What’s Next, Han Geng?

After  witnessing Han Geng winning the coveted title of “Mainland Most Popular Male Singer“, we know that his future is secured in terms of frequent exposures on China’s National TV Network..

As most of us are not living in China nor understand how this works, we are not aware why is it that it’s  so important and significant to be recognized by this giant network…!! So we thought that Han Geng is already popular due to his past image..but on the contrary, Han Geng has to work extra hard just to be noticed by the mainstream public and be accepted by them..for him to go far in his chosen field. His old image before was of a pop idol and knowing how this goes, pop idols only last as long as fans’ fancy lasts…..when the fans’ interests fade  or something else holds their attention, so does the idol’s popularity and fame…!! This giant network only gives airtime to A-list stars and artists, so do you see the significant and importance here..? For Han Geng to grab that title was very important to both him and GengRice.

Han Geng has to grab a foothold onto the main music market in order to survive and compete with other more experienced veteran musicians and artists. Just with Gengfans alone is not enough to survive the harsh and competitive market..I read in one of the threads in Baidu Gengbar that the official members in that fan club has exceeded 100,000..but that is only a very small fraction compared to the whole population of China which is 1.4 billion. I am not disregarding the importance of Gengfans but what I am saying is that there must be more than just fans’ adoration..! We all want to see him succeed and soar higher and in order for him to do that he needs the bigger market (where the money is) to help him go further up in the mainstream..Gengfans/Gengrice have done their part of being his Wings of Love by flapping him on with their wings to higher heights and now he needs more force to power him to greater and loftier heights..!! So in future we hope to  see Gengfans as the mainstay in Han’s career growth, while the mainstream or general public  be the secondary wave of support who will patronized his music and movies..! It’s like Gengfans are his mouthpiece and his endorsers whereas the public are his affirmed supporters…together this will propel him further into the industry and into international fame and recognition..1st step was to be recognized and accepted within your own home and then spread out  further afield into international waters..! So here I would like also to congratulate GengRice /GengFans for a job well done..!! Without you guys who constantly and persistently supported him unconditionally and visibly, this will not have happened..! The result we saw on Monday 18 Oct. 2010 was the cumulation of combined efforts of everybody who loves Han Geng..Thank You..!!

In fact, I read it in the news that Han Geng truly deserves the popularity award as it can be seen among the audience that night at the awarding ceremony..the news article mentioned that Han Geng only appeared 3 times on stage that night and each time he appeared, the audience cheered for him collectively and not sporadically..and it’s only Han Geng who got the loudest and biggest cheers..(sorry I can’t find the link to Baidu Gengbar.I read it but I didn’t bookmark it..!) This was the proof of his popularity..!! So this confirms the rapport between Geng and his Gengfans..Geng draws strength from his fans and Gengfans draw courage from him..hope this partnership will last for as long as possible. (I won’t use the word forever because what is forever..?Who can tell what will happened in forever..?)

This is a video clip of what is to come in future plans..this was aired on CCTV6, 20 Oct. 2010

Here are some pictures I got from Baidu when I was browsing through. He did a recording for the programme “I Want To Go To The Spring Gala Festival” It’s a very long title in English because of the grammar and  this is the Chinese title  “我要上春晚”.

clear view of his famous rooster's comb or mohawk

his ever sexy pouting lips

his fist

his so very sexy back

back again

endangered butt

face it

Hope you have enjoyed looking at these very “rare” pictures…just like I did..never get enough of him..

credits : as tagged in pictures and also to gengfans@YT and MrHanOh for the pictures…

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12 Responses to What’s Next, Han Geng?

  1. szhang59 says:

    Wow! Garnetblue!
    You are …… awesome… Please ignore my poor vocabulary. You work so hard on this blog. I am speechless. I can not write such articles like yours even though I use Chinese. Thank you for your great efforts on this blog. I can tell you truely support Hangeng with soul and wit.
    To tell the trueth, I was not used to HanGeng’s new hair style first in Thai fanmeeting, but now, I feel better. The hair style in Thai’s Channel 3 is my favirote. Maybe it is because of my old age (I am 70 后). hehehe~~~
    Great thanks for your hard work again! Jia you…

  2. He’s paving his path perfectly. He worked hard before. He will work harder for his long lasting future career. China music industry is not easy. but once the artist got their trust, it will be long lasting..

    and thanks for his “very sexy back”. A peek to his back was always been my object of embarassing drool ^_^

    • garnetblue says:

      For a male, his butt is beautifully rounded and firm…and the envy of females…that’s why I tagged it as “endangered” because it’s the only one of its kind in the whole world..!! And besides it’s in danger of being “patted” “pinched” “swiped” and “petted”..the rest I leave it to your imaginations…!! hahahaha..
      Don’t get mad, I am just being playful..hehehe..!!

  3. garnetblue says:

    Maybe his hairstyle was to look like this eagle..and not a rooster’s comb..??…
    Maybe we got it all wrong..regarding the hairstyle..hehehe.!!!!

    • Windchime says:

      I think it’s supposed to be phoenix~ someone posted on weibo, I can’t find it anymore~ Anyways, it’s to show rebirth

  4. followurdestiny says:

    I can’t wait for what’s going to be next XDXD…
    Love reading the blogs here 🙂

  5. followurdestiny says:

    I can’t wait for what’s going to be next XDXD…
    Love reading the blogs here 🙂 — you all put your feelings and thoughts in, which makes them really meaningful <33

  6. Windchime says:

    what’s next ?*cough* DWS? *cough* GengRice in China seems to believe that’s going to be next~ and apparently the lack of fan cams of the “I want to go on the Spring Festival Ceremony” show has something to do with it. ^^ Apparently his apparence was a suprise and even some higher ups in baidu were shocked… word is that he was the special guest of somebody… yeah…

    I love the sexy back picture by the way~~~ hehehehe~~~ Can’t wait for this to air ~

  7. Mandy says:

    “never get enough of him” – this is so true. Geng is developing himself to become an artist-idol, someone who is respected and recognized by the mainstream public as well as an idol with popularity!

  8. bristlegrass says:

    I have to be honest…I’m not big fan of his hair style when I saw the picture taken by some media, but I know, in the same condition, his video is usually better than his picture, his real person is better than video…after I watched his speech and his performance…his hair style is not a problem for me any more, actually I find it is quite unique and fascinating. Then I think back of his styles after he has had freedom to choose, especially when he needs to show himself in front of mainstream public, his style will generate certain kind of discussion with different opinions among gengfans and public audience…some like it, some do not. Now, I think I get his point…this man surely know what kind of style would be safe for his appearance, but he doesn’t want to pick that route…he wants change, he wants challenge, he attempts to try different styles, eventually, he will have his own style with his logo, by that time, people will say, see, this is Han Geng! Like this time, majority gengfans start to like his new style, get used to his change, a combination of artist hair style and bling-bling outfit, instead of discussing if he looks beautiful or not, they discuss what exactly this style embodies or means~~

    🙂 What’s next? Hehe, he wouldn’t tell you, you have to wait and see. Yes, we may know what his next plan is, just like we know he wants to be recognized as a good actor in 10 years, but we can rarely predict what exactly he would like to show us next…with all these curiosities and expectations, we walk along with him on this exciting path which no others have ever taken before. This is my amazing boy, never get enough of him~~~

  9. Smile says:

    A day w/o hangeng or his news is like livin’ in a boring life hehe..maybe becoz I’m used to follow his activity every minute. Some said that hangeng will be a guest in a show with Fahrenheit and some said that he will be collaberate with JYJ in their concert in china, rumors everywhere it seem people want him in any show as long they can see him everyday like me. I admit I don’t like his hair at the beginning but as brittlegrass said I get used to it right now. That hair is a symbol of eagle as some said and it will attract people attention if you appear different then other that must be one of his purpose, no matter what hair or outfit he wear he is still the same hangeng as his fans know before coz inside his heart he never change. Like that one in award show 🙂

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