Something that Never Changes…

It’s 5:19 am in LA. While working on my paper (yes, I am a student), I googled “Han Geng” in Korean (한경),specifying for blog entries.

After I realized that I just opened a hell gate to those trash postings about Han Geng, my energy to work through this long long night suddenly withered.

Although I am fully aware that it is the time that will solve this misleading info about Han Geng among Korean public or some SJ fans, reading those hateful statements toward my boy literally hurt me.

Then, I came across an entry that one Korean fan posted:

” Selected the Best One…

I think I have well selected a good one for an entertainer.

When starting writing about him, I just liked him too much.

But so many things happened while I have been writing about him…

Although Han Geng consistently and firmly has taken his own way, it was me who got so capricious; sometimes happy…frustrating…mad…regrettable…indifferent…

No matter what I will support Han Geng even when he is being humiliated or being put to shame in China, because Han Geng will remain unchanged.

Dear Han Geng…

Although we are very whimsical, please do not forget us, Korean fans…”

by Xiu


This entry made me reflect why I fell into love with Han Geng.

I re-read my introduction at this blog and some parts caught my attention:

” This blog is a dedication to Han Geng, who is very unique in terms of his career, the first foreigner debuted in the Korean entertainment business, as well as his character that enabled him to endure all unbearable hardships around him.

This blog will help you understand Han Geng  better and more, who is a rising star in Asia and 25-years old Chinese youth surviving in the harsh Korean entertainment world.”

Now Han Geng is not any longer in the Korean entertainment business. Although I desperately wanted him to get free from all those strings from the company, the strong connection between us got broken.

I have to admit that I have been very whimsical fan like Xiu; I was very upset when I saw the CF and had uneasy feeling when he talked about his experiences in Korea and his encounters with Korean fans.

I have seen many Korean fans who fell in love with Han Geng but quickly lost their affections because of his nationality and on-going political tensions between Korea and China.

However, I can tell now that Han Geng will hold the genuine fans in Korea, who will support him no matter what because they know Han Geng has remained unchanged since his debut.

In 2005, we saw a cheerful, young, and handsome boy of an idol group in Korea.

In 2010, we see a determined and strong young actor in China.

Han Geng, who may look different, never changes: He is my special boy.

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10 Responses to Something that Never Changes…

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Pinetree, when I read this post, I don’t know why, I almost cry…
    I have to say this blog makes me know Han Geng better, especially since I became a co-author of this blog…before that, I was just a person who truly like Han Geng as a celebrity, but gradually, because I want to talk about this boy with you and our readers, I need to find out what exactly happened around this boy, since things around this simple boy are always complicated…I started to know Han Geng as a person…gradually falling in love with him.
    I honestly don’t think that only Korean fans are capricious and whimsical, fans in general are like this. I was like this for a long time, since I cannot easily trust anyone due to personality. The relationships between Gengfans and Han Geng are really special, I could tell this even if I wasn’t a gengfan. I think what makes Gengfans having such insistent love is Han Geng himself, because as the time passed, as the things changed, just he never changes. He is still so devoted and serious in working, and he is still playful and cheerful off-stage…not quite sure if you guys have read some fan accounts about him at shooting site of DWS (I was too busy to translate them before, will do soon~~ T.T), when he is not shooting…he is a 3 years old boy indeed. This title is not exaggerating~

    Look at this one, I don’t feel any awkward when he is with kids, as simple as he is, he was still considerate enough to naturally give out the flat ground to the kids when they were doing handstand all together. We laughed at him when he couldn’t “walk” forward with his hands ^^ just we also remembered his arm was broken before, and he did all his best to do all the hard moves in person during the first a few days when shooting DWS, and he pulled his muscle…

    After knowing and experiencing something recently…I just have some words for our dear Gengfans…if you have some love for this special boy, try to keep in mind that, Han Geng has very strong mind, but he also has very soft heart, he is naturally sensitive to others’ feelings and surroundings, he knows how others think, including those who truly love him as a person, those who like him as a celebrity, and those who don’t like him or even hate him due to misunderstandings or other reasons…no matter how he digest all of these in his way, he does feel really hurt especially when the accusations come from someone whom he has ever loved. Whenever he says love, he means it. Also, he has ever said that he filed the lawsuit also because he didn’t want to lose his Korean fans, I believe it, he knows he has genuine fans in Korea! It’s easy to make him feel really hurt or truly moved, but it’s extremely difficult to change his goal and his mind. He has some very strong principles to find right way to go.

    • onepinetree says:

      Bristle grass, sorry to interrupt your MOOD…but… your reply is really long… ha ha…. I have to include your reply for something that never changes. Since you first started commenting at my blog your reply has been this impressive and long ha ha.

  2. Mandy says:

    I am not good with words but I wanted to say that just the other day, I was telling my sister that I like Han Geng as a person no matter what he does, how he looks, etc. Han Geng ar, and as you wrote on your weibo, please always remember your initial heart~

    P.S. onepinetree sis, I sent you an email, pls check.

    • bristlegrass says:

      🙂 Just translate Han Geng’s miniblog post on Dec 25, 2010 here.
      “The very initial heart is the most beautiful one, the most precious wealth. Hope this heart would always be beautiful, always exist, never change. I know you guys have always been here!”

    • onepinetree says:

      Ah, I just read and replied to you.

  3. S2X says:

    onepinetree, i just wanted to thank you and all the korean fans who have remained loyal to Han Geng and still believe in him despite all these negative things being spread about him in Korea, making it harder for people to see through the lies and misunderstandings. he gives out so much love and kindness but get such hatred in return, it’s just so unfair. being his fan these last few years made me a better person, it truly did. i’m not exaggerating or trying to sound dramatic, Han Geng really has changed me in so many ways i can’t even explain. and that is why i believe in him no matter what and stand by him through thick and thin. he is the first and only artist i truly liked for his personality, not just because of his looks. so even if he becomes bald or disfigured i’d still love him just the same. it’s really sad how he turned from one of the most loved foreigners in the Korean entertainment industry to being the most hated. but i’m happy that at least there are fans like you who despite all of this, still choose to support him. for that, i deeply and truly thank you, from the bottom of my heart. because he needs and deserves such awesome and brave fans who trust in him and in whom he can trust as well.

  4. trueblue says:

    @ pinetree…before I proceed to make any comments,I would like to clarify one thing..hehehe..the title header is the work of B’grass…give credit where credit is hehehe.! thanks ..!!
    As you have summed it all..some things never change..!!
    The one thing I know is this…when our inner person is beautiful and pure, our outer person will come out as it is so…our attitude and behaviour reflect on our inner person..We are who we are by the way we behave and think..What we think will come out in our speech and conversations..Looking at HG, one wonders if that is his true self or is he a counterfeit..? If he is a counterfeit, then how long can he hold out..?
    Sooner or later his true nature will seep out of him…! So I conclude that Han Geng is NOT a counterfeit..!!!!! He has been very consistent throughout the years that he’s been in the camera’s view regularly..If we can’t trust our own judgement, then we can hear what others say about him..those who do not “know” of him like we do.When other people aside from Gengfans, commended him, that affirms our judgement of him because they are the neutral party, unlike us, we are bias and have already set our minds on what we believe….we couldn’t be wrong could we when onlookers and passers-by commended on his attitude and character..right?
    I could derive from the fact that all those harsh comments are either from ignorant people who have not tasted the harsh realities of life or that they were influenced by those around them who cannot see another human being, being successful and happy..!There are people in this world who are gullible and blind..and would easily follow what the majority say or do..
    If HG were to fail, there will still be harsh comments..and even sneers and jibes..!!
    One cannot please everybody..Either way, there will still be critics and haters who hate without any reason..just because that’s what they are..! It’s painful to read and hear those comments about Han Geng when we are his fans, but what about Han Geng who is the target..? He must be hurting too..!!
    We are like the bees and butterflies flirting among the flowers to get the best nectar and when that nectar is depleted, we move to another flower..but the one flower whose nectar was suckled empty, still remain as it is..producing more nectar until it fades and die off..or dropped off from the stem..!! Our love for Han it genuine or is Han Geng who is genuine..? Only we ourselves can answer that..!!

  5. wendy says:

    It’s never easy being a gengfan, no matter what part of the world you are from. What doesn’t break us will only make us stronger. Gengfans has suffered through a lot of negative attacks on Han Geng. But what made us stronger is Han Geng himself. He, who has endured and suffered through so much and yet has come out being the same innocent happy self, is the constant bright light that kept us moving forward. Action speaks louder than words. All these negative comments by these bloggers will not hold. Han Geng’s consistency in his actions speaks the truth and the truth will always reveal itself in the end. No amount of lies can cover it up. One day, even in Korea, the truth will come to light and all these negative bloggers will hide themselves in a hole. Korean genfans fighting!

  6. niea says:

    i agree with Wendy, when you say it’s not easy being a gengfan. sometimes, i just get mad,really mad when there’s some antifans, judging Hangeng without any consideration at all about Hangeng position and situation. Looks like the words come easily without reconsideration the reality. it hurt me so bad that they put Hangeng in wrong position, as the wrong person who don’t have thankfull feeling. But i think, for all that happen between him and his company, him and his member, only Hangeng who know the truth. even if we heard a lot of things, but it doesn’t seem that we know all of it. all we can do is support Hangeng. truthfully, i am a fans of SJ either. In deep of my heart, i wanna see him get back with his members but still, he can continue his own carier. Really miss those time, when they’ve been in 1 stage together. But i guess, it’s not easy as it seems. For evrything Hangeng wanna do/plan it, i’ll guess i just can support it.
    i read a lots of your post about Hangeng in here. More and more in each day, i’ve become admire with Hangeng and all his effort to stay in showbiz world. And one day, i came up with a little idea to call Hangeng as “Unbelievable Han”..hehehe.. it just cross in my mind to describe Hangeng, from boy who’s nothing to become something..

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