We Have Always Been….(Here)

To friends and readers….

Wishing You A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year..2011 !!!

Year 2010, gave me much to write about..and to look at life from the eyes of others, like you readers..

Thank you for a wonderful year, dear Han Geng, for teaching us to look at life positively..You live a life that is not so ordinary and showed that there is nothing that can’t be done if one put one’s mind to it..There is always a solution to all problems..!

Thank you wonderful readers who gave your input and make this blog exciting and interesting..I’ve learned much from you guys..!

Thank you to my fellow co-bloggers who gave me the opportunity to write and be creative in this blog…for believing in me..though we never met..!! hehehe…!! It’s just amazing how we could interact maturely and able to be united in our stand for Han Geng..

Thank you 2010 for you have given us so much lessons in life regarding Han Geng..on how to restrain ourselves when we were taunted and sneered..at.How to be patient and be kind and understanding…to each other..and thereby we have gained more readers and make new friends..

In just a few hours, we will be welcoming in the New Year and greeting each other Happy New Year..!! hehehe

Some of us will be watching countdown concerts on televisions and some will be at restaurants celebrating with friends and families..

Wherever you all are, let’s be happy and enjoy the time that we have with our families..

A New Year brings new hopes and new dreams…Let us recall and re-watch some significant videos on Han Geng..before we say goodbye to 2010…

Han Geng pointed out 3 significant events in his life from the day he left his old company…1st. his time in LiJiang,Yunnan to calm himself..pages 4 & 5 in the concept book.

2nd. His solo concert on July 17 & 18..page 75 in the concept book.

3rd. His dream to be a movie actor came true..!!

Below is a collection of some of my favourite pictures of Han Geng and some are significant events in the past year…These are to be placed in the back of my memories….Let us go to 2011 to make more memories…!! hehehe…

Do share with us your memories and pictures which you find that impacted your life…let’s end the year with fond memories..!!

See you all next year..!!


To those whose pictures I’ve used in my posts..thank you for the wonderful pics.. and also to the YTubers..thank you for uploading HG’s vids so that we can share them on our blog..

Happy New Year Everyone..!!

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10 Responses to We Have Always Been….(Here)

  1. Mandy says:

    Happy 2011 to everyone here!!!
    Han Geng’s ability to control over the audience is getting better!

    • garnetblue says:

      Happy New Year to you Mandy…!!
      Hope 2011 will get better than 2010..
      More fortune for you so that you can buy up all of what Han Geng will produce…hehehe!!

      • Mandy says:

        garnetblue sis, happy 2011 to you! It’s still 2010 over here…hehe…yes yes, I need more fortune so that I can fly to China to see Han Geng on top of all tangibles~

  2. wendy says:

    Happy New Year to everyone! 2010 has been a great year for me because I found Han Geng, this blog, made a lot of new friends, and I got to see Han Geng’s career take off. This blog felt like a home to me because this is where I first got to know more about Han Geng in depth and all about what he has suffered and endured. This is where I can always be sure to learn the truth about Han Geng. I’ve learned a lot from all your posts and all the readers’ comments. Thanks for all your efforts and may 2011 bring more happiness, more excitement, and more surprises for all of us and gengfans!

  3. followurdestiny says:

    Happy New Year to everyone here!! Hope you will enjoy the new year celebrations with you loved ones/friends and family alike!

    2010 has been an eventful and meaningful for Han Geng and us Gengfans 🙂 — all the moments and pictures will have a special place ^_^

    May 2011 bring even better things for all of us and Han Geng! I’ll look forward to it!!

    Thank you, all the bloggers (+uploaders) here as well for sharing all the things that has been shared here <333

    *let love fly*

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~~Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

  5. whitecat says:


  6. Kim says:

    We still have several hours left to go here, but Happy New Year everyone!!! ❤

  7. onepinetree says:

    Garnet blue, I know this is very very late greeting. Happy New Year to you. I really admire your mature perspective and love for Han Geng.
    Although I am very old compared to other fans, but still I am very young and naive in terms of going through this life. I am learning a lot from you!

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks for your generous compliments, hehehe.. but we learn from each other.. eh?
      Life is actually like that, we learn through trials and errors..!
      Hope this year will have less controversies for HG and GengRice..!!
      Cheers everyone..!!
      Han Geng’s New Year’s wish was that he hopes that there will be less rumours and speculations this year….hehehe..!! ( in his weibo)
      He is being realistic..rumours and speculations cannot be eradicated but can be reduced or minimised…though!!

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