Chinese Pop Music Sensation

Little did we know that in a span of a few months, Han Geng has conquered the Chinese media and public and the music charts, those that were considered credible..! Indeed, spreading his wings to it’s fullest span…no holds barred..!

Hollywood…!!  It brought back memories of  my “conversation” with Bristlegrass months ago when I watched Han Geng on MiGu sitting  with music producer Xiao Pang as one of the jury panel..At that time nothing was being mentioned about Han Geng and him being on friendly terms..Nothing indicated that they were working on a project….I remembered Bristlegrass recounted a fan-account to me..there were gengrice in the audience and they know who this Xiao Pang is and during a break, one gengrice walked up to him and “promote” Han Geng to him, asking him to consider/evaluate Han Geng in his future asking him to “help” or in other words to work with Han Geng…(These are not the exact words, but the context is the same. It’s like asking Xiao Pang to try Han Geng for  his future projects!) Then Xiao Pang answered the fan telling her not to worry, Han Geng has bigger and better things in store for with that the fan was very excited..not knowing what that means but excited nevertheless..! So when this story was relayed to me, my question to Bristlegrass it a Hollywood movie..? But Bristlegrass cautioned that Han Geng is still a novice in the acting department so he has to progress gradually..! She didn’t think that it will be a Hollywood movie..!

Now looking back, I can “smugly” say that my 1st intuition was correct..!!! hehehe..( don’t hate me for this ok?)

Though it’s not Made in Hollywood, but still it’s consider that as a Hollywood movie..!

If we looked back to the time he spent in Hollywood last March, we can finally fix the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in Han Geng’s plans…What exactly did he do in Hollywood, no-one knows for sure..all he said was that he went there to record his songs for his album and to upgrade his dance skills..! He is such a good actor..! never letting it out that there was more than meets the eye..! hehehe..

So up to this day, only a fraction of the puzzle is solved, there are more pieces to fix…to complete the picture..! hehehe…and probably this will lead into the year 2011..and beyond..!

He came back to China armed with his track song MY LOGO interspersed with the chorus lines…I Am Going International..Go Go..Show Show..Logo…..!!! All the while, his gengrice thought that indeed he is going international for that, but little did we know that that was a clue..! He is going international not only with an international crew and team by his side, but also into an international movie backed  no less by  Hollywood..!

Here is the proof that indeed he is going international.. an article of his movie appeared in this paper..The Hollywood Reporter…

So fellow Gengfans are you all excited for Han Geng..?

credits : on pictures and tagged in video..thank you

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6 Responses to Chinese Pop Music Sensation

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Hehe, Garnetblue~~~yeah~~~you are better than me in predicting our Han Geng’s career~~^^

    • trueblue says:

      No Bristlegrass, I am not better than you..! hehehe..!!
      You are just being modest..hehehe!!!
      Anyway it will be a long time to wait…the movie will only be release 2nd half of next year…!!

  2. Mandy says:

    Gengfans continue to make Han Geng proud! Hong Kong-based Celestial is a client of my employer while working in HKG. Haha, maybe I could get ticket to the premier and meet Han Geng IF I were still in HKG! But that’s fine, Han Geng will eventually end up in Hollywood~

  3. followurdestiny says:

    Super-excited!! 😀 I’m so happy for him, so proud 🙂

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