Introducing “HAN GENG 1221”

I believe everyone who is into Han Geng would be interested in getting hold of a copy of his concept book which will be released this December 2 pm in Beijing..and in relation with that, various activities are being organized on that day to coincide with the release date…!!
There are  more information on the launching date in the news article below..
The most anticipated part of the book will be the part where Han Geng revealed what he did in the 24 hours prior to D-Day 21 December 2009…!
And the subsequent hours that followed…! Looking forward to “know” his feelings in those crucial 48 hours…!!
Important Note :
The gold and silver versions will both be simultaneously available on Dangdang’s website on around 12/10

“Han Geng will come out with a concept book revealing for the first time the 24 hours before and after going solo.
[Image: 44266189.jpg]
Gold edition.

[Image: silverlz.jpg]
Silver edition.

The concept book to commemorate Han Geng of having flown solo for a year, the  book cover of  Han Geng 1221 was released today, along with the scheduling for a book signing/selling event on 12/21/10 at 2:00 in the afternoon at Shi Jing Shan Wan Da Plaza. In the contents of  Han Geng 1221, there will be exclusive pictures of the beginning of 2010  during  the three months before he came out to the media. It will also include pictures of before Han Geng went solo on 12/20/09 that have not been published before, which really recorded what he went through in the differing 24 hours before and after he announced his decision to go solo.

[Image: picturecute.jpg]

12/21 was the major starting point of Han Geng’s fresh start in performing. In the year 2010, he came out with a CD, held a solo concert, filmed a movie, participated in various performances, and was honored in the 10th MTV-CCTV Music Awards with the Most Popular Male Singer award, and Han Geng, working as hard as before, used these products to gain the favor of the people.

[Image: bokxw.jpg]
According to the publishing company, this time the concept book will have a silver and gold edition, with the same price. The silver edition comes with an exclusive collector’s poster, while the gold version is limited edition with 12210 copies, and it comes with a postcard. The gold and silver versions will both be simultaneously available on Dangdang’s website on around 12/10, along with the autograph session that will be held on 12/21/10 at 2:00 in the afternoon at Beijing’s Shi Jing Shan Wan Da Plaza.”
Credits :
Translation: hsupergirl @ Source:
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One Response to Introducing “HAN GENG 1221”

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Just want to say something here…1221 is a memorial day for both Han Geng and Gengfans, but may not be a good day for his enemy…I am just happy he can pursue his dream freely now! No matter what happens, what’s going to happen, as long as you are still the Han Geng I have known and loved for these two years, I will be a fan supporting you to the end! Love you, Han Geng~~~

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