“Bye Bye SME” Means Fair Treatment by the Korean Media

Original post: http://blog.naver.com/siwoo_kim/120120575753

Original Author: Si Woo

Translated by Onepinetree

I named my own title for Si Woo’s posting about the positive attentions on Han Geng from the Korean media after Han Geng won the case on December 21, 2010.

Her original entry title is ” Today when Even Positive News on Han Geng appearing on the Korean online sites.”


(Only the titles translated from the captured picture. This is a just part of news reports; I just saved Si Woo’s capture)

[Exclusive] Han Geng, “After Winning Ruling, I Felt Peaceful and Happy.”

[TD PHOTO]Han Geng, His Book Autograph Session, ‘Massive Crowd of Chinese Fans’

[TD PHOTO] Han Geng, Introducing His Passionate Book, “This is the Book I Wrote~~”

[TD PHOTO]Han Geng, “Truly Feeling his Popularity” Surrounded by his Fans at Autograph Session in China.

( I will stop here 🙂 )

After the lawsuit, the Korean online media have been very silent about Han Geng even when so many wonderful things happened to him.

When reporting about Han Geng, they only treated unpleasant and misleading news…

But, today when even positive news on Han Geng appearing on the Korean online sites…

I never expected such a day would come, but finally his positive news are being reported…. ha ha~~

Finally such a day came after the long, long period of endurance ~~~:)

It’s good although I was so painful to endure such one-sided reports from the media…

There is a saying that…

“The cruelest revenge to the enemy is to be better off than before”  🙂 …


Although some ignorant public misunderstood Han Geng due to the CF and Kim-Chi remarks, which Han Geng did not mention at all, at least the Korean media appeared unstrained to report the facts about Han Geng.

If you are wondering how SME can influence the Korean media that much, just look at JYJ.


MBC also reported the news with details.

I wish I could translate this news soon, but with three children during holidays… I am just too busy. The man interviewed is Han Geng’s lawyer :).

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8 Responses to “Bye Bye SME” Means Fair Treatment by the Korean Media

  1. followurdestiny says:

    This is really good news 🙂 … He will get better and better, even Korean Media cannot go around him anymore (just because of SME) 😀 …

    *my smile cannot be erased anymore for christmas this year* 😀 … so much good news… his album selling record and the invitation to the Spring Gala (I think I can watch it at home on the satelitte XD)… *cheers*

  2. Mandy says:

    People might not see the truth within a short period of time, but as time goes by and most of the time, justice would be served. And I am very happy to see it happening to Han Geng.

  3. trueblue says:

    Truth cannot be bent…! So applicable..!
    The media may withhold the pleasant and positive news, but eventually truth will prevail..!
    It is such big news and if they don’t report it correctly and truthfully, the public will know that there is something not right..
    Life has to go on and despite SME trying to manipulate the media, it cannot control it forever..media will want to make a scooping news so that their paper will sell…TV networks can’t be always under the thumb of SME for long too, because they still need to work with the international media and want to be seen as unbias and credible…!
    So it’s correct to say…slow and steady wins the race…!
    When all is said and done, and considered, HG turned out to be the biggest victor of them all…!! He came out of that foul smelling mess smelling like a rose..sweet & fragrant….!( we need to learn from him, no fighting back, just let nature takes its course)
    Thanks pinetree for standing by his side through thick and thin..for upholding righteousness..!! For standing up to the truth..!
    It’s so appropriate and timely for Han Geng and Gengrice/fans to start completely afresh this New Year…2011,..with a clean slate..!
    Let’s go victoriously into 2011 with a happy and joyfully heart..
    Let’s celebrate Christmas as it should be celebrated for there is such a thing as salvation..!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Dear Gengfans, GengSters, Gengfriends…
    Thank you very much for update any news of Hangeng.
    Thank you very much for being Hangeng’s strength.
    Thank you very much for always standing by his side.
    Onepinetree, miss you so much ^_^
    Love you all!

  5. bristlegrass says:

    Hahaha!~~~Thanks a lot for all these good news~
    Now, I hope it wouldn’t take very long time for Han Geng promoting in Korea~~then Korean Gengrice can buy his products like that concept book ^^ in Korea. I truly appreciate Korean Gengrice’s enduring support for Han Geng, it’s definitely not easy, I believe you guys are in the most difficult situation for this long time compare to Gengrices in other places. I believe Han Geng knows it very well!!!

  6. wendy says:

    It is a good day indeed when even Korea has positive news about Han Geng. 🙂

    But I still don’t understand why Korean media can now show positive news about Han Geng now that he won the lawsuit. It seems like SM has a good control over the media so why would Han Geng winning the lawsuit make a difference?

    • onepinetree says:

      because the ruling made clear that it was SME that did not follow the basic human rights, not Han Geng who,supposedly (?) betrayed the company. Until the judge’s ruling the media had to be careful what they were reporting but now they don’t have to. Now they see it’s SME that should be responsible for Han Geng’s action.

      After the Han Geng’s ruling, now the Korean entertainment news are all about t fair contracts between artists and their company. Since Han Geng is Chinese and Super Junior is still intact, the media and the public do not seems to fully appreciate Han Geng’s actions for bring up this issue; rather the credit goes to JYJ and their fans who really tried to gain attention from the public.

      • wendy says:

        Ah, thanks for the explanation. I’m glad that Korean news are not intimidated by SME to report facts about Han Geng.

        As for not appreciating Han Geng for filing the lawsuit and going against the giant SME, I see that too. But that’s okay because all gengfans know how much Han Geng contributed to the fair contract for Korean artists. If it wasn’t for Han Geng who brought so much international spotlight on this matter, FTC’s ruling probably won’t happen.

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