Spreading The Wings Of Love

First impression never lasts…

First impression is not the last….

Now combine these two phrases….

First impression is not the last impression but long-lasting impression….!!

naked face

This phrase has been heard of over the times and it had become like a mantra for people over the world who are trying to impress strangers or  acquaintances whom they had met for the first time, like meeting the future in-laws or  girl/boyfriends  or bosses and colleagues….you name it..it’s everywhere in the world !!

It can be planned or unplanned first impressions.

Planned first impressions are usually for those meetings like job interviews or on a first dates  or business proposals..etc.

Unplanned first impressions are like those sudden encounters while one is doing one’s daily chores or routine..

First, one has to understand what is the meaning of impression..it can mean – 1…….An effect, feeling, or image retained as a consequence of experience or encounter. 2. ….Influence or effect on the senses or the intellect.

This brings me to my topic today..Han Geng and his first impression on you as a fan, supporter or critic….?? Which one is your option, the #1 or #2 definition of impression.?

For me it’s the #1 ..an effect, a feeling, an image as the consequence /result of experience and encounter of him.

first blooms

His first impression on me was that of his voice and sweet nature that is of being amiable and amicable…..and this impression has been long-lasting. It didn’t change in the short years that I’ve known him  ….and I found out the source of his sweet nature..It’s because he is grateful and filial ..and this stems from the heart and it’s not just superficial..or fake.When one’s heart is grateful, it will naturally reflect on one’s personality on the outside..I also learned that HG accepted his “fortune” in life without complaining..and he challenged it to turn it around..by working hard and improving himself..He wasted no opportunity that was given to him.. He made full use of them be it  small or big..! He was patient enough to wait for the right moment and time..come to think of it, I think he lives by this motto..what that is yours will be yours, nobody can take it from you..even if it has to go around the globe numerous times..call it fate or destiny if you will. I have noticed many times how he described himself..He doesn’t like arguments because he finds them a waste of time and energy…!He prefers to make full use of his time and use them wisely..!!He channels his energy in doing things which are beneficial to him and to others.

With that first impression of mine on Han Geng and the consecutive unveiling of his character and personality following the days after I first knew him has not changed one iota..! In fact it proved that I was right on my first impression on him..that it also affirms  that Han Geng never planned to impress himself on people ; be it the first or the last impression !!….what you see is what you get..and that is Han Geng..!

my ears are itchy,somebody's been talking about me..!!

The other definition on impression is that of influence on the senses or intellect..and this is what I would like to share. Below is a video clip of a MV that was done by a group of students from Japan’s Waseda University..dedicating it to people of the world who are  facing  or having the same experiences  like Han Geng when he was a trainee and an artist based in Korea. The feelings of being homesick and lonely and struggles of fitting in, in a foreign land..They came together to record this song as a gesture of goodwill extending their hand of friendship and encouragement  to the foreign students and those who are working in foreign lands..emulating GengRice in this manner…that they are their Wings Of Love.!! ( I am not sure whether they are gengfans or not)

So why do I choose this topic to write ? It’s because of Han Geng and the influence he permeates..It’s the ripple effect that started from Han Geng to his GengRice and to the anonymous people of the world..!! Han Geng influenced others to do good deeds and to emulate his persistence and hard-work  and now others are emulating GengRice..by spreading their love to the non-fans..the ordinary people!! Can you visualized the path ? HG<-GR<-Others-> Others.This song is such an inspiration that it’s being used to encourage others..GR gave this song to HG, HG gave it back to them as a sign of gratitude and now others are giving it out to the ordinary people of the world who are facing daily struggles, either to achieve their own dreams  or for a better life and homes for their families by going to foreign lands……Such dedication and such love !! Just watch it and learn compassion from them..!

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credits : as tagged on pictures and Hangeng19840209@YT

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16 Responses to Spreading The Wings Of Love

  1. aa says:

    Dears, just want to let you know that you can pre-order Geng Xin delux version at yesasia.com. It’s said to be released on Oct 26th.


    • S2X says:

      i wish i knew that before…i ordered my copy at Dang Dang but got no news from them about shipping yet. i wish i could just cancel my order there and go order at yesasia, but since they’ve already charged my credit card, i guess i can’t now. btw, did anyone else order at Dang Dang? did any of you guys have your order shipped out already?

    • wendy says:

      Thank you so much for this info. I was trying to order from dangdang.com but they were giving me problems so I couldn’t order. I was getting a bit depressed. 😉

      • trueblue says:

        What about the limited copies of 20,000..?
        So is it still limited at that number or there are more coming..?
        Last time I check at Baidu, they were comparing the numbers of the CD which they have received..and wondering who got the #209..hehehe…!!
        Hope that there are more to go around for the international market..!!

      • wendy says:

        My guess is that they let Chinese fans get the first dib, then open it up to international markets? Whatever it is, lucky for us. I just ordered mine and can’t wait to see what number I am! 🙂

      • Mandy says:

        I ordered mine at dangdang.com but haven’t heard from them as to when they will ship out the CD. And yes, they charged me already. Status has remained “pending authentication” for a long time la!

    • aa says:

      @trueblue: I think it’s still limited at 20,000 copies. Cao Xuanbin mentioned in the video posted on his WeiBo that No. 209 is reserved for Geng. Dangdang distributed the limited copy randomly. A fan ordered almost immediately got No. 10,000+, and someone ordered very late got 1,000-.
      @Mandy: You may try to cancel the Dangdang order if it’s not shipped yet. Heard some fans did it successfully.

      • Mandy says:

        Thanks~ I left a msg with dangdang.com and if their response is not satisfactory, then I will cancel the order and order it from yesasia.com.

      • Mandy says:

        I just received an email from dangdang.com this morning notifying me of the ground shippment.
        @S2X If you have not cancelled the order, go ahead to leave a msg with dangdang.com quoting the order #. They will send you an email asking certain info of your foreign credit card and then they will process the shippment. Good luck~

  2. thank you for bringing your deep thoughs to this topic garnetblue..

    I believe we all have the same thoughts like you. The more we look at Han Geng, his works and his growing personality, the more we admire him as a man kind.. Admiring Han Geng is more than fandom.. Because he’s not just as superstar. He’s a role model.

    • trueblue says:

      We all like Han Geng for reasons of our own..eh.?
      I truly admire him for his perseverance and his tenacity to stay the course in spite of humiliating incidents..His is a case of helping others in order to help oneself..when he helped others, he too helped himself indirectly..!!
      His fans are admirable too..! passing on the torch so to speak..hehehe..
      Let us then spread the love to others..too.!!!

  3. wendy says:

    To tell the truth, my first impression of Han Geng was that he looked old compared to the rest of his members (I guess SM has something to do with that?). But As I find out more and more about him, he became more and more beautiful to me because of ALL the reasons you guys mentioned. I still can’t believe how his heart remained so pure and untainted after going through so much unfairness and ugliness in the entertainment business especailly at such a young age. He even have enough kindness in his heart to help others that are in need! It’s funny now that he seems to look younger and younger each day. 🙂

    • Smile says:

      Wendy, he look old back then is becoz he had no time to take care of his health and face and also my parent said that if you think too much you’ll get old easily and if you smile a lot you will look younger. Hangeng look younger each day nowadays becoz he is extremely happy with his friends and family in china. People said your face tell what’s in your heart 🙂

    • S2X says:

      wow, i think you had the exact same 1st impression of Han Geng as me! although he captivated my heart with his cute laugh and childish playfulness from the beginning, i must admit that i wasn’t very pleased with his looks at that time (it was during the SJ Full House days when he had that brownish hair). like you said, i thought he looked much older than his actual age. then one day, i was just randomly searching for SJ stuff on youtube and came across the shows he went on in China (A Date With Luyu, Happy Camp with Siwon and the other one with those 2 funny hosts that i forgot the name). and that was when i started to see him in a whole new light. only through those interviews in China, was i able to see the real him, the Han Geng i’ve never seen before in Korea with SJ. i was deeply touched by his story and wondered how could there be a person with such a strong and brave personality yet so kind hearted and humble. from then on, i fell in love with him deeper and deeper as i got to know him more and without even realizing, i’ve stopped being an ELF and became a Gengfan. and like you said, he looks younger and younger now to me, not to mention more and more beautiful, both on the outside and on the inside. to me Geng is not a celebrity, he’s an angel and a role model who i really admire, respect and look up to. ❤

      • wendy says:

        LOL, I actually like the way he looked in FH. And you’re right…it’s his cute laugh and childish playfulness that really cuaght my attention. The first time I saw him was on the 20th Golden Melody Awards from Taiwan in 2009. But now that I look back, I thought he looked cool, handsome, and mature…like a leader.

  4. Smile says:

    My first impression on hangeng: Handsome and sweet young man. His smile that what bring me to get know him even further. His smile that attract me and his soft voice. Then after knowing him deeply I realised I’m falling in love with a person name Hangeng not an artist. He has a pure heart like innocent child but at the same time he had a heart of a lion a young man who has courage to overcome any obstacle. Then my journey of loving him as fan and friend continue.

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