Han Geng In 2010

In just a few short weeks, year 2010 will come to an end..and cannot be returned. It can only be refreshed in our memories and that’s pertaining to our own lives for the past year. That is our own private life away from the internet and showbiz..

But in regards to those of us who are following Han Geng, how the year 2010 started was still very fresh in our memories !!

From January to March everything was quiet on his side..but was very loud on the entertainment side..! With or without Han Geng’s physical presence, there were bound to be news whether fake, false or otherwise..Han Geng is a force to be reckon with..His aura is too formidable to be brushed aside so easily..and carelessly. His presence in the entertainment industry has created a mysterious cloak around him either then or now..!

Then he was the only Chinese member in a group..and was inconspicuous most of the time..Many times he will be found in the back of the group quietly watching and learning..abiding his time..In the early days of his debut, he used to shine and as time went by he slowly faded and blend himself to the background.! We saw the difference and yet we can’t help him except by cheering him every step of the way.! We believe that he can rise up to a higher plane than what was being offered to him..!

Then December 21, 2009, the bombshell dropped, and he disappeared from public eye..for the next few months and surfaced on SoHu TV..In those months when  he was away, he was being defamed with all kinds of rumours and scandals..But thankfully, he emerged with an interview and an appearance on Hollywood TV.! He is coming back..that’s what he was telling his Gengrice..I am coming!! And what a comeback he made..!! It was fabulous! It was fantastic! It was flamboyant! And in other words it was just beyond one’s expectations…It defies all odds and all rational thoughts..! Han Geng did it..! And he did it on his own merit, on his own ground and on his own terms..!!!

Han Geng.. – reminiscence through news articles in newspapers, magazines or TV shows..

He amazes everyone with his revelations on how he got the help of the one and only Travis Payne for his MV….My Logo..who in turned was willing to help because (in his own words) he is Han Geng..!

He even went on to enlist the help of the  5  prominent and popular music producers/composers  of the day to produce songs for his 1st solo album.I can only name two of them, Cao Ziao Song and Yuan Wei Ren.(For the other 3, I leave it to you readers to name them.hehehe).

Han Geng has done very well for himself..indeed! Looking back at those days and times make me wonder why we were so overly worried for him when he already planned out his career path so well… He started out with a press conference on The Great Wall paving the road which he needed to walk on, by removing all doubts and questions posed by media and the likes of those meddling paparazzi/tabloids: addressing the fears of his fans, and assuring them of his well being and condition….about the progress of his lawsuit which is filled with intrigues and controversies not caused by him but by scrupulous people who are out for some fun and thrills at his expense..!

Finally, with that hurdle crossed, Han Geng was ready to open up his wings and soar to the skies..!! He came back with a full solo album – his first..! That was followed by his full solo concert..! Then his various activities all across the vast expanse of China, his beloved homeland..! This does not mean that all was smooth sailing for him..he had to contend with the fact that there were still many adversaries  and nay-sayers out there waiting for him to make a false step, so that they can scoop up more “mud” to throw at him..if not  for his Gengfans who steadily and stoically stood by him and denounced those people, they would have a free hand and a field day spinning tales and fantasies to make Han Geng looked “bad”.

Han Geng not only make his mark in the entertainment industry but also in the society where he contributed his voice on many occasions by delving into the social welfare of the population at large. He volunteered in songs like “I Am A Flame” and “Asian Games Have Me As Their Luck”..then there is also the Shanghai World Expo..”The World Is Watching China”…Ah one more which I find it very cute..Shadow Tour Of The Great Wall…I like that..! You guys could use it as a “lullaby” to sleep..! hahahaha..

He ended the year 2010 with a loud bang…in just 2 months to go..! He came out with a Concept Book which according to the publisher is a first and a trendsetter…!

Then he has his first major role in a major movie with a major Hollywood producer and a major music director who for the first time trying his hands at directing a feature film..and a major Hong Kong action director…!! Major, Major!! hehehe!!!

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4 Responses to Han Geng In 2010

  1. Mandy says:

    Han Geng, you have done more than excellent in 2010 despite the road is paved with adversities!!! Han Geng, please fly high and freely into 2011 and on. I will be watching you and be “with” you.

  2. Smile says:

    Indeed 2010 is a year for Han Geng, hope 2011 bring more success to him. Han Geng Jia You!!!!

  3. noongeng says:

    2010 is HanGeng’s golden year … he Deserves what he had now

  4. wendy says:

    Oh I remember being really excited and anxious the night before Han Geng is going to make that press conference at the Great Wall. I really didn’t know what to expect and what his future plans are. Just look at him now. This year has really been a great year for Han Geng, and also for his fans too! 🙂 Hope that every year will bring him even more success and happiness.

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