Milestones…Marking Geng’s Career Since 2005

An important event, as in a person’s career, the history of a nation, or the advancement of knowledge in a field; a turning point….that is the definition of the word “Milestone”

Turning point # 1 – Entered the  Beijing Central University of Nationalities – Majoring in Dance (1996)

Turning point #2 – Represented the Hezhe Tribe in the National Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of China..(1999)

Turning point # 3 – Participated  in H.O.T Audition by SME (2001) and recruited.

Turning point # 4 – Left China and joined SME Korea (2003)

Turning point # 5 – Debuted as one of the members of SJ (2005)

Turning point # 6 – Debuted as Team Leader of SJ-M (2008)

Turning point # 7 – Torch-bearer for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (2008) in the Beijing stretch.

Turning point # 8 – Lead actor in T.V. drama under CCTV – Stage of Youth..(2008)

Turning point # 9 – Filed lawsuit against SME to void contract (2009)

Turning point #10- Debuted as Solo Artist, and producing a Solo Album & Concert – Geng Xin (2010)

These are a few of the significant events in the life of Han Geng.. recalling his past achievements will help us to appreciate his efforts even  more..and to understand him dearly.. In one of those T.V. shows, I recalled what he said about the feelings of the fans on his breaking free  from SJ..he said that he could understand how the fans felt and of their resentment and anger, but they do not know of his feelings and that of the other members..!! Yes, he is right..! What we see is the exterior facade and what they want us to per what the company wants..

Many times we just watched the TV programs but never really listened  to their conversations and their talks..and sometimes we just forget about them after we had done watching..!Or we never listened with our hearts at all..! Yes very sad because these are just entertainment to us..!But to them, these events and the careers that they have chosen is their life..and livelihood..!!They have families to support and their futures to think of..!

For me, I happened to choose to follow Han Geng and that’s why this post is about his milestones in his life…..these are the major ones which happened and turned his life the very short 26 years. For his age, he has achieved  so many great and wonderful things and I shudder to think of what lies ahead in the next few years..! What can he accomplish after being the only person from an idol band selected to carry the torch for the Olympics..!! 1st in the history of Olympics Torch-bearers..! He has done almost everything that a person of his age can imagine..! He is always so extraordinary and special..he did things the hard way and receive great and outstanding this leads me to share on the interview he did with one of the major newspapers from Southern China..credits to those who translate the article..thanks.

There is a part that I highlighted..about his learning martial arts…other people took one year to learn and he, our precocious boy took just ONE WHOLE MONTH  to learn..!! How extraordianary is he..??

(101105) Interview with Southern Metropolis Daily

Han Geng talked about not caring whether people said that he was ungrateful for terminating his contract and he has no intentions of getting a girlfriend at this moment.
[Image: jrfczc.jpg]
Han Geng (data plan)Southern Metropolis Daily reported on 5th November that reporter Sun Rui had  said that in the years that he had worked as a journalist, he has met Han Geng many times, but it was the first time he met him face-to-face to chat. Before, whether he was in Super Junior or after he went solo,” Han Geng’s high popularity always gave me a type of ‘god-like’ feeling, a bit unreachable. When Han Geng sat in front of me, the previous feeling before disappeared in the blink of an eye, “I understand that every job isn’t easy, so I need to respect your job and effort, whatever you ask me, I will answer.” When Han Geng said this, his tone was a bit casual, but I could feel his sincerity. The one hour interview allowed me to discover a new Han Geng- a bright sincere,  grateful, and an ideal guy.” 

Story of the Lawsuit
Korea has experienced not only ‘painful memories’
Hoping that SJ members will share the same stage
Ever since leaving Korea and terminating his contract with SM Entertainment, going solo, Han Geng has been facing this matter in front of the public, “The lawsuit has been fully handled by my lawyer” has become his answer every time he is interviewed. What is the reason that Han Geng has avoided his experiences in Korea? And for the lawsuit, why does he not share details about it?

“Actually, I never avoided it on purpose, it’s just that the past is the past, don’t look back, I should take care of the things that are happening now and in the future, doing well in what I should be doing.” Han Geng said with indifference, “I don’t want to use my current experience to deal with the past, there is no need to. I don’t care whether people say that I’m ungrateful or that I’m biting the hand that fed me, it’s fine with me, since I’ve already walked this far, I should just look to the future, not caring about anything else and continue walking.”

Han Geng expressed that even though during the time he was with SM Entertainment he experienced a lot of hardships, his experience with Korea was definitely not only “painful memories”, at least, currently, the relationship between him and Super Junior members is as deep as before, “Even though I’m not with the company anymore, the feelings I have for the members are still there, now I still maintain contact with them, after all, we matured together. Actually, if the law permits, I hope I can return to Korea and perform on the same stage as the other SJ members once again. I have this dream that the 13 of us can play the same internet game at the same time and there sing and dance?”

Han Geng said, a person developing in Korea alone, whether in his personal life or in his job, he will have a lot of troubles, because at that point in time, in the contract he signed with SM Entertainment, one of the key points was: The thing the artiste must do is “fully obey whatever the company arranges”, hence, even if he is sick, he still has to work. His current stomach problems was due to that. But now, Han Geng said that he doesn’t give thought to it, and was even grateful to his experience in Korea. “My experience in Korea was a very big help, I must admit that since I debuted till now, everything was given to me by them, a big part of my achievements was due to them. Even though the times have changed, but to me, these memories are very important. In Korea, a lot of older brothers and sisters were especially nice to me, one when when I return to Korea, I must meet them again.”

Schooling alone
Promising not to take a cent from home
For the sake of protecting girls, fighting with hooligans
Han Geng is especially independent, he said that this is because of his growing up experience. At the age of 12, he went alone to Beijing to study, in 2002, after graduating, he stayed in Beijing to work. After that, he went to Shenzhen to become a performer, then he went back to Beijing, finally, from Beijing, he flew to Korea, ent condition. Actually, in those years, I met with a lot of different hardships.“Thinking back, every period of time left deep memories. Every different moment there was a different way of thinking, a different condition. But I’m just like that, whether it’s good news or bad news, I don’t usually tell my parents. Even if I’m sad, because of the distance, I’m scared they’ll be worried, I want their mood to be better, to be happier, I don’t want the be be worried over me. When I’m down, I usually look for my friends to chat, to talk about how they are recently, but I won’t say too much. I’m not good at expressing myself; if there’s anything, I’ll just keep it to myself. Also, I’ll listen to music, play games, watch TV or watch movies, relax a bit. Sometimes when it’s too much to handle, I would cry a bit.
Besides abundant experiences, Han Geng said that according to his independent nature, there is still one more point- the child of a poor person must take up the responsibility of earning money early. “Because when I was young, my environment was not good. I lived alone and and had to learn how to take care of myself. “When I just graduated, I told my mum that I definitely not take a single cent from home anymore. I told her please do not worry, if I have no more money, I’ll work, you don’t have to worry about me. That is what I did. There was only once when I had no other choice, it was already winter, I had no blanket, I asked my family for $500.” Han Geng jokingly expressed that his independence was expressed in many different areas: for example, since he was young, he knew that they have to protect girls. In the Central University for Nationalities where he was studying, because he had to protect the girls in his class from fighting with gangsters. “My classmates were mostly girls, there were so little guys it was pitiful. Hence, being a bodyguard was hard to avoid. There was once, a few gangsters from another school bullied the girls in my class. I acted as their knight in shining armor. Actually, the girls in my class are very fierce. Normally, they are the ones who protect us guys.”

Hard times
After eating this meal, think about things
Using the time spent crying to work
Han Geng was not very willing to spend time reminiscing on his memories of the hardships he went through in the past few years. During the interview, he always said to me, “I feel that young people going through hardships is not bad. You can look at it from a different perspective, you reap what you sow. Besides, going through these hardships is my own experience, it is my gain, it is something that no one else has. So, I don’t have a need to tell other people about all the hardships in my life.”
To Han Geng, the pain of not having anything was far less important, but when the topic of his experience of just graduating from the Central Universities for Nationalities was brought up, he couldn’t help being saddened. “At that point in time, I was supporting myself. Later in Beijing, I couldn’t endure it anymore. There was no money to be earned, so I went to Shenzhen. The worst thing was that then, my room was rented. After eating this meal, I would be wondering buy my next meal…… In Korea, if the stress was too much, I could just cry it out, but in China, I didn’t even have time to cry. I used the time I spent crying to earn money to support myself, thinking of ways to fill my stomach.
Besides the stress of living, what made Han Geng feel sad over was that since young, he had to bear with being separated from his parents. Now, returning to China to develop, the distance between him and his parents has closed a lot, “The me at 12 was separated from my parents. They were both working away from home. Even during the summer or winter holidays or during the New Year, either my dad was working or my mum was working. The three of us were rarely together. That period of time was hard to cope with, but I understand them. It was for their child’s sake. Hence even though I was young, I knew that I had to work hard so that they wouldn’t be worried.”
Mentioning schooling, Han Geng yet again thought about this memory: that year I just arrived at Beijing, trying to get into the Central Universities for Nationalities. Because he missed his family, he even sleepwalked. “The teacher was especially strict with me, other people took 1 year to learn martial arts, I took only 1 month. So during that time, my body was filled with bruises, many patches over my body. After that, every one called me Sika Deer. I was in a lot of pain, everyday I would shout Mum, I don’t want to take the exam anymore, I just want to go home. Maybe it was because I missed my home too much, there was once I actually sleep walked. I dreamt that I was walking home.”

Parents’  Kindness
Dad accompanied him to Korea
Opened a dumpling shop and beauty salon for mum
Even though there was a big distance between him and his parents, Han Geng and his parents’ relationship was especially good. That year when he first arrived at Korea, his father was by his side. His father even represented the 18 year old him and signed the contract with SM entertainment. Now, every time he remembers his father’s line “just like that, selling my son away’, Han Geng would still be moved to tears. When talking about his mother, Han Geng was filled with gratefulness, “At that time, to send me to school, mum went alone to Shenzhen to work, for 6 years. She suffered so many hardships, but she always supported me till I graduated. In respect to the love of his parents, Han Geng expressed, “Dad andMum really gave a lot to me, in fact, they never asked me to earn a lot of money, they didn’t ask me to to become a celebrity, they only asked me to lead a happy life, to be happy with my job. That is enough. Now whenever I’m in Beijing, I’ll live with them.”
To repay his mother for raising him, Han Geng used his first salary to buy his mother a dumpling shop, after that he opened a family beauty salon, “Opening a dumpling shop was to enable mum to have something to do in Beijing, the restaurant isn’t big, but it lets her have some fun. She is one who is not idle, and as long as she’s happy, it’s okay. My mother has a wish, and that is to open a beauty salon. Because in the past, she used to work in one, so I opened a beauty salon for her. Now even though she’s running to places, even though she’s tired, I can feel that she is very happy, totally different from last time. Before she came to Beijing, mum’s face was yellowish, her health condition was especially bad, now she has totally changed.”
Han Geng is one who knows how to be grateful, besides his parents, he knows who helped him in every phase of his life at the back of his hand. “I’m quite lucky, ever since I’ve been born, till today, I’ve met a lot of talented people who helped me in different phases of my life. For example, the Beijing teacher who helped me to enter the dancing world, the big brother who brought me to Korea, and my manager Sun Le who is helping me in this phase of my life. He was with me through the toughest period in my life, and also in my new  beginning.”

[Image: 2rqd5at.jpg]

[Image: 14brwd3.jpg]

Emotional problems
How can he have the mind to look for a girlfriend
Even mother can’t be bothered
For a long time, Han Geng’s emotional problems were always followed by the public. His fans “Geng Fan” has expressed in a letter “An open letter to Han Geng’s future girlfriend”, hope that the lucky one who will walk with Han Geng will give him a lifetime of happiness on behalf of his fans. However, from Han Geng’s point of view, at this point in time, he still does not want to, or dare to find a girlfriend. “Right now I don’t have the time to think about that problem. Everyday my schedule is packed, making my head ache, how can I find the mood to go look for a girlfriend?! What’s more, everyday, my circle of friends is the same 5-6 friends. There isn’t much chance to come into contact with girls.” Han Geng still has some misgivings in his heart, and he doesn’t dare to have high hopes that people will be bold and like him, “I’m like that, everyday running around, even if I have a girlfriend, I won’t have time for her. Even if I have time, I can’t accompany her for shopping or watch movies with her. It’s unfair to her. Tell me, will any girl want to find a boyfriend like that? So I can only leave it to fate.”
Han Geng patiently expressed that to him, love is an old problem. At 15, he had an adolescent love, he professed to that girl, “That was a childish love, it can’t be counted as a first love.” At 19, he fell in love with a girl, did they date? They dated for 4 years and he gave up his first kiss but it came to nothing. Until now, Han Geng’s destined girl has not appeared. In the beginning, his mother was very worried. She tried to introduce him to girls but after she failed a few times, his mother cannot be bothered anymore.”My mum discussed this with me a few times, now she isn’t that anxious. In the past, if she liked this girl, she would definitely ask me ‘is it okay? Is it okay?’. She even introduced me to a neighbours or girls in our hometown. But I was too busy, there was no time at all to meet them. After that incident, my mother did not care about my love life.”

Alternative interests
Rearing chinchillas
No love of luxury, love of humble abode
Even though he is scared he doesn’t have time to look after his girlfriend and not daring to find one, Han Geng said that his life isn’t lonely because he has 2 cute chinchillas in his house to accompany him. Han Geng joked, “ Chinchillas are very easy to raise, you just have to give them food and water. Even  if you don’t attend to them for 2-3 days, they won’t die. For workaholics like me, rearing  chinchillas is more suitable than looking for a girlfriend.”
Han Geng said to the South Metropolis Daily journalists that since young, he loved rearing animals, his hobbies are different from other people, their ‘tastes’ are different. “Last time I reared a vulture and other special types of lizards, they all scare other people. I’m not scared, I think it’s quite fun. I remember when I was in vocation school, I reared a very long lizard. When it was the winter holidays, I was scared that no one would take care of it so I carried it onto a bus to get home. But the nearer we got to home, the more that guy(lizard) stopped moving. In the end when we reached the Northeast, it froze to death……After that then I learned that lizards live in warm places, how can it survive in a place as cold as the northeast. Sigh, after rearing it for so long, it made me very sad.”
Han Geng’s unusual actions do not end there. Normally when people earn money, they wish that they can move to a bigger house to live, but Han Geng doesn’t want to. He just likes to ‘live humbly’ in a small house. Only he himself is using it so it’s enough. “I’m still young, I don’t have a need to live in luxury, fighting on is better.” However, don’t think that the reason that Han Geng “lives humbly” is just because he lives alone. He gets along well with his neighbours. “My current neighbour is also from Northeast China. When I meet him, he will ask me ‘Han Geng ah, are you busy recently? Sign an autograph for me! Haha, this feeling is rather nice, quite meaningful.”

Career prospects
Album, opening concert
Want to enter the acting industry
After leaving Super Junior and going solo, Han Geng’s career can be said that it is going smoothly. After 7 months of hiding, he released his new album “Geng Xin”. After his opening concert in Beijing in July, many contracts have followed. After returning to his motherland and developing his career prospects, Han Geng was frank, don’t talk about results first, but at least his mood is more relaxed than before. “Before, we were one team, as the leader, I worry about things a lot. Now it’s more relaxed, the stress isn’t as much as before. There are many people by my side helping me, they’re as close to me as my own kin. Han Geng said that before he returned to China, he made the worst possibility; if he did not succeed, he would become a dance  teacher. Now, he has many outstanding achievements, he has a new goal-besides training his voice he wants to be in the acting industry, acting in dramas. “Currently, there are many roles being discussed, there are movies and dramas but we have not signed the contract.”
Han Geng also said his one wish: I hope to be more involved in public welfare undertakings, before in South Korea there was simply no time to do public welfare, and now I have the time, have the opportunity, I hope to do more. I always believe that all artists should go  inspire and lead, and lead young people to help others, I have a duty to do such a thing.”

Birthplace: Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang
Tribe: Hezhe
Date of Birth: 9 February, 1984
Education: Central Universities for Nationalities
Height: 181cm
-1996, went alone to Beijing to attend school, specialized in martial arts
-1999, attend the 50th anniversary on behalf of the HeZhe tribe
-2001, participated in the H.O.T audition held by SM in China
-2003, developed in China
-November 2005, Super Junior debuted with Han Geng as the sole chinese member
-21/12/2009 Han Geng went to the Seoul Central District court terminate his contract with SM
-27/7/2010, released solo album Geng XinSource:
Shared by: proleptical
Translated by: Hanrui @
*Take out with full credits
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  1. followurdestiny says:

    What’s with the hair in the last two pictures? XD

    Ohh, Geng.. well, I know why I admire this boy and support him and this article shows it again. His sincerity, his hardworking nature, his charms… and I can go on…
    Thank u for sharing 🙂

    I can’t wait for the next milestone ‘his first movie’ to be released! XD

  2. s2x says:

    phew, i’m so glad to see that he didn’t completely shave his head. but is he wearing a wig in the last 2 pics?

    anywayz, congratz to him for his 5th annyversary! wow, can’t even believe that’s it’s been already 5 yrs since he debuted…time passes by so fast!

  3. wendy says:

    Haha! Poor Han Geng, trying so hard to hide his short hair but still got caught by the paparazzi! I don’t know why he still tries to hide it because he looks super cute. 🙂 Maybe his stylist was all “I can’t do anything with this short hair, ah!!!” hehehe

    Yes, Han Geng had an amazing 5 years. I’m still amazed at how much he accomplished in such a short period of time through his own persistence and determination, no matter what life throws at him. Too bad I wasn’t there to support him from the very beginning. I would’ve love to be there through his good times and bad times. But there is still a long road ahead of him and more exciting things to come and I will definitely be there every step of the way. 韓庚加油!

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