Can’t take my eyes off you…

When I saw the following pictures from Si Woo’s blog, this song just hit my head.

Now I am sure all of you guys are with me 🙂

source :

Love you, Han Geng!

By the way, the reason why I have been so quiet… two boys…

In addition to the elder one who got Han Geng’s autograph…


OH, MY GOD…. What I have done!

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20 Responses to Can’t take my eyes off you…

  1. SL says:

    Do take good care of yourself as taking of one baby already required lots of patience and energy, what more you have two!

  2. welcome back dearest pinetree!! and those two little baby boys.. congratulations..
    tremendously happy to have you back with HG’s wonderful pictures.. yes you’re rite, it’s difficult to take our eyes off him.. especially from the latest picture of mysterious stare..

    again.. welcome back dear..

  3. wendy says:

    Whaaaaa!!! Two more boys and they both look so precious! Welcome back onepinetree and congrats. You are now way outnumbered in your household. 😉 That last pic of Hannie was huge. I felt like he was looking right at me. I can’t really look at it without blushing, hehehe. 🙂 Please take care and looking forward to more posts from you. BTW, how many copies of Geng Xins do you have??? Wow!

  4. Sharon says:

    Congratulations! Pinetree, you are very lucky to have three lovely children.
    Nowadays, you are considered one big family!

    Can’t take my eyes off Hangeng and just get too excited seeing film crew praising him.
    Just a few messages on Sina miniblog make everyone go crazy. I translate a few things they say. I don’t know exactly who these people are, but they are at the film set.

    Someone called Cindy: For so many days I see, I can only say Hangeng’s acting skill is just amazing. All the people who watched were thrilled. He is a born actor, a future best actor.
    Hangeng’s assistant: Quoting the director ” Stunning, my heart is broken watching him”
    Cindy: Our hearts are broken too….poor kid.He even lost his voice crying! This is the price you have to pay making movie. ….but it’s all worth it when you see the outcome.
    Fan: I hope Hangeng will receive praise from the general audience. Looking forward to the premiere.
    Cindy: Yes, he will. He will receive recognition from everyone! He is a good actor, all the people clapped their hands after watching the monitor!

    Every time my heart aches when he’s hurt by the devil and I can do nothing. And immediately this angel will do something to comfort me and make me proud! What can I say?

    • wendy says:

      Ah…you are killing me with all these tidbits. I want to watch the movie sooooooooo badly!

    • S2X says:

      OMG i’m sooo excited about this movie! so he’ll has intense crying scenes…i wanna see it!!! i hope they’ll finish filming soon so we can finally get to see it! XD

      btw, congratz for your 2 boys onepinetree! we’ve all missed you…welcome back!

    • proleptical says:

      Wow, so exciting. I can’t wait to see his acting.

      Do you by any chance have a link to the original Sina entries? I would like to post them on our website,, so English speaking fans can learn a bit about what’s going on and the praises he’s getting. 🙂

  5. followurdestiny says:

    Congratulations! Lovely boys 🙂 Take good care of yourself as well 🙂

    Ohh Geng *can’t take my eyes off of him either* XDDD
    And the movie, I’m getting even more excited about it!!! Thank u all for sharing!!

  6. rizkyung says:

    can someone translate what si woo said in that naver blog? it is hard for me, i can read Korean but i do not know how to translate it..

    hangeng,, we know that you will prove yourself that you can show to other that are priceless.. you talk less, but do more.. you give us the evidence with your actions.. that’s why i am proud being gengfans…

    i really cant wait for your movie.. Hangeng, you made it.. JIA YOU!!!!!

  7. bristlegrass says:

    HAHA~~~Pinetree, congrats on your new babies again!
    Finally, I have a chance to see them, they are soooooo lovely~
    Waiting for our actor Han Geng patiently~I knew he would be a good actor when the first time I look into him. Since then, I can’t take my eyes off him~~~

    • garnetblue says:

      seems like everyone is excited that you are back..Pinetree…hehehe..!!
      good to see you here..
      hope there is more from so many months on hiatus..!!! hahaha..
      Your twins are so cute and so is that big brother with the cheeky cheeks..!! Now I see him up-close..he looks really cute..
      I still remember how you described him calling out to HG at MoMs, LA..heehee
      Welcome back..!!

  8. Mandy says:

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is one of the lovely boys named Hannie? haha…

  9. onepinetree says:

    thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!although i am typing with one hand while feeding a baby now, i am happy to get back.

  10. smile says:

    Congratulation! And welcome back!!
    Born actor hangeng! He had within him since beginning, I’m happy to hear so many praises on his act. Can’t wait for the movie 😀

  11. szhang59 says:

    Congratulation! So lovely twins! What a pity that my family and my husband’s family don’t have gene to have twins. hehehe…We are all missing you! welcome come back!
    Neither can I. My husband is going crazy that I keep watching Hangeng all the time everyday. hehehe…

  12. Milo says:

    Onepinetree, Congratulation! And welcome back!!
    So glad to hear your good news!
    Hee… I am new here, but I read your articles all the time. ;D

  13. MM says:

    Quick, Hangeng official forum is ready. Go and register now.

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