Geng Xin Deluxe Edition

There seemed to be some excitement over in Geng Baidu Bar today…!! Some Gengfans already started to receive their Deluxe Album and seemed to have a countdown on the serial number of the album..

The limited number of copies of 20,000 seems to be true.. as you can see in these pictures courtesy of  Mrhanoh who kindly share the photos of the album…(in random order..) There is also unconfirmed news that album # 209 is reserved for Han nobody seems to have that number yet..hehehe..They are having a count-off because they wanted to see who has the last album # 20,000..I think. This is what you will get in the album..

So this is what it looks like..I hope those of you who have ordered will be able to get your copies soon….!! You can see the serial number clearly on the card.. Those who know more details of the album please do comment..Thank you..and correct me if I am wrong on the serial # thing..hehehe..!!

If that is the case and the way it’s going then this album is truly going to be limited..!! And pretty soon it’s going to turn into classic as well……!!..hahaha..

Bonus picture (old files)

Hehehehe….!!  My contribution of consolation to those who were not able to get the Deluxe Album….!! Feast your eyes on him..!! Maybe it will be a substitute for not having the Deluxe Edition..!!


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2 Responses to Geng Xin Deluxe Edition

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Hehe……deluxe edition…

    Anyway, it is never a news about how handsome Han Geng is…we know Han Geng has many Geng knights (male fans), but we think they may appreciate his spirit and personality more, but the background comments caught in these two video clips just tell how guys who are not gengfans think about Han Geng’s performance and appearance. It was a concert on Oct 15 in Yantan, Shandong province, and Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai were also there.

    My Logo, live
    at very beginning, a guy said, “wow~so this is Han Geng.” then at 0:18, another guy commented, “fuckin handsome” (please excuse the dirty word here, hehe ^^). (a little part of Say No and The letter for stranger)
    at 0:07, a guy was like, “wow~” then from 0:12 to 0:15, another guy commented twice, “he is fuckin handsome” (please excuse the dirty word again~).
    around 2:12, a guy commented again, “he looks handsome indeed!” to the end, this guy tended to give a loud whistle, but sounds failed = =

    • S2X says:

      haha it was funny hearing other guys praising Geng’s looks. that just proves how handsome he really is in person, even guys get stunned by it! that doesn’t happen often. even my brother is kind of jealous of Geng after hearing me talk so much about him. he’s always like “i can look like him too.”, “don’t i look like Han Geng today with this hair?” lol! he doesn’t wanna admit it but he does think Hannie is cool. XD

      i bought my my copy but haven’t heard any news from Dang Dang yet…hope i did all the steps correctly. they’ve already charged me so it should be ok. i’m just waiting for them to start shipping out to the international customers soon.

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