Hall was taken on the actual day of the can see the fans filling up the hall…

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13 Responses to Esplanade Showcase 2010

  1. “he is now in the A-List of stars and artists..” because you are Han Geng.. ”
    Nothing can’t stop him now..

    thank you for writing this garnetblue.. kudos.. I love the way you and the other authors “open” my eyes to see more about Han Geng. He’s really worth to have the highest respect..

  2. SL says:


    I was at the fanmeeting and I do have an question on how the percentage of 98% was ascertained. As far as I can see, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor were empty so if 98% meant the ground floor and box offices then we have the right percentage 😛 . It is true it is unfortunately that HG came at the time where all the students in Singapore were having or are preparing for their year end examinations, otherwise the attendence rate from the local will be much much better.

    Nevertheless the performances were flawless and the sound quality of the concert hall was faultless 🙂

    • garnetblue says:

      I haven’t been there yet but one day when I go back to my home country,I will pass through Singapore before going to my hometown of Penang..I usually do that whenever I go back because my aunts live there and they always expect me to drop there first this time I will make sure I visit the “Durian” and other new and interesting places..!!
      I don’t know what seating arrangement they made with the organisers, but it looked like they only occupied the ground floor and the boxes..The thing was the it was something..!!!

      • SL says:

        Actually something did puzzle me with the seating arrangement made by the organisers. I booked my tickets only on the Monday the week before the Sunday performance and I managed to get the box offices seats. That actually surpised me as I thought all the highest priced tickets were all sold out. Then I was told by someone (pardon me as I had forgotten who) that the organisers actually blocked off the box offices seats and a few fronts rows seats of the ground floors and only released them for booking in the last 2 weeks.

  3. MM says:

    I really like this blog and I can see that you really love Hangeng. Every post is so full of love

    I am not sure if I will offend anyone by writing my comments, I hope not.

    As an international fan, I frequent many websites to find out news about Hangeng. However, at times I feel very frustrated as most forums have endless posts about very trivial stuff like how jealous they are of certain fans, or just endless posts on how handsome hangeng is.

    I think it is good to have such posts and they are definitely fun to read. I am just very upset to know that fans do not mind countless trivial posts but they do not allow discussions on other more serious matters like how to give some constructive suggestions. Some see such posts as a way to diminish Geng’s effort and people who try to give comments always end up not being active in the forums because they know that majority of Geng’s fans do not share their views.

    I do know Geng frequent certain websites and I feel sad that he will never have balanced opinions. As fans, we support his every decision, but I think we need to allow more constructive suggestions since Geng’s team is very new and they might not really know to market Geng to the whole Asia market as compared to some big company. I am sure as good friends of Geng, they surely hope to do their best for their good friend and they are mature enough to know fans are not there to criticize but to give constructive suggestions that can allow Geng to attract more fans. We might not always give the best suggestions but if there are any good suggestions, they can use them.

    Geng is very popular in China but we need to admit that leaving Suju, many Suju fans has also chosen to forget about him. China is just one market, Geng is an international star. He has the ability to conquer the whole Asia market. Geng is tapping on his current popularity which is good but I think the most important thing is to attract new fans. Every market needs a different type of marketing strategy and looking at the choice of programmes he attended in certain countries, I can say that Geng is not familiar about the market and that will not help him in the long run. I wish only the best for Geng but I am afraid the direction Geng’s team is leading will allow him to stay top in China, and he might gradually loses his international market.

    As for esplanade, a fan said about 98% attendance. I am sure anyone who has been to the concert will know it is totally not true. I bought the $120 ticket, and as far as I can see, it is at most 70-75% attendance. This is still consider good as I heard it is the exam period for most of his fans.

    I am also upset at the way they handle the autograph signing session in Singapore. The organizer has chosen a really weird location and again only fans will attend. This will not help to drive sales nor help to attract new fans. By passers will not be able to see him hence will not be able to know him nor understand his charisma.

    I work in related industry and I was really shocked to know they chose an enclosed area and worse of all, a place where no CD shop sold Geng xin. Most companies will choose an open area autograph signing session so that those who loiter around will get a chance to know him. There will definitely be CD shops nearby that sell the CD so that random person might just feel the urge to buy the CD. They have wasted a chance to drive sales.

    There are so many more things that I want to write but I think I really wrote too much. Sorry for the ramblings.

    • MM says:

      by the way, the above ramblings has nothing to do with this blog. I just feel very upset after visiting other forums. 😦

      • bristlegrass says:

        Haha~~~don’t be upset…I understand that it is hard for many international fans digging into details about what exactly has happened about their idol, and as his fans, we don’t have to love him in the same way ^^ but actually I’m really happy to see you would like to express your honest thoughts and provide constructive suggestions to Han Geng’s team, because I can tell that you deeply care about Han Geng.

        After Han Geng officially comes back this year, we have seen that he is making surprisingly remarkable progress by himself, with the assistant of his team and the support from his fans around the world, within 4-5 months. To me, it is actually amazing. BUT, I am also happy to see Gengrices are not blind with the important issues they observed, they have seen Han Geng has lots of potentials, they have higher expectation on him than ever before, they notice he deserves better than now, that’s why they are so eager to see him grow. I believe he and his team start to recognize that as well. Just like the official website issue, as Sun Le stated at his miniblog, they are a team in the process of learning and growing, and they would like to hear suggestions from Gengfans from their heart.

        I have seen quite a few times Chinese Gengrices seriously discussing Han Geng’s career-related issues, some very devoted Korean Gengrices as well, like our One Pinetree, even before he filed the lawsuit…well, I have to say, it is not a pleasant process, can be stressful…but Han Geng’s actions always show us that he knows what we are talking and thinking, although he never says anything about it ^^ That’s why there is such a strong and special bond between Han Geng and his devoted fans. Now, I am soooo glad to see there are international Gengrices like you, sharing the similar feelings, it shows you truly care about him. Based on my previous experiences of being his devoted fan, I trust Han Geng’s ability to accept good suggestions from fans, and now I can tell his team is getting there, because we all share the same goal. Just give them sometime, allow Han Geng and his team grow steadily. Also, yes…lawsuit is still something restricting him flying freely…no matter how much we don’t want to think about it, it is still there…

    • wendy says:

      MM, I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to voice your opinion here. I, for one, appreciates your input and comment. It’s always nice to hear from a different perspective and have a nice discussion. Afterall, isn’t that how we learn and grow? 😉 I think Han Geng and his team values opinion from his fans too so they can also improve and make progress. And it all goes back to respect. Gengfans respects Han Geng enough to make constructive suggestions and Han Geng and his team respects his fans enough to listen (eg. Han Geng’s website situation). I do see a lot of that from Baidu Gengbar and I know Han Geng visits often. I think you have a lot of good points about how Han Geng should market himself. If you know Chinese, you should post your opinions there so maybe he can see them. Han Geng has put together a good team for himself and I think they will do just fine…slowly but surely.

      As gengfans, we are eager for him to be popular and famous all over the world and be successful. But for Han Geng, I think what’s important to him is just to be respected and happy at work. Everything else is probably just frosting on the cake. 🙂

  4. trueblue says:

    It is always good to listen to others and try to iron out differences..the bottom line can be that we can agree to disagree..
    Thank you for your comments and your views..that is why we international fans/supporters can help Han Geng from our own places and locations in the world..When we truly love him, then we can help him by showing the world what type or what kind of artiste is he.. we can promote him in our own way…. I hope that Han Geng does visit this blog and read some of the comments here..which can help him….advertently
    Let us also give them the benefit of the doubt..right now HG is still tied up in his lawsuit and probably this is one of the obstacles or hindrances they have to take into account when they market HG and doing publicity events..Han Geng has to win that case, and he has to be careful that the other side will not use his activities as their evidences against him in the courts..!! These are only my own thoughts so don’t quote me on this..
    They are still testing the waters and so they are in the process of learning..
    But please do bear this in mind…HG just wants to enjoy the work that he is doing and not to pressure himself with popularity and fame..Yes these come with the job but I think they know what they are doing..for now !
    I think they have plans and they are not revealing them yet for the sake of “trade secrets”..I understand your point..but I also think that they are taking one step at a time, they are treading cautiously and listening to feed-backs..
    For the moment, his album is doing well, which he did not expect..!! Han Geng has a goal and he is pursuing that goal with caution and carefully laid out plans, I think.
    Sometimes what we think is the best way may not be the one that is my suggestion is that while Han Geng and team are doing their part, let us do our part..we can help put him in the global market by making them aware that there is a Chinese singer/artist by the name of Han Geng..
    1. Upload his performances and events on You Tube.
    2. Create accounts in Face-Book .
    3. By blogging or creating forums and send out links..
    4. request for his songs on radio programmes and music charts…
    These are the only suggestions I can think of right now..maybe some of you have some good ideas too..
    I hope people in Gengbar can have link to this blog and thereby Han Geng can access this too and read about the views of international fans and supporters…
    There is a saying in Malay…Sedikit-sedikit menjadi bukit..!!(Little by little it will become a mountain/hill) meaning that when one accumulates little by little, it will eventually becomes a mountain/hill or another translation is this….Little by little we climb the mountain…
    Please don’t get me wrong, I understand where you are coming from and we feel frustrated that people can’t see Han Geng for what he truly is but we have to be patient too…let nature takes its not try too hard or otherwise it might “backfires”..I think I have said enough here…hehehe..
    Oh by the way, our readers come from different parts of the I hope our readers can help too by creating their own blogs and forums and help promote Han Geng and his works…Thank You..

  5. Smile says:

    @MM 🙂 from the way you put your thought I can tell that you are not just a fans but more than that, you love him till you want him to be known international. I agree on you. Since i’m into hangeng, I realise that as a fan i like to help him in any way to be recognize by everyone not just his fan. Lately I’m working on my facebook and WP. I give a comment & suggestion other than HG blog. There is one blogger ask why HG news still on “those” site, so I reply HG is not just a cpop artist but he is an international artist. I’m thankful to those blog even sometime I dislike their certain article but when I see HG news that they post it give other who does not really know or even not a fan of him knew his activity. I even ask for hangeng cd to be sell in any store in my country, I even promote HG to them. I hope one day people will recognize who hangeng is….

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks Smile for helping to promote Han Geng in any way you can in your country…hehehe
      That’s what we should learn from one another..
      We have one common goal, and that is to make Han Geng an international household name..big dreams but not
      Let’s go Gengfans and Gengrice…!! GO GO INTERNATIONAL…SHOW SHOW… INTERNATIONAL LOGO..!!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Wow~~~thank you~~~I can truly tell devoted Gengfans share similar mentality regarding Han Geng no matter where they are from! With all the supports from such lovable fans, our Han Geng CAN GO INTERNATIONAL! 🙂

  6. whitecat says:

    is it too late to share this? from autograph session.

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