On This Day…

Today marks a year of Han Geng’s lawsuit with the old company..

Today indeed is a day of  multiple blessings and celebrations…! There are so many things to look forward to…for one,the results of Han Geng’s lawsuit.., the launching of his concept book, the 1st of it’s kind in China regarding a celebrity..! His win at Mengniu Music Festival…!!

21st December, 02:01AM via IPhone:
A year ago on this night, I didn’t sleep, he slept for a while. This year today, he can’t sleep, and I’m going to sleep for a while. In the middle, but it’s been a year.

Translation: hsupergirl @ GENG-BAO.net
Source:Sun Le’s Weibo

From that entry of Sun Le, one will notice how Han Geng is feeling right now…compared to a year ago…on this day..!

Han Geng was at peace on that day, 21 Dec. 2009…he slept well whereas his friend, Sun Le couldn’t sleep..worrying what will happen to Han Geng on the road ahead…in the years to come..! It shows that Han Geng was really relieved to be out from that contract and does not worry too much about the problem..just leave it to the lawyers…and he was confident that he can look forward…He had the attitude of someone who just believe that there are certain things that is within one’s  control and that there are those which are not..! He knew that once the “stone is cast” there is no retreat..there is only forward march..!! And marched he did, in the days and months that followed..!!

Today, it seems that the reverse happens..Han Geng couldn’t sleep and as for Sun Le, he slept..! Why did Sun Le sleep and Han Geng stays awake..? Probably, Sun Le knew that Han Geng is doing well now and that he has paved his way on the path  which he had chosen..! Or maybe, he was thinking that he did a good job of assisting Han Geng along the chosen path and he has no regrets seeing that his friend is happy and both of then have come out of the aftermath of the lawsuit with minimum scars or without..! Or he could be thinking that today, no matter what the result or verdict of the court might be, both of them had tasted their dreams and had tested the waters and knew that there is no turning back..the clock! At the very least, today, could be a turning point for both of them..that they don’t have to go around aimlessly and carrying a burden with them not knowing the outcome of the lawsuit which was started 365 days ago. Finally, there is some progress and the arbitration/ debates/ arguments/ are over…! Today is the day of reckoning be it “good” or “bad” provided that there is justice done today..!

Now, Han Geng, he couldn’t sleep..why? Could it be excitement for him..? That finally, the day has come to know whether he has gotten rid of the shackles that bound him..and be totally free..! Be free to accept offers and contracts without having the shadow of “uncertainty” hanging over him..

Be free to do bigger and greater things..!

Be free to venture into the vast expanse of the universe.!

Be free to roam the grounds of the earth without looking over his shoulders to see if there is anyone stabbing him from behind…!

Be free to soar higher, sprint faster, and go the distance without any burden on him…!

Be free to be the person that he wants to be…and can be !! That is the ultimatum of  his desire..!!

So that may be the reason he couldn’t sleep..thinking back to the day he took fate into his own hands and made that important decision..! Looking back at how far he has come and where he has been..! Savouring all the tastes and experiencing all the ups and downs in the past year..!All he had experienced could be contained in a book and in a book he did..! He did what no other ordinary singer or star could…!

He sang.  He danced. He performed. He acts.

He directs. He “writes”… 

He is one ordinary man doing extraordinary achievements…!!

His weibo followers has reached the 2 million mark as of today…! He only opened his weibo account in the last days of June this year..! He had 2 million fans/followers in just 6 months…!! Fantastic…!

His album “Geng Xin” has passed the 500,000 mark (unofficial count) as of today…! Official count is at over 300,000 copies..!

Now this ….The Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Youth 2010 ( At last, he is recognised by people other than Gengfans/Rice )

England Big Ben Awards Organizing Committee revealed to the reporter of Fujian News Net that on the 20th, by the Big Ben Awards Organizing Committee, World Youth Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Yan Huang International Federation of Youth Culture and Federation of Chinese Elite Youth, they held a conference for the ‘2010 England, Canada and China’s Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Youth’ and revealed the official list of winners.

The winners of ‘2010 China’s Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Youth’ are as followed:
Jiang You Bo (Political and Business – CEO of DEM, Taiwan/America)
Deng Ya Ping (Public Services/Media – Secretary of People’s Daily, He Nan/England)
Han Geng (Culture & Sports – Singer, Hei Long Jiang/Korea)
Liu Jian Wei (Education – Professor, Liao Ning/English)
Rui Cheng Gang (Public Services – TV Media, Wei An/America)
Tang Zi Jia (Business – Executive Director of Tomson Group, Hong Kong/America)
Wang Xiao Fei (Business – South Beauty Group, Beijing/France)
Zhang Chao Yang (Professional/Business – CEO of Sohu, Shan Xi/America)
Zhang Lin (Cultural&Sports – Professional Swimmer, Beijing/Australia)
Zhang Xin (Business – CEO of Soho, China, Beijing/England)

The director of Big Ben Awards Organizing Committee, Li Jun Cheng expressed that the Big Ben Awards started their selection of the Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Youth on the 21st June 2010. At the same time, they announced it and accept recommendations. The launch of Big Ben Awards – Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Youth is to commend youths who had studied or work overseas with outstanding performance and had contributions towards China, setting an example for different areas and careers.

We understand that ‘2010 Big Ben Awards Ceremony’ will be held together with the awards presentation ceremony for the top 10 commercial enterprises either in the year 2011 in China, Beijing or the HQ of Big Ben Awards, London.

[T/N: The youths that they meant are those who went back to China from overseas after studying or working there.]

Source: http://www.fj.chinanews.com/news/2010/20…1046.shtml
Translated by: huiwensg @ geng-bao.net

To top off the year, Han Geng received the award for Best New Artiste of the year from  MengNiu Music Festival..on 19th. Dec. 2010..

It was such sweet pleasure to receive the trophy from the hands of music producer Mr. Yadong who is one of the 5 prominent ones in the Chinese music industry..!!

credits : thanks to all whose pictures and translated news articles that are used here…



I wrote this post before the news of Han Geng’s lawsuit broke  out..and everybody breaks into joy and celebrations..!! Never mind about SME filing for appeal to reverse the verdict..because for now Han Geng is free…!!
Today indeed is a day of  multiple blessings and celebrations…! There are so many things to look forward to…!

It’s also an early Christmas gift of sorts…Now he is officially out of SME and can now pursue bigger dreams ..

(101221) Han Geng Weibo Update
Translated by: sltan @ geng-bao.net

21st December, 11:34AM via IPhone:
I know you are always here.


(T/N: The photo shows the Gengfans queuing up since
7am this morning in Beijing for the Concept Book Signing Activity.)

Source: Han Geng’s Weibo

Han Geng’s cy world entry in 2009 on 21st Dec. has the same context…”I am fine. I know that you have always been there. I love you all..”

Exactly one full circle…!!!

Congratulations Han Geng..!!

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7 Responses to On This Day…

  1. rizkyung says:

    i am totally crying and cant hold my tears back reading this entry……

    • garnetblue says:

      It’s alright now…
      Everything is back in it’s proper place…!
      We will wait for more new and innovative works from HG…
      I won’t be surprised if next year he goes into production and then his own composition…he has the capability and the motivation..he can do it..!

  2. Smile says:

    He will always be remember in china entertainment history as one of the greatest artist been born in mainland.

  3. followurdestiny says:


  4. lys says:

    He is one ordinary man doing extraordinary achievements. Yes!

    365 days, a full circle.

    Congratulations, Hangeng!

  5. wendy says:

    It is so strange, like everything is destined… Exactly one year ago he filed the lawsuit; exactly one year the result came out; on the exact same day his book came out; exactly one year ago he wrote the same message to his fans… like Han Geng is destined for greatness. Han Geng’s story IS extraordinary, like a fairytale…almost too amazing and unbelieveable.

    • garnetblue says:

      Whether if one believes in destiny or not, this is something that borders on the uncanny, was it deliberate..?
      Or was it just coincidental..?
      Was it destined..?
      Yes it was like a story out of a fairytale, that I find it hard to “believe” and digest them all these ….
      Even HG reacted in a way that is not “natural”
      Watch this clip…HG’s response to the verdict..

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