I Want To Be On The Spring Gala Festival – Han Geng (REVISED)

This time let your fingers do the job instead of your eyes only..!

Let us use both our eyes and fingers do the walking in this post..hehehe!!!

Here is how we will do and what we will do..

According to Bristlegrass we can just click on the button and refresh the page every time after we “click”

Introduction:   poll for international gengfans,

  • open up the web-page
  • search “My logo” on this web-page,
  • then you will see him ^^, click “投票” (means “vote”).

“The method I know for now is to refresh the webpage after one vote, then wait for a few seconds, you can vote again…you may be confused by the total votes going up and down after refreshing, we don’t quite understand why by now, but no need to care.

This show will rank the top three votes for each episode, so for the poll of this show, the closing time is noon on Nov 4. However, we shouldn’t stop voting until we know Han Geng will be on CCTV Spring Festival Gala for sure. The director will pick some performers among the highest votes.”

Here is the link to the voting site..


Please vote for Han Geng and you will know why after you have watched this video clip…thanks

You will see how important it is for him..listen to the panel of jury said and see the significant and importance  for  Han Geng to be  on that broadcast in the New Year..!!

That will be his big break into the market so please help our fellow Gengfans in China..WE NEED THAT VOTE !!

Han Geng did his part by appearing on that introductory program and now it’s our turn to help him get in..!! Let us use our combine effort..!


“Hope that oversea fans can help to vote for this. This will ensure Geng will be able to perform in one of the most important event in China during New year..!!



wendy says:

1. Click the radio button for Han Geng’s “My Logo”.
2. Click on the button that says “查看验证码”.
3. Type the code you see and input it in the “验证码” space.
4. Click “投票”
5. A menu will pop up that says you have voted or you have already voted. I think you can vote once every half or one hour.

I also like it this way because it prevents cheating. BTW, if you guys want to take a break from voting, check Han Geng out on the recent COSMO red carpet. OMG! Hotness!!!

you can see a small circle beside MY LOGO you click it..
Then scroll down the page and you will find the boxes that Wendy mentioned. Fill in the code that appeared beside the blank box  and followed by clicking on the box as described by Wendy and it’s done..!
Wait for 30  mins then start all over again for the next vote..!
Hope we don’t lose our enthusiasm and zeal for Han Geng..!!
Happy Voting guys…!!

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58 Responses to I Want To Be On The Spring Gala Festival – Han Geng (REVISED)

  1. wendy says:

    Everyone please vote! The second place is catching up suspeciously fast so we need all the votes we can get. Han Geng was about 10,000 votes ahead today, but in less than a day, they almost caught up. I heard the producers choose the performers with the top votes not from each episode but from all the episodes so just because Han Geng may win this episode, doesn’t mean he will be guaranteed to go on. So just keep voting!

  2. rizkyung says:

    please vote… i beg you, gengfans family.. show our power please..

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  4. Smile says:

    Already vote for him XD

  5. sl says:

    VOTED using laptop and iphone!

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  7. trueblue says:

    keep refreshing and keep clicking..we need every vote for Han Geng..hehehe

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  10. I just voted for Hangeng and will do it again around lunch. Let show the world the power of Geng Fans!!!

  11. he got 421472 votes this morning while the 1st got 446932.. more than 19000 votes of gap.. if all we need to do only refresh the page.. then we can do it many times in a day.. we will support him fully ^_^ because he’s worth to be on the Spring Gala Festival Stage..

    • garnetblue says:

      What I do is this, I open a few tabs and then 1.click,2 refresh. then go to another tab .do the same thing over and over again..I am just sitting at the computer doing this and also while checking my mails..hehehe..Han Geng, just because it’s you that I am doing this, and you should be thankful that it is semester break here in the Phils and that’s why I have the time to do this..hehehehe..!!!!

      • polly says:

        It seems that the method of ” click and refresh at once and then click” only be counted as one vote. I have tried to do this at another singer “雪村”, who got just a few votes. When I clicked the button, the votes turned from 64 to 65, and refreshed the page at once and found the number of the votes went back to 64.

        This method might be feasible on the website: http://community.livejournal.com/geng_bao
        “How to vote AGAIN: we hope you have time to give Han Geng more help and vote again, and apparently it can be done by either restarting your internet connection (disconnecting and connecting again, followed by refreshing your page) OR, more conveniently, just deleting your browser’s history and cookies. A guide on how to delete your browser cookies can be found here.”

      • garnetblue says:

        Thanks, somebody has to give us a better method so that we can make our votes count,otherwise HG is left far behind… How did the the other do it? How did they get in so many votes..?

      • wendy says:

        I tried disconnecting the internet method but it doesn’t seem to work either. Did it work for anybody else? Right now, I don’t think we can compete with the other group because something fishy is going on with their voting. 😦 Instead of competing, we should just vote to show how popular Han Geng is. The highest votes one performer got in all the episodes combined is 2,873,395. I think we should just try to reach that number as close as we can. I hope everyone don’t give up and keep voting. We need to vote til the very end! 🙂

      • garnetblue says:

        Yes Wendy I was also suspecting something like that.. How can it be that they are so far ahead of us..? I remembered the last time I did this kind of polling two years ago, something like this happened too despite the fact that we did all that were required..the strangest thing was the opponent’s vote tally were rising so fast whereas ours were just stagnant..!! So we thought that could have been a sabotage. This poll is very important for Han Geng and Gengfans, because we need to show that we support him not just by mouth only but by deeds too…hehehe so I am continuing with my voting. I hope others are too.. just do our best and then who knows a miracle might happened..hahahaha… Come on guys let’s roll…JiaYou..!!

  12. shine says:

    hi guys it’s good to bring the voting here .. i really have a bad headache by spending most of the time on voting we need more people to do it .. xie xie

  13. garnetblue says:

    Hey guys…something’s wrong..I can’t find the vote box..
    Does it means it’s ended..? Closed..?
    Han Geng’s vote count is at 509216..?
    The opponent is 559320..?

  14. mm says:

    no. the voting is still on. You need to select the correct radio button, then go to the rectangle white box, you will have to click at the small rectangle white box, then at the side of the button, it will appear a random number for you to enter. After typing the random number, click “投票” (means “vote”).

    I think this is to prevent people using certain software to tamper the results. I have not tested the theory, but i believe that you cannot refresh and vote. Now after voting, you can only vote again if you remove your cookies.

    Anyone know of other international websites? Please help to spread the message.

    • Kim says:

      I haven’t been able to vote anymore – using the link above, it takes me to the same page as before (it worked yesterday) but now there’s nothing to click to vote.

      • wendy says:

        1. Click the radio button for Han Geng’s “My Logo”.
        2. Click on the button that says “查看验证码”.
        3. Type the code you see and input it in the “验证码” space.
        4. Click “投票”
        5. A menu will pop up that says you have voted or you have already voted. I think you can vote once every half or one hour.

        I also like it this way because it prevents cheating. BTW, if you guys want to take a break from voting, check Han Geng out on the recent COSMO red carpet. OMG! Hotness!!!

      • wendy says:

        Actually, I think you can vote once every 10-30 minutes! 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Sorry if I’m being dense, but what is the “radio button”? I only read English, so the only thing I can actually read on that main page is “My logo” LOL I can’t tell what is the radio button to click on it.

      • polly says:

        The radio button means only choose the button after Han Geng’s My Logo. You can vote every half an hour or so.
        If you vote succesful, a page with the percentages, bar diagram, etc will pop up, which shows the votes for every programm.

    • Kim says:

      The directions make more sense now – when it said “click on the radio button” I was thinking it was a link to click on that would take me to another page, I didn’t realize I just needed to select My Logo and then scroll down. Got it now, and on with the voting!

  15. bristlegrass says:

    Someone said you can vote it again every 30-40 munites…I’m glad they change it to prevent the cheating, but hope we have enough time to catch up. Fighting, Gengfans! ^^

  16. S2X says:

    i’ve been voting ever since i found out about this poll. i really hope he can finally appear on the Spring Gala Festival next year cuz it’s such a prestigious event and every single person in China watches it every year. He has been invited in the previous 2 years already but f*ing SME never allowed him to go cuz CCTV wanted to invite only Han Geng but SM insisted on getting the whole SJM there so they ended up pissing CCTV off. gosh, i just hate that company so much!

    anywayz, i won’t give up voting for him! we did it once to make him win the MTV award so i don’t see why we can’t do it again this time! but the 1st place is really suspicious…who the hell are they? how can they get so many votes? very fishy there…

    • garnetblue says:

      hehehe I am with you..!
      Yeah it’s so suspicious that their vote tallies up so fast..!!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Hehe…I heard there is some kind of program with special design which can vote automatically, people have to pay for it. Although we don’t have clear evidence to prove, it is almost impossible for them to get such high votes if they play under the rules (they are not even celebrities)…Gengfans have dealt with similar kind of situation a few times before…at least, this time, they try to fix it…anyway, whenever, we face such situation, no one has ever thought of using the same way…we know that will bring shame on Han Geng and Gengfans, Han Geng would never ever like it. We do things with our true heart, we give Han Geng our genuine support, not fake one. No matter what the result it would be, Gengfans should be proud of ourselves, we use our hands to compete with machines, and we didn’t lose too much.

      PS: Guys, don’t be worried too much. Just show them Gengfans support as much as possible. The chief director is the one making final decision on who can be on the Spring Festival Gala, I believe the directors know who has the strongest genuine supports behind.

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  18. bristlegrass says:

    Our Geng is HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!
    MORE IMPORTANTLY, he attended this COSMO cosmetology and fashion ceremony…he didn’t put on any makeup!!!! My Geng is so confident!!!! He believes the best way to show goodliness is to be natural~~~

    • trueblue says:

      Yes he did but gengfans are complaining that Han Geng dressed so casually and they the fans dressed up to the nines just so that they would not embarrass him..hahahaha..!! In the end Han Geng went there in casuals ..!! hehehe

  19. Smile says:

    Some say he cut his hair that’s y he wear that hood , cut hair for his film maybe? 😀 about that voting, I too think something suspicious going on with the vote on the other group who is leading. I will never stop voting: “if there is still my finger to vote I will vote if no I will vote with my mouth”

  20. polly says:

    Baidu HanGeng Bar has translated the programm of I want to attend the Spring Festival Gala-HanGeng Part into English
    I just found it at Todou(English Subtitles): http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/a95kPeBh1gg/

  21. trueblue says:

    good news guys..
    we are making progress…
    closing the gap now….keep going !
    we can make it…hehehe

  22. trueblue says:

    score is now at 46.87 % My Logo vs 49.89 %
    steadily we are closing in…

  23. ZenZhyn says:

    Hallo! I complete fell in love you blog you know. I really bad in English when i spoke or wrote. But I quite well when read or listen. I am Han Geng Thai(land) fan. May i Translate you posts in this blog to Thai language? (Sorry for my poor english )

  24. garnetblue says:

    We are getting there, guys…My Logo 39.92 % vs..41.19 %
    We need to cover that ground…!!

  25. inging says:

    omg…he is leading now….:))

  26. trueblue says:

    come on guys we can do it..!!
    My Logo is in the lead…don’t slack off…!!
    Please continue..!! 33.71 % now…very close lead only..but it’s relief..!

  27. S2X says:

    yeah, we did it, Geng is in the lead now! i think the poll will close really soon since it should be November 4 in China by now already…so we don’t have much time left, we can’t give the other candidate a chance to catch up again, let’s keep voting!!!

  28. just open the link to vote.. Han Geng reached 780155 this morning and the second place was 650866.. tried to put my vote, but not working.. is it closed already? I really believe the power of Geng Fans now 😀

    • wendy says:

      No, not yet. The poll closes at 12’o clock in China so it should be around 9’o clock here in the US Pacific Standard time. Don’t stop voting til the very end. Although Han Geng is winning, we still need to show how popular he is. The more votes he gets the better. This voting experience also shows the power of Gengfans… It lets everyone know that no matter what trick you try to pull, you’ll never win against the determination and power of Genfans, so don’t mess with us! 🙂

  29. garnetblue says:

    Voting is closed… guys….total count 782433 vs 651105
    It closed too early..!!
    33.67 % vs 28.02 %
    Thanks guys…we did it…!!!!

    • is it enough? the other performer got more than a million votes..

      • Kim says:

        Isn’t that in another category, though? Or does that make no difference?

      • polly says:

        I think it’s closed temporarily until tomorrow, when the 8th edition of the programm “I want to attend the Spring Festival Gala” is broadcasted, the results of voting will be announced in it. The voting will be open again after that until near Chinese Lunar New Year, as I guess.
        During the next three months before the Lunar New Year, Han Geng is shooting the film Da Wu Sheng. What a year for him!

      • wendy says:

        I think the directors look at the highest votes in each episode and overall and pick a few performers from there. But it is obvious that some of the other performers used a “different” way of voting and I think the directors knows about that… (thus, a change in the way of voting) I hope they’ll take that into consideration.

  30. Milo says:

    Dear all,

    I have just read this from youtube, just want to share with you 😉

    “Our Sydney Han Geng Fans Group would like to do a market research for HanGeng.
    How many people live in or near Australia and will come if Hangeng come to aus hold a concert or fanmeeting?

    Please help us answer the following questions.
    You can give us your answers in our video comments or email to us at

  31. polly says:

    Hi, guys. Here is a research of JADE ENTERTAINMENT on which Chinese artist the audiences would like to invite to America for performances. Anyone who would like to see Han Geng to have a concert in USA, you may have a look of the website: http: // www .fac eb ook.com/?ref=home#!/topic.php?uid=77248957738&topic=69523 (narrow the blank space, please)

  32. nhungtran says:

    whatever you do i’ll always love you.Hangeng oppa fighting!!!

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