A Matter Of Understanding

Official Site Profile Translation:

Chinese Name: Han Geng
Commonly used name in foreign countries: Han Geng
Nationality/Citizenship: Chinese
Ethnic Group: Hezhe (Nanai)
Birthplace: Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province
Birthday: February 9, 1984
Profession: Artist
School: Minzu University Dance Department (Dance Department of the Central University for Nationalities )
Height: 181cm
Zodiac: Aquarius
Fluent languages: Chinese, Korean
Family: Father and mother
Fan nickname: Gengfans
Religion: Atheist
Pets: Dogs – Rong Rong, Mao Mao, Rider, Duo Duo / Chinchillas – Long Long, Rong Rong
Favorite colors: Black, white, silver
Favorite foods: Food made by mommy
Favorite movies: The Shawshank Redemption, The Pursuit of Happiness
Favorite Brands: TIFFANY, GUCCI, CK, DIOR
Favorite Fruit: Everything is fine
Items always on hand: iPad, cell phone, wallet
Favorite dumplings: Pickled vegetables filling, eggplant filling
Good friends: He Jiong, Da Zuo, Xie Na, Li Wei Jia, Cheng Jian Zhou, Fan Wei Wi, Kenny Kwan, Joey Yung, Yumiko Cheng, Danson Tang, Show Luo, Meng Ting Wei, Xie Nan, etc.

Source: Han Geng’s Official Site
Translation: hsupergirl @ GENG-BAO.net/FY!HG

25th October, 10:17pm via IPhone:
The hardest thing is to be able to understand each other, and take hold of all things with a balance. Must work hard.

Translation by abcdehs@geng-bao.net

Han Geng’s website is up and running.. The first thing one would click on would be his Profile.. and I notice one very glaring fact…his -Marital Status- is missing..hehehe..!!If I were to add that one, I would describe it as …. Single Male and  Most Eligible

From that profile alone, I can deduce what kind of person he is..

Okay, let me share my observations here..Because I am bored…Han Geng has gone silent these past few days..very secretive..eh..hehehe.. Let’s start with his name… Han Geng….he wanted to be known as Han Geng..nothing to it. Just short and simple.So wherever you are, he is Han Geng to you whether you are from China or other parts of the world..(It says there commonly used name in foreign countries.!!) so make sure you get it right..hehehe !!! Ok we got that, Han Geng!!

Now next is his place of birth and his nationality..proud and patriotic  He would always answer proudly where he comes from and his place of birth (MuDangJiang  not just China!) He is very specific on this, which is his way of making sure that his hometown is on the map..that’s his contribution to Tourism..!

He is one very smart and wise guy,he never forgets his fans..His GengFans..He made a note to remind people that his fans are Gengfans..and no other..! the One & Only GengFans..so if they are not GengFans, then they are not his fans…short & sweet & clear..!! I mean which artist would mention precisely  their own fans..Most would simply say “my fans !” but not Han Geng! He especially specify..GengFans/Rice..He affirms it from his own lips..!Very possessive and he takes pride in that. He is not ashamed to be identified with them..! In a way, I see it as his way of telling the public at large that they are under his protection!! hehehe because his nickname given to him by GengFans is Landlord..what does one expect from a landlord ? Care & Protection ?  hehehe!! Remember what the hired security escorts  said before in their weibo..Han Geng hired them to PROTECT his fans NOT himself..!! So he lives up to the name of Landlord..

Next he put down “Atheist” as his religion..I just want to clarify here that an Atheist is someone who does not believe in the existence of God, or  any kinds of gods for that matter !!But on the contrary, Han Geng has call-out to others to pray for victims of calamities very often..in his cyworld before and now his weibo..so I want to believe that, that term does not apply to him..hehehe…! I am not questioning him on his personal belief or religion…just want to make an explanation here so that he won’t be misunderstood by and large…

His favourite foods.. aaaaahhhh be forewarned girls, if anyone is contemplating to have him as  boyfriend..! He only likes his mommy’s cooking..!! Girls, you have a rival in the form of his mommy… to be able to get Han Geng’s attention, I would advice you to adhere to this old adage..The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His  Stomach..hahaha..!! I don’t know, I just laughed when I picture the scene of some  hopeful girls  trying to get his heart through his stomach..!! Like the recent fan-meetings  in Bangkok and Singapore..hahaha..Please don’t get me wrong here, I just find this very amusing..some very fortunate girl has to dethrone his mommy in the kitchen..eh? Conclusion..? Mommy’s boy..definitely..!!! Hands-down..!!! hahahaha…His introduction to Chinese Cuisine..!

His favourite movies reflects on his person..he is a deep-thinker, he likes philosophy..or books on philosophy and here are some  examples …

These books were found on his bookshelves when he showed his apartment to the TV crew a few months back..on a television program..Some China Gengfans did some research on the video clips and found the books on the bookshelf..

Credits: Baidu

There is also another thing that I would like to point out..his favourite Brands……aaahhh….Again I was amused with this..he said before that he doesn’t hanker after branded things and yet his favourites are……TIFFANY,GUCCI,CK,DIOR.. yes they are his favourites BUT he can do without them too..it doesn’t mean that he  must have them no matter what ..! I like branded goods too but that doesn’t mean that I must possess them..!! hehehe. He has good taste..this boy.!

And now about his friends…they are all in the same profession just like him so he keeps his private life “private” . Those that are listed here are only those who worked with him not his “intimate” friends..this boy is very cautious…

So I think that’s just about it on his profile..except there is no info on his blood type hohoho..!!.

I think they are still adding more …… so you guys notice anything missing that you think may help his website..?

Oh yeah about his weibo entry, on understanding each other  and has to make more efforts in bridging that gap..I don’t even want to try to guess what he was talking about, so at face value probably it’s because he has to work with new people aside from his own friends….anybody knows..what he was talking about here..?

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6 Responses to A Matter Of Understanding

  1. Windchime says:

    I loled at the mommy part… It was funny how the singapore fans from baidu were like “Don’t worry about food, we made sure that we got enough so that we can give you some everyday” LMAO and how he thought the cotton fillings outside of the candy bottle to be food and how initially Sun Le wasn’t going to accept the gifts from gengbar in the airport until he was told “It’s all food” LMAO

    About his weibo… some are thinking that it has something to do with dws. Cuz he apparently updated it when he just got to Shanghai… some are saying that he updated it when he was in the airport washroom … =_= that boy always spend at least half an hour in the airport washroom everytime he goes somewhere…. apparently he took extra long this time …. I’m disturbed that I know this >___<

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes I noticed that too…his frequent visits to the rest-rooms right after he disembarks from the plane..hehehe..Maybe that’s his habit..(to check out the rr hahaha) But seriously, I wonder why he doesn’t use the rest-room in the plane..? Maybe that was too cram for him? I recently saw the clip on his arrival in Shanghai..I literally laughed out loud when I saw where HG was heading to..straight to the rest-rooms captured on camera..!! hahaha..

  2. mm says:


    Hope that oversea fans can help to vote for this. This will ensure Geng will be able to perform in one of the most important event in China during New year.

    • garnetblue says:

      Hi please give us the mechanics on how to vote..and we will do our best..
      When is the closing date..Thanks..

      • bristlegrass says:

        Just introduce one way to find his poll for international gengfans, open up the webpage, search “My logo” on this webpage, then you will see him ^^, click “投票” (means “vote”). The method I know for now is to refresh the webpage after one vote, then wait for a few seconds, you can vote again…you may be confused by the total votes going up and down after refreshing, we don’t quite understand why by now, but no need to care.

        This show will rank the top three votes for each episode, so for the poll of this show, the closing time is noon on Nov 4. However, we shouldn’t stop voting until we know Han Geng will be on CCTV Spring Festival Gala for sure. The director will pick some performers among the highest votes.

      • wendy says:

        I do hope everyone votes because this “Spring Festival” gala is the show that almost everyone watches during Chinese New Year and will have enormous exposure for Han Geng!

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