Reciprocal Love

Being a celebrity does not gives one the right to be proud or high-handed, instead it should make oneself humble and grateful..Why ?

Think of the money that was poured into buying one’s albums and supporting one’s concerts or movies  no matter how steep the prices of the tickets were..! One should always remember that without the fans, one  won’t become  a star or a celebrity..! Without the support given by fans, there won’t even be a stage for one to perform on nor a market to sell one’s talents..

It goes the same way with fans too..without a star or a celebrity to chase or follow one wouldn’t be called a fan or supporter of certain celebrity..!Sometimes fans’ obsession towards a star or celebrity can be very frightening to the extent that they think they own the celebrity..! Why? Just because they spent their money on the star, they think that they have the right to impose and demand..They don’t give respect to the artiste anymore. Things are different now than from the past generations..In these present times people have turned fickle and materialistic and nothing is permanent..The movies now and then have a vast difference in contents and story..just like in the songs too..Most of the present day songs no longer hold any profound meaning and are just jingles and not worth the attention..with all those auto-tune and lots of repetitions in one song..Unlike days of old, songs can inspire and motivate one’s life and can be seen as an evergreen song..or even turned into a classic..Those were the songs of good quality and substance and can withstand the testings of time and eras..

I have not been following any singer nor actor since I grew out of  my teenage years..and now suddenly BAM..! I found myself taking a liking and fondness for a young and naive boy who hails from a remote province in the North-East part of China..A boy who is not yet a man by the name of Han Geng..who can enthralled and enrapt  audiences of all age levels..He alone can hold the stage by himself without the need for an entourage of dancers..In all my years listening to Chinese songs, his songs are a break-away from the normal Chinese pop.. they are refreshing and stylish in form and substance..No wonder people of all genre are attracted to them..!!

In the 1970′s – 80′s there was the Mando-pop made popular by Taiwanese  singers like Teresa Teng  and the Canto-pop made popular by groups and individuals from Hong Kong..and those were the typical Chinese songs..but now with Han Geng entering the arena, it’s going to be a challenge for other singers, whether veterans or newbies, to look at new and innovative ways of writing and singing songs, be it Canto or Mando..Han Geng has raised the bar for quality songs and performances..he has raised the standards for others to either follow or even be on par with him..There are many singers out there but none yet  are of his calibre where he dances and sings  at the same time without breaking up the song with breathlessness..He is one very rare species..only a few can do that..where the song isn’t distorted by  the vigorous and energetic  dancing..None yet can match his form and style as of now, and until then, the world is his stage..hehehe…!!!

The kind of impact that Han Geng has of now over the public is a phenomenon that can’t be explained for the moment..why are his fans so eager to heed his call to help the less fortunate and to do charity work..? Why are they willing to run a 10 km distance without his participation..? These pictures were taken on Nov. 6, 2010 in Shanghai..

It can only mean one thing and that is, Han Geng is sincere and he is exceptional..He knows how to appreciate fans’ love and adoration and to be grateful for all the blessings he receives ..He knows how to give back to society with what he has received..!!

Just look at his fans and they look like a Golden Army of soldiers..something like the Terracotta Warriors from the Qin dynasty..!That was at the NIKE Run in Shanghai..look at Gengrice..!! They are formidable..!! hehehe…

The second video clip shows him making an appearance at the Dinner for Investors hosted by CCTV, the national television station of China where it has a wide network in all the parts of China..!! This is a very significant stage for him because it will foster good investment for him in future..So far, can anyone make a guess how much is Han Geng’s worth and value by now..? hehehe..!!

He is making progressive inroads  in his field of choice and Gengfans should be proud of that as they did contribute some efforts to his success in China..They have been “advertising” Han Geng with their own welcoming and sending him off at airports..attending all the concerts,shows and events that he is on or in…The last time Han Geng went on Happy Camp where he first introduce his album; that episode garnered the highest ratings for that show for the TV network..!! That’s the power of Gengrice..! Gengrice also promoted him in their own introducing him to people whom they think might help him in his career, during the time when Han Geng was still attached with another company..They flooded the message boards of TV shows asking them to invite Han Geng on their shows as we know that Han Geng didn’t debut nor develop his career in China..Through these efforts, they made Han Geng known in China..they showed the TV networks that Han Geng is popular and it’s worth inviting him to their shows…! Now, Gengrice can sit back a little watching Han Geng does his part ..all they needed to do is just be visible at events and participate in activities..!! Thanks to those Gengrice who devoted their time in promoting him, that he is able to come this far, this quickly..!..Let us continue to support him and see him soar higher and higher..

credits : as tagged in the photos and videos..,thanks..!

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8 Responses to Reciprocal Love

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~~~this article brings me back lots of memories~~~for example, this one (our boy did better than the day before, at least, he managed to finish a few lines ^^)

    Yes, Gengfans are so devoted in supporting Han Geng, because he has dream, and we wanna such wonderful boy’s dream come true. Garnetblue, don’t know why, just your article reminds me his song again ^^, let’s hear what this boy says about his dream again~

    《因为梦》 韩庚   
    我的明天停或走 我的心会痛   
    但梦 再也不回头 推我向前冲   
    带我穿越了时空 不管黑夜或白昼   
    追逐着风 我要眺望到 很远的以后   
    就算曲折的路 我终究能够 找对的方向走   
    因为梦 点亮了星空 拥抱整座宇宙   
    坚持的 都握在手中 幸福就会开花 结果   
    因为梦 春夏或秋冬 温暖我的星球   
    一抬头 全都实现在这一秒钟

    Because of Dream

    If the earth is tired of being stubborn and stops turning,
    Whether my tomorrow will stop or not, my heart aches.
    But dream never turns around,
    pushing me strive ahead,
    bringing me break through time and space,
    regardless in dark night or bright day.
    Chasing wind,
    I wanna overlook long after,
    No matter how tortuous the path is,
    I can eventually find the right direction.
    Because of dream,
    the starlit sky is lightened up, embracing the entire universe,
    Holding all insistence in my hands,
    the happiness will be blossoming and bearing fruit.
    Because of dream,
    spring and summer, fall and winter, all warming my planet,
    Raising my head,
    everything comes true in this moment.

    • trueblue says:

      Hehehe..! You uploaded it on to YT…
      Yes this is his dreams and I love how he was able to sing it well..that was a difficult song to sing..a lot of diaphragm power is needed..hehehe..
      Thanks for sharing…He rarely sings this song “live” I am waiting for his other song which is not included in the album..Dangerous Love..Heard that his 2nd album will be out next year..!! Looking forward to it..!
      You know, from the pictures, Gengrice looked just so so but in the video clip, they looked very formidable like a huge swarm of golden bees all running towards one goal and objective..hehehe..!!
      Result: they had pains all over their bodies..hahaha..even heard that a mother fan was also participating in it and she was so breathless towards the finishing line…poor mother-rice..hehehe..that’s how strong the support they give to HG..No wonder he is so confident and happy because he rides on their power..his GR are like his dynamo powering him on to greater heights…!!

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  3. Windchime says:

    ummm…. can I point out that in the Nike run pictures are not all gengfans? The yellow t-shirts were actually designed for the run and were given to all participants to ware during the run. But a lot of gengfans showed up =)) and there for the night concert there were like 80000 people and so many non-fans praising Genny for his performance and presence the next day on weibo~~ and I’m always soooooo happy whenever he shows up on CCTV! Mainstream!!! hahaha~~~ =))

  4. Kim says:

    I love Han Geng dearly, and I am ok with the fact that he lip syncs during some of his performances. Because regardless of how talented anyone is or how much they have trained, there is no way they can full out dance without their singing being affected. So he sings the slow songs, and lip syncs the dance ones – which is fine by me, I want to see him dance, after all! That’s just how the music industry works these days, they pipe in music and the artist can lip sync and dance, or maybe sing a few lines here and there, with the rest of it being lip synced. We’ve come to expect the impossible – that artists can dance all out and sing their hearts out at the same time.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Hehe 🙂 as far as I know, Han Geng can dance and sing at same time, this is what he did in his 717, 718 concerts in Beijing and in many other occasions, all live, no lip-syncs at all. And the CCTV video clip in this article also shows he is singing and dancing at the same time when performing My Logo. I never doubt he has ability to provide excellent performance by singing and dancing at the same time. I know that’s really hard to do and energy consuming, so I understand he lip synced the dancing ones sometimes due to the limitation of sounding devices or his health condition. I’m fine with that too, but I cannot deny he has ability to do both extremely well.
      PS: CCTV 1 or to be more specific, the Spring Festival Gala is live broadcast and does not allow lip-syncs at all, that’s why many idol type singers have no ability to be there, even though some celebrities who are not singer sing horribly…they are there not because of their singing skill but the recognition of their status in entertainment industry, but they have to show what they really got. Therefore, if Han Geng can be on the Spring Festival Gala, that would be a recognition of his talent and his status in Chinese entertainment industry, quite meaningful.

      • smile says:

        I’m glad he mostly sing live in any show much more than artist nowadays eventhough he had lipsynch but that is due to his health. I knew hangeng would show people what he able to n try to sing live and he can both sing n dance 😀

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