Han Geng In Adversity- A Lonely Fight !

When Han Geng reached the shores of China, his homeland,where he left years before, his journey becomes more difficult and perilous as he is up against the media and black propaganda. He has to fight the flow of current in going uphill. He has to contend with those who wanted to tear his reputation to shreds..!

As the river narrows to a tributary and then a stream, at times the salmon must force its way over rocks and  raging rapids. Then there are bears along the river banks to feed on the salmon.There are also a gauntlet of humans with nets and hooks to catch them. but the salmon would not be deterred,as they struggled to clear every obstacles between them and their goal.

As the lawsuit progress, his options were fewer and more unwanted attention were drawn to him. Obstacles after obstacles in the form of delays and postponements of his case were placed as a blockade in his goal to gain his civil rights back..! He lost potential and lucrative  offers along the way which means less options to work with. But Han Geng would not be deterred, as he focused on swimming towards his goal by being himself doing what he does best and utilizing his time wisely. In doing his part,he has to fight the current even when it would be so much easier to turn around and just float downstream..!!

I greatly admire the salmon’s do-or-die spirit, and I remember them when my own energy wanes or some goal seems to be slipping away.

This can be said of  his Gengfans who stood afar watching him fight his fight to gain his identity back..and learn from him in the process the do-or-die spirit and be energized when their own spirits waned or falter in their pursuit of the goals..This is the impression that Han Geng leaves upon his admirers and fans..and the result is shown in their  love for him to accompany him for the next twenty years to nurture and protect his dreams !!

I wrote this post a few months back..and now this is proves to be true..!

What options does one have when at every turn or step, one’s way is blocked or discredited..? How Han Geng struggled along with dignity and style in spite of the degrading remarks  and unwarranted accusations that are thrown at him.. No matter how much dirt or mud one might throw at him, he will always come out smelling like roses..the mud and dirt won’t stick for long..

To some people, their eyes see only the negative side and their ears are quick to listen to bad news..and their brains are dictated by eyes & ears that are attached to their heads..

They prefer to see the bad side of a person rather than the good side..

They prefer to judge rather than to reserve judgement…

They prefer to conclude  rather than to discern…

They prefer to perceive rather than to believe..

They prefer to gloat rather than to empathize..

They laughed at the misfortunes of others..!

What are these people called..? How do we categorize them..? Are they humans or demons..?

Han Geng has come too far to turn back..His potentials are now being revealed layer by layer…and just like the gem diamond, while  its being polished, it reveals its  facets and carats..It’s value increases with it’s size and it’s brilliance..

Presently, Han Geng is on the roll…like a powerful tornado sucking up everything in it’s path..!! Nothing can stop him unless, he, himself  decides  to slow down..!

Those who are watching him are helplessly standing by waiting for him to blow out his steam..waiting for him to abate but he is not doing so. He is growing stronger and gaining more grounds with velocity..He is spreading like a wild bush-fire burning up everything in it’s path..!

As in any movie or drama, be it real or reel, there are bound to be antagonists and protagonists…only those two kinds exists..!!

Antagonists are those who contend and oppose with others…and the main character..and here in this real tale of Han Geng, he is the main character..He is being hounded by those antagonists at every move that he makes…to the point that sometimes it was uncalled for..!! Before one scandal subsides another will emerged..don’t these people ever stop..one would ask of them..Are they not tired of all these ruckus and hullabaloo..!! !What do they gain by going around smearing Han Geng’s reputation  and spreading rumours..? Yes, they gain one second of self glory and fame, for the public’s attention would be on them for a moment..!

On the other hand, protagonists need these people because they are the ones who will help the protagonists succeed in their careers and life..they are the ones who will help put  the protagonists  into the spotlight. They are like the polishers who polished the raw edges of the main star in order for the star to shine brilliantly !!! So what can be said of them? There are always two sides to a coin..and a half- filled glass of water can also  be perceived as half -empty.!!

So when are antagonists become a nuisance ? It’s when they cross the line and become aggressive and abusive…!! But otherwise, they are a handy tool to use to sharpen one’s calibre..! As the old adage goes..reverse psychology works..and adversity is the test for men..!

“Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.”

“Adversity brings knowledge, and knowledge wisdom.”

“Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records.”
William A. Ward

So among these three quotes, which would best describe Han Geng in adversity…!

Take your pick..!

credits: as tagged in the pictures…

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9 Responses to Han Geng In Adversity- A Lonely Fight !

  1. Mandy says:

    A person would become stronger after s/he overcomes hurdles. This is a part of what makes Han Geng successful. Fighting!

  2. garnetblue says:

    I am proven right again..!!
    Now once again, Han Geng came out smelling like rose..!!
    He has Class.!
    He has Integrity..!
    That is Han Geng, respecter of all things great and small…!

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Hehe~~~my Geng with beautiful heart~~OMG, my heart is totally melting with his voice and smile~

  4. sltan says:

    Well said!! I support HG all the way!

  5. b says:

    wow, so well-said. with all the controversy going on right now, my head hurts but I never doubt Geng. He is a man full of class and I admire him. Haters to the left b/c Geng in the end will still be standing tall.

  6. wendy says:

    This is not a loney fight for Han Geng because he has the truth and gengfans behind him. 🙂

  7. bristlegrass says:

    My simple man Han Geng is a mirror, reflecting the goodness and innocence, darkness and ugliness in humanity…learning the world is chaotic, complicated, full of controversies, conflicts, confusions…but once looking at him only and closely, my heart can be calm.

    Time will tell one’s true heart. Being persistent because of dream!

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