Desires & Dreams

Ever wondered at what stage would Han Geng deemed that he has reach the zenith of his desires and dreams..? Never..?

He has been in almost every area that he can think of..he started at the tender age of 8 when one of his teachers picked him to dance a folk dance in school..that was what started off his dreams…!-The Umbrella Dance..!! Till today, the umbrella holds a special place in his heart..! It was his personal and most memorable experience, his first encounter with the stage..! It was just very appropriate and significant that he included the song..Holding An Umbrella in his 1st came full circle..!!

He had a bite of the sweetness and the exhilarating thrill of  stardom from that day onwards, even though the taste was but a brief moment..!! It lingered on his mind and infused in his blood, for days..weeks….months…and years..!!

He discovered that he liked the attention , the admiration and the applause of the audience..He was on cloud nine and in seventh heaven…!! He had tasted stardom for the very 1st time…!! That’s how his dreams were formed…! The feeling of standing on stage receiving the applause and the praises of a job well done has taken root…!! The seed of his desires to pursue this dream was planted in his stay…!

In just a little over 5 years, he has reached the status of being an A-list star..and that enough to slow him down..? Not yet..he says..there is still a long way to go….!

He has dabbled in various areas and fields of the artistic disciplines…… like in dance and songs, in sports, in culture, in volunteerism, in songs composition, in ambassadorship, in endorsements, in spokesman(ship) and in philanthropy…how far can he go…?

The crown jewel in all of the attainments and achievements, is that he was an Olympic Torchbearer..of 2008 Beijing Olympics..!! That’s the prestigious side of his journey, as it will go down in history and his name will forever be etched for decades to come..!

Then looking at the centre of the crown jewel, there is the jewel of jewels, more precious and priceless, which is philanthropy…he has established his legacy in which he bequeaths his name for future generations..! His compassion and his charity..!! He has cultivated the awareness of love and care..the genuinity and authenticity in philanthropy..!!

Somewhere along the journey, he found out that he has a hidden talent for acting, in the Music Video, “Timeless”. Again, he discovered another gem inside  him..! He already satisfied his urge of having his own album and concert, now, his next phase , is to pursue the acting itch in him..hehehe..!! So we have here, actor Han Geng, in this Hollywood-backed movie..his major role – lead actor- nothing less than that for him..! One would asks why is he given special privileges..? And the answer would be…Because he is Han Geng..! He actually started with a TV drama and now he has ventured into big time…!

He does things in a major way and with a “Bang!” explosive entrance..! Nothing was half-baked with him..he went all the way..! His album was superb…! His concert was extravagant..!

No-one ever dreamed that he would come out with a concept book.. but soon we will be able to witness the launching of his book on 21st December..till now, I am still in a befuddled state, thinking of what it is really like..!

With this movie, one can expect him to go to Hollywood and promote it with the cast, ….. hopefully next year..? hehehe..!

Since he started with the movie, he has been working very hard..and getting no sleep and rest..! So his GengRice are concern for his health and welfare..They want to see him achieving and attaining his desires and dreams without any major set they came up with this idea of support and him warmth and love..showing that they are with him all the way..!!

Here are some of those gifts which were given to him and the crew of the movie, and you will know why he posted it in his weibo 3 times..hehehe..!! He is so proud of his GengRice/Meals..

Credits: thanks to all the Gengbar for the pictures…


From December 21, 2009 to December 21, 2010, Han Geng will have gone solo for an entire year. It’s been revealed that the concept book, which recorded the entire year’s behind the scene story, will have the
first book signing on December 21, 2010 in Beijing. In this book, there will be a tremendous amount of never before disclosed private photos which will describe the soulful journey that Han Geng took this past year.

The December 21, 2010 initial book signing time and location will have great significant meaning to Han Geng. December 21 will be the one year anniversary of Han Geng going solo. It is also the critical starting point of him using his name, Han Geng, to restart his entertainment career.

The location of Han Geng’s concept book initial book signing will be announced next week. During the book signing session, the media will be invited and also commemorative related activities will be arranged. This concept book which documented Han Geng’s soulful journey in the entertainment field this past year, collected massive amounts of exclusive photos, produced by a dedicated team of professionals, will meet the readers on this day.

Source : Tencent Entertainment
Shared by : sltan @
Translated by: babyskullhead @
Take out only with full credits please.

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5 Responses to Desires & Dreams

  1. bristlegrass says:

    I don’t know what exactly Han Geng’s dream is; I don’t know what his zenith will be; I don’t know how long it will take for him to reach his dream…I just know he says that he loves to be on stage, he feels free on stage, he enjoys that feeling very much; he also says that he wants to be a good actor, he wants to express himself through acting, because he has so much feelings but never knows how to express.

    Reading Garnetblue’s article with full of warmth and excitement, I know Gengfans are devotedly showing their love for Han Geng, this boy is seriously happy, I think not only because of gengfans’ sincere gifts for him but also because gengfans’ gifts and behaviours were praised by the filming crew, he feels proud~~~and I am simply happy…but this picture also gives me some extra feeling…

    This is Han Geng’s cup at the shooting scene, he uses straw to avoid damaging the makeup when he is drinking…he has a sticker on it showing that is Han Geng’s cup, that’s a sticker designed by his gengfans more than one year ago, the sticker has been getting a bit blurry because the cup’s owner is holding it a lot…I don’t know how to describe my feeling…I see something extremely simple and humdrum, but I get this complicated feeling, warmth, sweetness, simplicity, and a bit bitterness…love is simple and powerful. I hope the love between Han Geng and Gengfans can be like this forever.

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  3. garnetblue says:

    Han Geng is a very sentimental perso..
    It’s rare to see guys who are this sentimental….hehehe
    Plus he is very thrifty..he would spend only if there is a need to…
    So that cup is still usable so why chuck it away..? hehehe…

  4. wendy says:

    Gengfans are so incredible. Plus, Han Geng just received more stuff from ihangeng, Taiwan and Hong Kong gengfans. I bet the film crew have never seen anything like this before.

    But I read a fan account where the fan said Han Geng took time out from busy filming just to see them and thank them before they left. They weren’t expecting to see him and he didn’t need to see them because he was busy filming, but he made it a point to do so. It’s little gestures like this that makes gengfans so devoted to him.

  5. Felecia says:

    I’m so happy for him. He’s has such a kind heart and gentle soul. I look forward to him coming to Hollywood. I will be there to support and cheer him on. I’m a grown woman with almost grown children and Han Geng is the first celebrity from the moment he debuted that I really liked and supported. My fiance doesn’t listen to any foreign artists as a matter of fact he looks down on them until I played Han Geng’s CD. He really really liked it. When I bought the special limited edition CD he made sure I bought 2. One for him and one for me.
    I’ve seen how far he has come and I know that this is just the beginning for him. I wish him nothing but more happiness, success and peace of mind. Han Geng has changed my life in many ways. I pushed my fear aside and started my own business and began losing weight. Taking better care of my health and realizing I can achieve my goals. But more importantly…opened my eyes to be open to other cultures and I’ve made wonderful friends with other Gengfans. Sorry for preaching. Thank you guys at forhangeng for your blogs and keeping me and so many others informed.

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