Han Geng one of the front-runners for the Best Newcomer Award in The 3rd Music Billboard New Artists’ Awards…

Promotional Ambassador Han Geng Leads Stars to form the Celebrity Directors  Group
The highlight of this year’s Gala is the Celebrity Directors Group. As the Promotional Ambassador of the Newcomers’ Gala, Han Geng will also serves  as the DIRECTOR, leading multiple new forces in the industry including Yaoyao, Vivi Jiang, Michelle Lee, and boy band MIC to participate in this event. Singer Hebe  will also be bringing  her new solo album <To Hebe> to compete in the Newcomers’ Gala.

This year’s competition for various awards is very intense  especially in the category of “Best Newcomer”, “Best Album”, “Most Well-rounded Newcomer” “Best Song” and “Most Popular” have put  everyone in high anticipation. Just who will get the awards, we will have to wait and see.

Han Geng going solo and releasing an album has received recognition, nominated once again for the South East Music Awards.

It is reported that the 8th South East Music Awards ceremony will be broad-casted live on December 4th. Besides the popular Han Geng being nominated for the 8th South East Music Awards as Mainland’s Most Popular Male Singer, there are three other nominees, Zhang Jie, Wei Chen and Su Xing who were  the finalists in the “Super Boys” contest..

Compared to the other three nominees, Han Geng’s dominance /advantage is very obvious. On popularity, Han Geng’s King of Popularity is well-deserved. On capability, with the recently released new album <Geng Xin> , one may well say that Han Geng’s performance is notable with various styles ranging from an expert in the very popular electronic dance music to slow yet touching songs with feelings/thoughts which brings fans closer; it is not difficult to see where his strength is. As for the other three “Happy Boys”, they are known as budding idols but  their aura is a lot less compared to Han Geng. In terms of competitors, the only person capable to present a threat to Han Geng is Zhang Jie who relies on his good vocals. Zhang Jie who likes to sing high notes was a champion in talent search shows twice and his strength in singing is greater than Han Geng’s.

YueDuJi Publishing signs Han Geng: Exclusive Rights for a Concept Book that will publish soon..Han Geng becomes the new “It” person in the publishing industry..

Poor boy so worn out..!! But adorable and cute..!!

On November 27th, 2010 China Fashion Awards was held in Shanghai. Attention grabber, China-US invested movie 《Da Wu Sheng》received “Fashion Forward most anticipated Movie Crew” award. Director Gao Xiao Song along with lead actors Han Geng and Wu Chun accepted the award on behalf of the movie crew. That day, Han Geng and Wu Chun showed up dressed in the wardrobe style of the Republican China era used in the movie. The most fashion forward and creative style made both of them the brightest shining stars on the red carpet and the award stage.

Han Geng won the award for China’s Most Popular Male Singer at the CCTV-MTV Awards in October 2010…

Acceptance speech:

This stage is very important to me, today I start anew for this stage, start from my heart. I know a lot of gengfans have been waititng for this day. Thank you CCTV, thank you MTV. For all my friends who have helped me, thank you, this is my first time getting an award as a solo artist, I want to have a new beginning from the heart. I love you guys!!!

These red carpet clips are the ones that I can recall..so far..! Looking back to the start of 2010, one cannot imagine how far has Han Geng traversed the length of China and the number of red carpets events that he has been on..At the start of the year, one can safely say that he was uncertain of what his plans and future would be like..He was apprehensive as well as disoriented during the first few months after his “resignation” from his previous contract. Clearly, those were hazy days and we, his fans were muddling through just like him…! Not knowing what his plans were and when he will  return to the “limelight”..Gengrice made a pledge to support and partner with him for the next 20 years..!

In the following months, we see Han Geng emerging like a butterfly from its cocoon and took wings flying higher at each gust of the wind. After his return from The States, he went on the Mengniu Music Festival ceremony, receiving his 1st trophy as one among the four Best New-Comers Award…

And now this December 19, 2010 Han Geng would have come full circle by being back on that stage waiting to receive his next trophy..

Here, Han Geng is saying that it’s been 5 years since, of him being in this industry and he had debuted 3 times..


It was his 1st time performing on his own stage…

It was his 1st time having his own album…

It was his 1st time staging his own concert…..

And today, he  comes  back to this stage on Mengniu using his  own identity (using his own name) to realise his dreams..!!

credits : to those owners of the video clips that I am using here..thanks. And to gengbao.net





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6 Responses to Flashbacks

  1. wendy says:

    Can you imagine, all these stuff he did that you mentioned above, Han Geng achieved in less than a year! It was back in April when he went to perform at Mengniu with no achievements as a new solo artist. Now in December, he comes back with a successful album, concert, CCTV-MTV most popular mainland male artist, a major film in the works, a concept book, a concert DVD, nomination as Best Newcomer, Ambassador and Director for the Best Newcomers, etc. Ever since he went solo, every week he gave us something to get excited about. He is so hardworking, I hope he stops to take a breather and takes care of his health.

    • garnetblue says:

      Like you said..he needed a break from all these exertions …he is so busy that he has no time even to take a nap..look at that picture of him taking 40 winks during the award show..!
      Come Christmas Eve he will be in ChangZhou for a concert performance..
      Then at Hunan’s New Year’s Eve Countdown..Dec..31
      So many things to look forward to..
      All these things were attained in 7 short months..
      From these we can also take note that Han Geng is not only popular within the gengdom but also in the entertainment industry…and business world…!!
      Everybody and every sector wants a piece of him..!! hehehe…
      That’s a good sign..! Hope he finds time to rest..!!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Yes…he is workholic and perfectionist indeed…
    just make others feel helpless to see him working exhaustedly = =

    Here are some new pics, so~~~suave, so~~~~handsome, so~~~~cute~

    I don’t have time to translate the entire news T.T, so just highlight some parts.
    About acting “Han Geng felt pressure about his first silver screen debut, to be a singer just needs to think about how to be more prominent and striking on the stage, but to be an actor needs to study the scripts and try to figure out the plot everyday, and he has been a bit “nervosism” recently, always playback the scenes in his mind before go to sleep, which makes him hard to fall asleep, so that even the short time sleep become difficult to guarantee. Han Geng’s efforts have been paid off by the affirmative, the filming crew were so surprised by his first time acting, Gao Xiaosong even praised Han Geng that although this is his first time acting in movie, he has seemed like a senior actor already.”

    “Han Geng is not only the promotion ambassador of MengNui Billboard Music Festival for Best Newcomer, but also the head director of celebrity director group. Regarding this title, Han Geng said this is too big for him, he will work together with all other celebrities to make checks at all levels, if people have any difficulties, they can come to him.”

    hehe~~~~Garnetblue, remember you ever asked what would be the next, director? Here is the answer, yes! Director~only 26 years old, his first time acting skill has been recognized as a senior actor, he has the confidence and devoted heart to say, “you have any difficulties, you can come to me.” Ha~~~this man, really something~~~

    • garnetblue says:

      YES YES YES…!!! My intuitions are never wrong when it comes to Han Geng…!!
      Hahaha…..so smug and confident….!! Yes go to him if you have any difficulties..!!
      Love him…poor boy…!!!
      Good news everyday…!!
      I wonder how his staff cope with all these exposures and frequent flying, criss-crossing the country..accumulating flying miles..(mileage)
      Like master, like servant…(only a metaphor)..!!

  3. garnetblue says:

    Guys by the end of this year 2010, Han Geng would have debuted 5 times…!! Quite a record..don’t you think so..? hehehe..
    1st as member of an idol group..!!
    2nd as leader of an idol group…
    3rd as a solo artiste…
    4th as an actor on the silver scree…
    5th as a director of an awarding show….!!
    Now my question again..What next..? Producer..? Not too far-fetched, right..?
    Who knows what goes on in his mind..?
    He has gathered so many accolades already, and it’s hard to keep track of them…
    He needs to get a bigger house to store and display all his trophies and plaques….hehehe…!!

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