Commemorating The Old Summer Palace aka YuanMingYuan

I don’t know about you guys out there, but for me following Han Geng and his activities opened my eyes to unknown and unheard of issues..!! It opened my eyes to a path of being re-educated or for some of you an education in itself..!! Han Geng has opened up many doors for us simple fans and supporters of him..and showed us glimpses into his heart..!

When I started to “follow” Han Geng I was  attracted more to his little antics and his cuteness in  the early days, I never imagine that I could be taken on the road of education and be inspired by his determination to succeed against all odds…and also his philanthropic nature…!! All I ever imagine was that he was just a singer whom I felt attracted to because of his voice and his “hot & sexy” image..Whenever he speaks Korean, I sort of felt velvety in the sounds so husky and warm and velvet like…

I thought that by now, he should be very wealthy especially he can  afford a Mercedes Benz..!! And opening one dumpling shop after another and purchasing a house (home) for his mom…all within a span of 3 years..!! And just this year a beauty salon for his mother as an answer to her heart’s desire.When I knew that his car was a Benz, I realised that this guy is no simple fellow..his expectations are high..! He likes things of good quality and reliability..People say that the car a man drives reflects his personality and that is so true..the Benz is reliable, stylish and dependable..and it’s made of sturdy material..and has a proven history too and plus it’s a household name..everyone knows what is a Mercedes Benz..right ? So it’s a combination of luxury and conclusion… work hard and play hard..!

And yet, one would be surprised to know that he doesn’t own his own apartment, he rented one, either for his convenience or for lack of funds,we do not know..but one thing I do know is that he is a philanthropist..he gave and he gave to others..helping others to achieve their dreams too..!!

In his personal capacity as Han Geng, the person..he contributed to society by participating in social and community building in donations and motivating the youth to follow suit.

As Han Geng, the star…he inspires the youth to dream and dream big..and overcome all odds to attain their dreams in the right way..!! Not by manipulations or short-cuts..!! But to work hard..!!

Han Geng, the son….he is most mothers’ aspirations and envy at the same time..his filial piety to his parents and elders is the envy of all mothers..!! He is every mothers’ wish for a son or a son-in-law..hehe   Also he is a role model for the boys out there who want to be good sons to their parents too..!!

Han Geng, the man…a very lofty benchmark for  young girls’ expectations as boyfriend material..and for young guys,he is a challenge for them to be better boyfriends to their girlfriends..hehehe They either compete or concede to Han Geng’s attractions and allure..for their girlfriends’ attention..!! They will be compelled to work harder to keep their girls’ attention on them instead of Han Geng..hehehe so in this way, it benefits the girls..hahaha!! Han Geng as threat or a their relationship..!!

Just as Han Geng can be a catalyst for the general emulate the good in the world..he has been advocating and rousing the awareness of culture and tradition in one’s own way, home and life.! Recently, he collaborate with another singer in raising the awareness of history and to learn from the past mistakes and aim for a higher sky.

If not for Han Geng, I wouldn’t know that such a place existed  and such an event happened 150 years ago..!! I wouldn’t know the extent of growth of civilisation in China and how modern they were 150 years they were able to build such an extensive and marvelous garden which was so imposing at that time..! The Old Summer Palace aka YuanMingYuan

What Han Geng is doing right now in the present time is actually sowing for the future generations (to come)…he is a visionary as well..!! As the saying goes…if there was no past, then there is no present and without the present there is no future..!!

As you watch the Music Video, please read/listen to the lyrics too..and you will understand the heart of Han Geng..

As to not to forget the memories
No matter how much the pain, change the hate into love
Unable to forget is for (aiming) a higher sky
The world’s love, let it be seen to originate from here


YuanMingYuan was destroyed by troops from a coalition of eight countries that included Britain and France in 1860. The destruction was finished off by a second invasion in 1900.

Today, the destruction of YuanMingYuan is still felt within China as a vivid symbol of foreign aggression and humiliation. The structures are nearly all gone but the gardens remain, in basic shape and form, and the area is now a beautiful public park.

Postscript : No matter how painful it is, the fact remains…- is that it happened and now it’s our turn and time, to turn that unfortunate incident into something that we can be proud of and show that we can be magnanimous too in such painful moments..that we can be forgiving too and in that way we can be healed from our anguish and embarrassment ….as the lyrics say being unable to forget is good because it will moved us to aim for a higher and better sky..and turned our hate to love…our shame to glory..!!

Han Geng has made history alive and exciting and the same time interesting…!!

go to this link for more on YuanMingYuan

credits: thanks to the channel users at YT..

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4 Responses to Commemorating The Old Summer Palace aka YuanMingYuan

  1. Smile says:

    Love what you thought about him. I remember one show in foreign country, a singing contest full of talented young singer, good voice and face. All of the judges praise the young singer but one of them disagree and said that: nowadays there are so many talented and good singer and it is hard to survive in music industry, the one who will survive is the one who had an outstanding personality & aura, a singer who can keep his name in people mind for so long even generation by generation. That word remind me of HG and I agree a singer that always in people mind and heart will be last forever….

  2. Smile says:

    Just to add my previous comment, garnet I want hangeng to teach me history, I’d like to give my post just to be his student. 🙂

  3. branchenbuch says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your
    post to my blog?

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes you are welcome to take the whole post too if you want as long as the proper credits are tagged especially the pictures and videos that I used…please credit those to the original uploaders..
      As for the written post , you can take it..hehehe

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