Because You Are Han Geng- Congratulations!!

His Speech: This stage is very important to me, today I start anew for this stage, start from my heart. I know a lot of gengfans have been waititng for this day. Thank you CCTV, thank you MTV. For all my friends who have helped me, thank you, this is my first time getting an award as a solo artist, I want to have a new beginning from the heart. I love you guys!!!


By now all Gengfans  are aware of the 1st ever trophy that Han Geng won last night at the CCTV-MTV Music Festival…as a solo artist..He won it on his own merit..partnering with Gengrice who had been diligently voting for him non-stop throughout the month long polling period..

As for me, I am more ambitious for him..I wanted him to get the major awards like Best Artist of The Year or the Best MV..but I am also being realistic, knowing that Han Geng just ventured out on his own and it it too soon for those awards..!!!Well it’s okay for a girl like me to dream big for him, right..? Just have to take one step at a time but make sure those steps are big steps, Han Geng..hehehe..? I don’t think I would want to write too long on this post because this page for today belongs to Han Geng and Han Geng alone..!!

The only thing I wanted to highlight here is that CCTV-MTV nominated him for the Popularity Award and not the Rookie Award.. That is already a sign that he is being accepted as an authentic and seasoned singer..not just a newcomer or a rookie..That also shows some kind of progress for Han Geng and his GFs…. he is no longer stuck in the newcomer or rookie category..He is moving on…to better and greater ventures..hopefully by next year, he can capture the other major titles and including the movies too….

Mark this date 18th October,2010…Han Geng won his first major music award in CCTV-MTV..and he also attended the event on the commemoration of the old Summer Palace..Both events gave him exposure to the mainstream public..and now he is known by China’s public which is what it should be if he is expanding into the real music market…!! Now China is taking notice of our Little Han who spotted a rooster’s comb for his hair or a Mohawk ..hahaha..This boy knows how to make people sit up and take notice…!! Grab the opportunity when it’s given to him..!! That boy of ours is one smart “Chicken Little” hehehe..please don’t mind the new nick-name for’s only a loving tease from Gengfans…

This is what he did to his hair and he called it “Art” in his weibo entry…hehehe

credits : thanks to all whose pictures and videos I am using..also to GengBao Channel on YT…for the translations..!


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12 Responses to Because You Are Han Geng- Congratulations!!

  1. It was highly expected. The most popular male singer. Congratulations. Very proud of him. Only few months after his solo career decision, he received his first award. Thanks for the abundant support from the tremendous supportive Geng Fans. On the other hand, this is popularity award. The award came from tons of votes. Please bear me your understanding, but deep inside of my heart, I wish to see him receiving more than popularity awards. I wish to see him receiving awards for his talents not only because he’s sky-high popular.

    I agree with Garnetblue, his appearance during the event on the commemoration of the old Summer Palace brought him more to the spotlight and I won’t call this catapulted stardom, because I know Han Geng worked very hard to gain this success.
    I believe that Han Geng won’t let the crown over his head. My wish, he will keep his down-to-earth attitude, keep his hard working culture and keep his ability to endure pain.

    Han Geng proved he has the real talent. He has the real great personality and he has the strength to endure the most painful moments. Next year, he will gain more respectful awards. Not only from his singing but also from acting. I have this confident. Han Geng will receive the award for his achievements, those kind of awards will strengthen his career, because he has all the distinctive qualities to become a super star.

  2. Mandy says:

    Such a wonderful beginning for Geng as a solo artist. We are sure Geng will continue to learn and work his best. Please remain humble about your success and continue to fly high!!! Congratulations!

  3. szhang59 says:

    Congratulations. I am so happy Hangeng wins this award because I, like many Gengfans, worked so hard voting for him. Gengbar has been occupied with congrats postings here and there. I can see feverish atmostphere everywhere. I believe he will, he should, he must be going to fly higher together with Gengfans.

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Performance~(his live is getting better and better, singing Say No before My Logo is a good idea in this case)
    After performance, our super star Geng led his dancers with vigorous strides to the wrong direction, AGAIN, then we saw a 3 years boy running to the exit of the stage…girls, please trust him, no matter how glaring he is on stage, he is always the same Han Geng we know 😛

    Hoho~~~as a Gengfan, I think I shall say it here more seriously. Congratulations, Han Geng! This is just a START!

    • oh dear.. he’s too good to be true.. I always amazed by his two sides.. on stage he was the glamorous full of confident super star but off stage he just the simple shy Han Geng.. cute.. really cute.. I don’t mind if he got new nickname as Chicken Little :p because he’s really cute..

      and I agree with bristlegrass, having a slow song before the upbeat one was smart and wise decision. He can keep his performance at the perfect level..

  5. I’m so happy for Han Geng. I too hope that next year he will get more major awards but the popular award is a great start for him. I’m a bit jealous of the overseas fans. I want him to come back to LA so we can see him perform. Just a couple of cities in the US nothing major. Like Geng I’m a little greedy ; ) I will do my best to support him from a far as every Geng fan is doing abroad. He knows we are there for him and support him no matter what. I’m just glad he’s living his life and not watching it pass by.

  6. S2X says:

    hahaha i laughed so hard when he led his dancers to the wrong exit after finishing his performance. it’s as if he switched off his “cool mode” and immediately went back to his “innocent-clueless mode” after finishing performing lol! oh Geng, you’re just too adorable, don’t ever change!

    like everyone here, i also wished that he could win the other major awards like “best male singer”, “artist of the year”, etc. but it’s still too early and considering the fact that he only officially debuted as a solo artist 3 months ago, it’s already amazing that his popularity surpassed all the other 4 nominees of the “most popular male singer” category, who are already well established in the chinese music industry. and he didn’t win by only a small difference, he got 50% of the total votes, leaving the others way behind! i don’t think anyone else would’ve been able to achieve that in such a short period of time. so our Geng has already made it big! this award was well deserved!

    so Congratz to our dear “Chicken Little Geng” (do i love this nickname or what?lol!) for his 1st award and i’m sure that this was just a warm up for more great things still to come in his career!

  7. garnetblue says:

    Thank you all for those nice and encouraging comments…it’s truly a celebration for all of us..When Han Geng wins, we win too…I like the way he was being possessive when he said “Gengrice”..I think only Han Geng’s fans have such an interesting moniker…hehehe
    Again Han Geng..Congratulations…Syabas (Malay for well done..!!) Taniah..!! (congratulations in Malay)
    Anyway in any language it’s still congratulations..!!!
    Now we wait for bigger things…I know you have the potential and the opportunities..!!
    And Thank You too for making us proud and not letting down our expectations of you and your achievements..!! Thank you for proving to others that we are right in our choice of stars of whom to support and love…Han Geng.

  8. janet says:

    Hi hangeng, congratulation to you win the best male award.Me and all genfan really proud of you.I like your new hair stlye and you look cute.I watch your perform on the stage soo cool and the end you led your dancers wrong way so funny.Iam happy for you.

  9. wendy says:

    Congratulations Han Geng!!! This award only shows that Han Geng and his Gengfans are a force to be reckoned with. Everybody needs to take notice and take him seriously. His performance at the awards ceremony is one of the best I’ve seen. Those who may not know him and wonders why he got such a prestigious award so soon after coming out with his solo album will now understand why after this performance. In his acceptance speech, I like how he specifically thanked his “Gengfans” and not just his fans. He may be clueless sometimes, acts like a 3 year old, or gets lost once in a while (hehehe), but in his heart he knows his Gengfans really really well. He knows that this award means as much to his Gengfans as it is to him. I noticed that he thanked his Gengfans a couple of times but forgot to thank his parents! That silly boy… 😀

    • bristlegrass says:

      Hahahaha~~~I was wondering why he thanks his fans again. You are right, he was quite nervous…I guess he was supposed to thank his parents at the end of his speech, but he couldn’t remember what he should say, so he thanks his fans again. 🙂 yeah…he knows this award is extremely important both for him and his gengfans.

  10. suchheini says:

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