Han Geng’s “First Contact” with Movie

I think I should translate this news.

Title: Han Geng’s “First Contact” with Movie, Outfit of Classic Style

Source: http://news.yule.com.cn/html/201012/83568.html

Han Geng’s “first contact” with movie is to take part of the movie “The Founding of the Party”. He is playing a pioneer youth Zhao Shiyan. Zhao Shiyan, getting to know the revolutionist pioneer Li, Dazhao in his early years (played by Zhang Jiayi), was elected as the General Director of the Student Union in the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University during May 4 Student Movement. In 1920, he went to France for study, and along with Zhou, Enlai (the first Premier of the PRC, played by Chen Kun) and others, established the communist group and the Youth Communist Party in France.

Han Geng said, “to have an opportunity of being part of this movie is a very meaningful thing.” On that day, part of the shooting scenes was between Han Geng and Chen Kun. Han Geng said, “I am so willing to exchange ideas with Chen Kun who is very experienced in acting, this is my first time acting in movie after all!” Han Geng’s outfit and style are both eye-catching, his look of holding a book has young intellectual’s temperament.        


Han Geng’s movie stills will be released during the formal promotion period.

This movie has involved so many popular Chinese celebrities. Many of them would even like to play a role without any lines. Playing a role in this movie shows the recognition of Han Geng’s status in mainstream Chinese entertainment industry.


Oh, something related to our Geng’s another movie, I am using this as my desktop background now ^^

credit to 紫ALL不可逆

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8 Responses to Han Geng’s “First Contact” with Movie

  1. trueblue says:

    Glad to see that you found time to translate this..hehehe..
    Waiting to see another character that he is playing at…Scholar Geng..
    Things are happening so fast for Han Geng…!
    Good to know that..finally there is some concrete news regarding that movie..!


    • bristlegrass says:

      🙂 yes~ finally~~~
      I remembered when they had the similar type of movie last year, pinetree posted an article talking about hoping Han Geng would be in this kind of movie some day, to be recognized as an movie actor by the Chinese general public…at that time, I thought it was like a dream…but now, hehe~~~~

  2. S2X says:

    wait, so he has already filmed the scenes for this movie? when did that happen? and they managed to keep Gengfans totally unaware of it? wow! o.O

    so seems like this was actually his 1st movie, not DSW. i’m so excited now, being able to see Han Geng in one movie was already super exciting, now 2 at the same time is just too good to be true! and it seems like his role isn’t going to be that small…it’s going to be quite important actually, isn’t it? this movie is sure going to receive mass media coverage and public’s attention, which means…our Geng will get great recognition from everyone! i mean, he’s already extremely popular but only among young people. now, with this movie, people from all ages and places will know him!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Yes, his part of shooting was done in August…^^they are really good at keeping secret and giving gengfans happy surprise, I actually like it~
      Actually, we kinda had conjecture that Han Geng might take part of this movie, but no one could be sure, also, even if we knew he had filmed some scenes for this movie, before the official news came out, no one can be sure that his part would not be cut…since there are too many celebrities who are more well-known than Han Geng, and based on the previous experience, not all of their scenes can survive the scissor. Now, the official news came out, we can be sure, and this is truly a recognition! I’m so happy for him~~~

      ps: I think DWS is still considered as Han Geng’s film debut, he is the main actor in DWS, and this one is a recognition of his status~

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