Best Male Entertainer 2010- Little Prince Han Geng

It is just fitting that Han Geng ends 2010 by walking away with the Award for Best Male Entertainer of the Year..!!

He and Gengfans have roughed it out for the past year and together they will greet the New Year of 2011 at HunanTV and Shenzhen TV on 31st December..

What lies ahead, nobody knows..but what  is made known last night is this…..another album, another concert and another movie and TV shows..These are his plans…!!

It is so appropriate to say “Goodbye” to 2010 at Hunan TV where he left off in 2009..One full circle has been completed..! No more regrets..No more debts..! No more burdens..!

Han Geng will start 2011 with a clean slate..! This will be his true starting point in the entertainment world…His honeymoon is over..! This is where the real deal is..! 2011 will be his real testing ground..!!He had picked up the pieces of his life in 2010 and now with his complete new self he will run in 2011 with a clear conscience..!

He will have to maintain his lead over the others and prove that he deserves all the awards he received this year..As I have mentioned before in my previous post some time back  ..that Han Geng has set the benchmark for the others to follow and has raised the standard in the entertainment and music industry and  I was proven right again.. Just watch this clips and you will know the answer..!!

Even this 4 year old boy wants to be like Han Geng..!!

What more can I say…He has come so far and yet to go further..! Let’s watch his performance last night..

credits: as tagged in pictures and to those whose videos I used..thank you..!

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4 Responses to Best Male Entertainer 2010- Little Prince Han Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    I just love his three outfits for red carpet, receiving award, and performance, especially the one for red carpet! MY PRINCE! And his white shirt matches them all! BLING BLING~~
    Teacher He said hope he could get his beloved sidebums back soon~~~haha~Teacher He successfully teased him again, seems Han Geng is not quite used to having Er Kui’s hair style without sidebums~
    Ummm…seems his second movie has been decided, really curious what it is ^^

    btw, dear Garnetblue, this award is still for the Best Male Singer of the Year 🙂 I think Han Geng was a bit surprised and nervous with receiving this award, since a very strong and famous singer Eason Chan was also nominated.

    • trueblue says:

      Hehehe…aren’t they both the same..? Singer and Entertainer..? hehehe…!! If they are not then I am just a tad too ambitious for him then..hahaha..
      Oh I really like his “thinking” He has been very striking in all red carpets cat-walks…he knows how to draw attention to him and none yet has beaten him in outfits…hehehe..his attires have all been sensible and a wacky outfits, mind you! Just very eye catching and jaw dropping outfits..hehehe…!! I am always looking forward to his attire on the red carpets!
      I wonder how Eason Chan and Show Luo feel about “losing” out to Han Geng….hehehe
      In my opinion Han Geng is really good especially when it comes to a dance song and he can do it so well…..hehehe

  2. S2X says:

    his red carpet outfit was my favorite out of all the ones he wore in all the award shows he attended so far. it was so regal and cool, really made him look like a prince…our prince!

  3. onepinetree says:

    When I saw the first two pictures, I got knocked down! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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