Thank You, Han Geng

It’s been 11 months since Han Geng took the decisive, bold and courageous step to leave the “glittered golden cage”..and broke free from the chains that shackled his freedom..!

What happened since then..? Right after that fateful day with his own destiny, he went into retreat and wasn’t heard of for the next 3 months..

The 1st public appearance was a very special and exclusive television interview on SOHU…in March..then whoops…again he disappeared from the public’s eyes yet again..( If you want to continue watching that interview, just follow the YT up-loader for the rest of the show..there are 5 parts..

This time he popped up in Los Angeles..thousands of miles from Beijing..! Creating puzzlement and perplexity within and among his “Gengdom”, that news of his impending visit to Millions of Milkshakes was being questioned..and baffled a lot of his G-Fs…Will he or won’t he be there..?Β  Fortunately, for some of his Geng-watchers,(in The States) they silently headed towards L.A and particularly to that spot on the map of California..precisely Millions of the exact time..!! To the wonderment of his Geng-watchers who had gathered there since hours earlier, he arrived in a stretched limousine..!! That’s star quality for you..!! If ever you are near or within the vicinity of MoMs, do drop in and order this special milkshake..Han Shake Dance..! Call it creativity..!! While I was watching him concocting his signature milkshake, and comparing it to the one he re-enacted on a T.V. back in Beijing, a few months later, I concluded that he hasn’t a clue to what he was doing..hehehe..due to all the excitement of being on Hollywood T.V., I supposed he was in euphoria..and couldn’t exactly remember what he put in it, the milkshake..hehehe..!! That’s Han Geng for you..!

Then, he attended this show……………….( fill in the blanks ) hehehe….as one of the guest “judges” and a guest performer..more like a mentor to those graduating students of that school..have you guessed right..? He demonstrated 3 very short ethnic / folk dances..Now do you recall the name of that show..? Still haven’t got it..? He was with Xiao Pang Lao Zhi, the one who played the guitar for him in his 1st solo concert..hehehe… you get it..? If you still haven’t, then watch this short clips..

Slowly but surely, he is inching towards achieving his dreams..together with his adoring fans who are spoiling him rotten, willingly with no coercion whatsoever…..hehehe..!! A spoiled 3 year old Han..!! Or for want of a better description…pampered would be more hehehe..!!

This is my 1st part in my way of thanking him for the roller-coaster joy ride as I follow his career..Aish…this boy..with such an attractive character…!!

Thanksgiving Day was just over, so how many turkeys did you slaughter..? Hehehe..Why must Americans eat turkeys on Thanksgiving Day..? Anyone?

Thank You to all our readers who made this blog a success..

Thank You for your patronage..

Thank You in advance as we continue to follow that precocious boy of ours, as I always say..he is one very precocious the next chapter of his life may turn out to be his actor’s stage..and below are some weibo updates about his 1st movie role as a star lead..not too sure about the star billing though..hehehe..If I get my wish and desire, then it would be..1st star billing..I am that bias..ok..? hehehe!!!

credits are as listed..thank you for your hard work..

(101126) Da Wu Sheng Mega-Post (lots of weibo updates about the movie!)

Da Wu Sheng’s Weibo Update

Translated by: sltan @

26th November, 02:38PM via Sina Weibo:
From “Da Wu Sheng” crew: Although Thankgiving is over, heartwarming things continue to happen –
“Da Wu Sheng” two male leads, Wu Zun, @Hangeng did not give themselves holiday during filming breaks, instead they continue to practice their martial arts for 5, 6 hours everytime to ensure that they can meet the high standard set by the Martial Art Director, Sammo Hung.

Translated by: huiwensg @

24th November, 04:40PM via Sina Weibo:
From “Da Wu Sheng” crew: Now, the three main leads, @Han Geng, Wu Chun and Da S are running back and forth between filming fighting and non-fighting scenes, the schedules are jumbling up already. Filming of non-fighting scenes only ended at 4AM this morning. Then, at 9AM, they went to film the fighting scenes, it’s really tough! The midnight in Shanghai these few days were really cold, the main leads were all persisting on even though they are sick. “Da Wu Sheng” is the hard work of the whole crew, please look forward to it!

23 November, 12:02PM via Sina Weibo:
News from the crew: “Da Wu Sheng” had already filmed night scenes for 3 days straight, for two days, they only ended work at 7AM. Main leads, Da S, Han Geng and Wu Chun showed their best side, and are committed to give their best performance for the movie. Their sense of professionalism really touched the whole crew.

Jia Yan Peng’s Weibo Update
** One of the actors in **

Translated by hannie @
huiwensg @

6th November, 02:59AM via Sina Weibo:
Successful, happy.
The big actor, Gengbao hahaha~

12th November, 02:11AM via Sina Weibo:
Very good screenplay, remarkable director, excellent cinematography, fantastic visual effects, the most important part is that we have the best actors. Geng Geng, Chun Chun, continue to work hard! Watching your performance makes me feel really good~

13th November, 10:21AM via Sina Weibo:
The three main leads came together, felt so good looking at them!

14th November, 02:45AM via Sina Weibo:

Hahaha, handsome martial arts students, beautiful Peking Opera Blues,
Geng Geng surpasses Li Shaochun*, Chun is just like Li Huiliang*,
no one can fight Da S’s beauty!
So handsome. Excellent screenshot of
(T/N: *Li Shaochun and *Li Huiliang were popular Beijing opera actors)

14th November, 07:36PM via Sina Weibo:
There is a truth, and many pictures.
But we were lectured and disciplined not to post any.
The movie is extremely nice, lets’ go to the theatre together.

Gao Xiao Song’s Weibo Update
Translated by: huiwensg @

25th November, 11:49PM via iPhone:
Tonight, we were filming the cavalry rushing into the streets of Shanghai to save someone,
four cameras, long guns and cannons were all put up.
I told all my cameramen, that they can take the heads, the legs and the belly buttons of the horses,
but never take their buttocks haha!
It was a good feeling filming that…

26th November, 04:58PM via iPad:
Today, the crew went on a break again haha!
Thank you, American producer, Morgan, Mr. Morgan!
Came to Shanghai, young master Han went to look for his kids,
the god of fortune is not in town.
I could only eat and drink something myself,
where would be fun to walk around myself later on?

Source: Gao Wei Song’s Weibo, Da Wu Sheng’s Weibo, Jia Yan Peng’s Weibo
(Take out with full credits)

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9 Responses to Thank You, Han Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    WOW~~~~Thanks, Garnetblue, for collecting so much information, again, one more wonderful article from you~~~ ^^
    Hehe~~~just a note here, in case any of you guys would misunderstand, about the last entry of Gao Xiao Song, “young master Han went to look for his kids”…the “young master Han” here is not our Han Geng…he is a writer, and his last name is also Han…also, he was not looking for his kid, he was looking after his kid…

    I would like to translate couple of fan accounts from miniblog, they went to visit Han Geng at the shooting scene.
    #1 “‘Han Geng, we came over from Beijing to visit you, for two days, finally, we saw you’ — he was smiling and nodding his head; ‘Han Geng, so this is your style, very nice, very very handsome’ — keep on smiling; ‘acting is very toilsome, right?’ PS: it is truly toilsome, his hair style matches his small face, so cute, so adorable, but looks so tired, very very heartaching, seemed like he would fall by one touch, that thick coat looks so heavy on him. All of a sudden, I wanted to make him happy, so I held up the crystal light plate, said, ‘Han Geng, show you some light’, I turned it on, waved a bit, but I was afraid of making him dazzling, so turned it off right away, Han Geng was smiling so happily. Then I was happy, after two days of being sleepless and only having couple of meals, once I saw him, nothing to regret or complain…I become mother fan now. Finally, said to him, ‘we are going to leave tomorrow night, good night, have a good sleep’ — he waved to us.”

    #2 This one is a reply to the one above. “I have read what you wrote carefully, recalling the time when I saw him, just cannot help shedding tears. He is too devoted, he goes all out in work, and he is too thin…was he happy when you saw him? When I saw him, I felt he was not very happy, not sure if he was into the acting too much or too tired, smiling reluctantly, went into the filming shed quickly, then he asked Xiao Meng (his assistant) brought some snacks for us, really wanted to cry at that time, perhaps he wanted to make it up for us, this fool boy.”

    PS: after communicating with the crew, will organize a visit recently. They will bring all Gengfans’ love to him. Let’s wait and see what they’ve prepared for Han Geng~~ ^^

    • Mandy says:

      It’s a heartwarming fan account. I remember reading a miniblog entry by someone saying that Han Geng is way too thin that he would fall by a push of a finger! Han Geng’s hard work will pay off and please take care of yourself. And thanks in advance for for organizing the upcoming visit. Please bring love to Han Geng and the crew.

      • garnetblue says:

        yes please do..he needs all the love he can get though at times he is too hard on himself..and Mandy hope you too had a wonderful Thanksgiving..hehehe..

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you, B’grass..hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day too…
      I was thinking about what the 2nd fan-account entails..I don’t think he is unhappy or what, maybe he was too strict on himself..he was not happy probably because he was not up to his own we all know he is a perfectionist..and therefore he put too much pressure on himself..hehehe..

      • bristlegrass says:

        haha~~~I think he was just tired…or too focused. Gengfans are always concerned about if he is happy or not when they see him. He knows that, so he wanted to share some of his treasured snackes with his fans ^^, to tell them that he was not unhappy. btw, we know that when he is very focused or just has no facial expression, hehe~~~he does give others certain sense of pressure~~~hoho, whenever I see him like that, I am always like, OMG, this is my man!!!! = =

      • bristlegrass says:

        Happy Thanksgiving Day to you too! Haha~~just Thanksgiving Day is in October in Canada ^^

      • wendy says:

        Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I thought only Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, boy was I wrong. πŸ˜‰ For this Thanksgiving holiday, I just want to say thanks to all of you here for making this blog so wonderful. This was the first blog I came across that actually supports Han Geng when I first found out about him. I was getting a bit depressed at all the negative comments out there and was so happy to find a group of people so dedicated and to this beautiful man. I was so happy. I also found out so many things about him that I never knew before. Thanks again and please continue the great work that you guys are doing!

        BTW, bristlegrass, I’m with you about your comment on how you like your man. I think when a man is so focus on his job, he looks extra sexy! πŸ™‚

      • Mandy says:

        Thanks garnetblue sis ^0^ I didn’t have turkey but I had lobster on Thanksgiving Day! A year has passed since I started to know/follow SJ (and soon after that I just follow OUR man Han Geng!). I am glad to have founded this blog and many thanks to the authors for keeping this blog alive and Gengfans for exchanging comments and thoughts to share our love for Han Geng!

  2. followurdestiny says:

    Thank u for sharing all these πŸ™‚ β™₯ Will always anticipate more and keep on supporting him … and am so excited everytime I read something about the filming XDXD… looking forward to it! Though our Geng-bao needs to take care of his body/health as well :)… Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving πŸ™‚ !

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